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chapter 1

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OOC WARNING:... Kagome a painter part time/fashion mougal the rest of the time. She thought she could forget him...She thought that it was her past. What happens when A onenightstand changes all th...

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Havoc of Hearts Once One.

Covered in paint from head to toe, Kagome walked out of the tiny room to wash her brushes. She sighed when she looked over at the clock. Ugh, almost four. I suppose I should get ready to teach classes. For the past three years, she managed a painting class on Sunday nights. Held sharply at 5:30pm every time. Thankfully, she was not too far from the park district where it was going on. Wiping her hands on her overalls, she grabbed all her art gear and began to pack it into its cases, preparing to load them into her car. As she made her way to the front door, ready to leave, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror of the bathroom. She sighed deeply at the disheveled girl that momentarily stared back at her; then she walked out the door.

As she expected the drive hadn't been a long one, she actually looked forward to teaching this class every week. It definitely took away from the daily stresses of her week job. She, at 24years of age, was fresh out of college. Her father had been a long time designer. However, when he died, his will passed the business to her. She was thrilled to say the least; after all she had gone to school for marketing and fashion, but painting that was her real love. She managed the company with her best friend Sango Taijiya. However, much to her own dismay of course, she... Kagome Higurashi was the boss over all. Meaning this week called for some lay offs and hiring's. She hated going through, sometimes thousands, of applications and résumé's only to come out with two people with intent of filling 5 positions. Worst of all were the people who were older and had more experience than she did. They looked at her as if she were some child who just would never get it. Like they were better than she would ever be because they worked their asses off. What, for some reason, they neglected to realize was that she was the one that was in charge. Those people often got overlooked. The best part of being boss was that when she had no work, she could escape to the basement below her office. It was nice down there, not at all dungeon like to say the least. She had converted it into a painting studio for herself; it was her safe haven. She pulled up to the park district's parking lot and maneuvered her car into one of the spots in the front. Cheerfully as she could she lugged all her supplies into the building and headed towards the classroom. What she saw when she got to the door of her room pissed her off beyond anything.

This Class has been suspended until further notice by the Board of Directors.

Sorry for your inconvenience.


Kagome huffed angrily and stormed back to her car, uttering a few curses on the way. Her cell phone rang wildly as she turned the key in the ignition.

"Hello?" She said a bit irritated. It was a female who spoke on the other end.

"Damn Kagome, you seem pissed what the fuck happened to you today?" Kagome let out a sigh and started to back out of her spot...heading for home once again.

"Fucking class was cancelled for an extended amount of time... until further notice is given anyway. I love how..." she started to yell loudly "No one ever informs Kagome of this shit!" She heard Sango giggle on the other line and got slightly more irritated, this time by her friend.

"Awe Kags it will be alright I promise... hey there was a reason I called you know."

"Oh? What's that?" She rounded the lot and headed onto the main road. Sango continued to explain her reasons.

"Tonight I was wondering... we were wondering if you would be up to coming out with us. Miroku's friend is in town and he thought it would be a good idea for you to that Inuyasha won't feel like a third wheel." Kagome let out a chuckle.

"You mean like how /I /always feel when I'm out with you guys Sango? Ugh... Inuyasha you say? Why does that name sound familiar?" Sango seemed a bit hesitant.

"Well, he did graduate with us in high school; He and Miroku have been friends for longer than I have even known Miroku. Maybe you crossed paths once or twice. So where are you right now Kags?" She seemed too quick to change the subject, but Kagome caught on quick.

"Sango, what are you hiding? You only call me Kags when something is up... and to answer your subject change question, I am pulling into my apartment complex...but anyways, are you going to explain yourself?" Sango was a bit silent on the other end which was another heads up to her suspicions.

"Kagome I gotta go... are you in or not?" Kagome sighed defeated.

"I got nothing better to do... why not. What time?" Her friends seemed to get excited.

"Sometime round like... 8? That okay with you? I know it only gives you a couple of hours but...I know we gotta be back early because of work."

"Ha-ha, yeah, well... that's the beauty of being boss. Okay, but where do I meet you guys? I'm not doing a repeat of last time by going with you guys." Sango laughed apologetically at her scold.

"Umm... we were thinking about the restaurant down the street from work? They have an amazing sushi chef. Is that okay? They have the Sake that Miroku is like obsessed with."

"Sure... okay, well I will call you. I just pulled into my parking spot and I have a lot of shit to carry back upstairs. Plus... I caught a glimpse of myself earlier... I have to do some major damage control. I'll see you tonight." Sango voiced a 'later' and they hung up. Kagome turned the ignition of her car off and started to bring her art supplies back up the stairs. Could this day get anymore frustrating? She silently questioned herself.

After about three different trips to and from the car, she finally made her way to her shower. Letting shower head massage her skin, she closed her eyes. She ran her hand over her breasts, circularly rubbing the soap around them. One of her hands slowly went over her whole body before dipping down deeper, finding her most sensitive spot she let out a small gasp. Pushing her self against the wall of the shower, Kagome took the removable portion of her shower head off of the wall and turned it on to its massage setting. Kagome closed her eyes tighter as she felt the pressure of the water bring her to a quick climax. When she caught her breath, she finished washing as if nothing had happened and let out a sigh. Feeling the hot water over her body made her forget all the stresses of her Sunday. /Sunday's were supposed to be days of peace and rest right? /She thought as she finished up her shower and dried herself. Reluctantly she walked to her closet to find something decent. What if her impression on this guy was a bad one? Would that make her whole night as bad as the day had been? /Inuyasha.../she voiced in her mind.

"Why the hell does that name sound so fucking familiar? Ugh, this is going to drive me insane until I find out..." For some reason, she had a feeling she didn't want to find out. Plucking a fresh pair of wide-legged black dress pants, a thick belt and a silky kimono-inspired top from their hangers Kagome threw the articles onto her bed and went to search for some undergarments. Slowly pulling open her drawers she fumbled through the mess of night cloths and panties to find her choice. Snatching up a pair of black silk-lace's and the bra that matched, she got dressed. She went into her bathroom a few moments after she was sure that the steam had cleared from her mirrors and glanced at the girl looking back at her. Letting out a sigh she decided that though not much, she did need a little bit of make up. There was a bag beneath the sink with all the make up that she wore and didn't. Unzipping it, Kagome fussed through and pulled out her powder, some lip gloss, eyeliner and white shimmer eyeshadow. After she placed everything in front of her orderly, she plugged her fat curling iron. Just to make her waves a bit softer and wavier. Careful to remain true to her natural beauty she finished her hair and makeup and looked back at her reflection in shock. Wow, that is much better. Her phone began to ring again. Picking it up, she was greeted rudely by her friend.

"Kagome where the hell are you? Ugh, Inuyasha is late too! You guys really /are /perfect for each other... are you coming?" Kagome laughed, it felt good to laugh considering she hadn't all day.

"Sango it's only..." she looked at the clock on her bed table; it read 8:01pm. "Oh shit... I'm sorry I must have lost track of time... I'm leaving now okay?" Sango gave her an irritated sigh.

"You know you are lucky that there is a half hour wait for tables tonight Kagome. You and Inuyasha alike... Get here as soon as you can, Miroku and I will be sitting in the café across the street okay?" She gave Sango an approving sound and hung up. In search of her shoes and a purse that would wrap up her outfit. Pulling her pointed shoes that would match the deep indigo blue of the silky shirt, she grabbed at a black purse that sat beside it. Throwing her keys, some lip gloss and her wallet within the purse she shut the lights out in her bathroom and walked out the door. Heading to the café.


Inuyasha pulled his black hair back into a lose braid. "Shit" he muttered. He was late, and he knew that Miroku would be on his ass for that for a while if he didn't hurry. His phone had ignored the calls for about twenty minutes now. I'll call when I'm in my car Damnit! He thought. Pulling on his black dress pants, he tucked his undershirt into his pants and pulled on a loose button up black shirt. Inuyasha left, walking down to the restaurant.


Kagome parked her car and walked to the café, catching glimpse of Sango's face she thought she should turn around and just run away. Putting her fears aside she continued to walk into the café.

"Sorry I am so late guys, I really did lose track of time." Her voice was apologetic as she slid beside Sango. Sango smiled.

"I forgive you... but Inuyasha doesn't even pick up his damn phone..." As if on cue, a man with dark hair walked up behind Miroku.

"Sorry about that Sango... couldn't find it." He lied. Inuyasha laughed and then looked at the girl beside Sango, she was nervously looking away. Sitting in front of her he grabbed her hand. "Well, you must be the woman that this letch here is 'setting me up with' tonight. It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Inuyasha... does the beauty before me have a name?" She looked up to see his violet eyes gazing intently. God did he look familiar. Why couldn't she place him?

"I... um... hi." She regained her confidence. "I'm Kagome Higurashi. It's nice to meet you. I kinda got dragged into this at the last moment so you'll have to forgive my thrown together look." Inuyasha eyed her over and then let a smile pass his lips. Wow... she thought silently to herself, He has the most amazing smile.

"No need... you look stunning." She laughed a bit louder than she meant to.

"Wow, you are definitely a friend of Miroku's..." He put his hand to his heart as though he were hurt deeply by a wound she inflicted and smirked closing his eyes.

"Ahh... I suppose it just isn't workin for ya is it... perhaps I should stop trying so hard?" Kagome nodded and smiled. She liked him, familiar or not she got the feeling that tonight wouldn't be a complete waste after all.

About twenty minutes later they walked back over to the restaurant and awaited the hostess to bring them to their table. After Kagome slid into one of the booths, Sango whispered into Miroku's ear. Suddenly after Miroku nodded, he nudged Inuyasha into the booth beside Kagome. Without argument, he sat beside the blushing girl. Miroku sat across from Kagome pulling Sango out of reach even farther. Damnit... why do they always do that? She thought. Taking a deep breath, Kagome calmed herself and turned to Inuyasha.

"So what do you do for a living?" She asked him innocently playing with the ends of her long raven hair. He smirked and looked a tad embarrassed. Kagome noticed and giggled at his reddened cheeks. "Are you ashamed of something Inuyasha?" She posed. Clearing his throat he tried to stop his jumpy behavior.

"No not at all it's just... A lot of people would wonder why I choose it as my career is all... I just don't like explaining myself that much." Kagome nodded.

"I know exactly what you mean. People always get that way with me... but my career isn't what I'm talking about." Inuyasha looked at her.

"What do you do?" She laughed

"Hey no fair! I asked first Inuyasha. Ha, I am entitled to know what you do before telling you what my field is." Inuyasha gazed long at her eyes wide and let out a low playful growl. Sango and Miroku were too busy getting 'cozy' on the other side of the booth.

"I am a martial arts and fencing teacher. My love is actually for Kendo, but I do that on my own spare time... it's not exactly practiced anymore so I guess it's, kinda like a hobby? The kids are great, pay is actually quite good... not something you would expect." He turned his face as Miroku and Sango started making out. "Hey, you two mind getting a room or something? I am trying to enjoy myself and you are making my appetite subside guys." Sango blushed.

"Sorry... Hey Kagome can I talk to you for a minute? In the um... bathroom?" Kagome rolled her eyes. She knew what Sango wanted.

"Sorry Inuyasha do you mind letting me out? My friend seems to have a case of the jitters, can't even take a piss without her wonderful friend." Inuyasha let out a very loud chortle and scooted out to let Kagome out.

"Not even a problem." He was still laughing as she and Sango left.


"What is with you and Inuyasha, Kagome? You guys are getting along pretty famously wouldn't you say so?" Kagome blushed and let a smile plaster itself upon her lips.

"I suppose...what did you need to talk about with me Sango? You and Miroku seemed to be getting a bit snug with one another tonight..." She pulled out her lip gloss and started to reapply it as she awaited Sango's response.

"I know you will probably think me a whore, but um... would it be okay if Miroku and I..." Kagome spun around slowly.

"Left Inuyasha and I alone?" Sango bashfully nodded afraid to make any eye contact with her friend's disappointed glare.

"The food hasn't even come yet Sango! Are you kidding me? What are you going to tell Inuyasha? Please don't tell me I have to explain that to him too." Sango looked like she was going to cry. But she cleared her throat and stood more erect.

"Actually, Miroku is talking to Inuyasha... I just wanted to see if it would be alright with you. Please don't hate me Kags." Kagome reached out and hugged her friend.

"Never, I mean... you and Miroku still haven't even had sex... you'll be missing out on a fun time... and to think all just to make out with that lecher all night." She laughed jokingly. "I actually like Inuyasha, Sango... I don't know what it is... I am finding myself very comfortable with him." Kagome pulled away from Sango and threw her lip gloss back into her bag.

"So it's okay?" Sango whispered with her hands her head on Kagome's shoulders. Kagome rolled her eyes lightheartedly.

"No shit Sang. I'm fine with it. No big deal I promise." Kagome and Sango started to walk back to the boys when she tapped Kagome on the arm.

"I wanted to tell you, you look really good tonight Kags... when do I get to borrow that shirt?" Kagome pushed her friends arm while smiling.

"Never! Ha-ha, you never return my shit Sango! Ugh... better get back to them before they get impatient." Leaving the bathroom they both made their way back to the table.



Inuyasha couldn't help but follow the example of his lecherous friend and watch the two girls hurry away to the bathrooms. /Wow, she really is a sexy girl... /Miroku noticed his guise and cackled.

"I see you are liking what you see?" Inuyasha sighed.

"Yeah, I am... Damn Miroku, since when did you have such beautiful women in your life? Friend or otherwise I mean." He sighed again and Miroku brought his attention back with a sigh of his own.

"I have to ask something big of you Inuyasha... my friend." Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

"Well, considering the way you and Sango were acting... I think I have an idea of what it is you want to ask me." Inuyasha just smiled at the thought.

"I know that it might be awkward considering that you and Kikyo broke up two months before but..." Miroku stopped when he noticed Inuyasha's smile turn to an uncomfortable stance.

"It's fine Miroku, actually... I would rather continue our date without the two of you horny people across from us." The two girls walked back from the restroom and towards the table as he spoke. Miroku let out a smile and hastily grabbed Sango's arm and dragged her out of the restaurant, yelling his farewell as he did so. Kagome laughed... then looked at Inuyasha and blushed realizing that she was now alone with him. He smiled at her.

"You wanna ditch this place and go somewhere a bit less... um...impersonal?" Kagome nodded and they started to leave as well. Inuyasha stopped as they neared the door and dug into his pocket. "Hey, be right back okay? Don't go anywhere." Running back she noticed him lay down some money on the abandoned table. They left the restaurant and Kagome couldn't help but smile at his unseen gesture.


They walked in a comfortable silence for a while before he broke in.

"So ... Kagome, you never did tell me what you do for a living." She blushed as he reached for her hand. Much to her own surprise she didn't hesitate to let her hand relax in his.

"I took over my father's company soon after he passed; my mother ran it until I finished my degree. Then I came back here to Tokyo to run it... it wasn't my passion, but it was what I went to school for. Like with you and kendo... my true love is painting." His eyebrow cocked.

"Painting Ehy? I would love to see something... you know... sometime." He was getting shy. What the fuck is wrong with you Inuyasha! You never get this way around women... even if they are very pretty. He scolded himself.

"Would you like to? I live like just down the street..." She said it on a complete impulse and as soon as the words left her mouth she was wallowing in regret. He's gonna say no Kagome... you silly girl.

"Sure... I would love to." They walked to Kagome's car and as she turned on the ignition she and Inuyasha jumped back at the volume of her cd player.

"Sorry..." she muttered turning the volume dial down. He smiled.

"You listen to Every Little Thing? I actually like them. Glad to know I am not completely out of my mind eh heh." Kagome smiled and turned the knob so that the music could be heard, no longer embarrassed at her choice of music. They drove in the same comfortable silence between them as they had when they were walking, until she pulled into her parking spot at her apartments. Nervously, she walked up the stairs that led to her apartment door as he followed.


"Damn Kagome... you really are an artist" he gave her a smug suggestive grin. She looked at him and sarcastically expressed her amusement.

"Hey I thought we weren't doing that macho crap anymore Inuyasha." She moved close to him. It was dangerous territory even for her. Swept up in a moment, Inuyasha grabbed her around the waist and let his gaze sink into her blue eyes. Kagome became lost and without much realization, found her lips intertwined with his. Pulling her arms around his neck, she pulled in closer to his desperate kiss. They both needed this. Breaking for air, Kagome gasped at the realization of what had just happened and pushed herself back, away from his arms.

"I... oh my god, I am so sorry for..." He kissed her again cutting off her apology. When he pulled away from her, he smiled lecherously; a glimmer in his eyes.

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