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chapter 2

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OOC WARNING:... Kagome a painter part time/fashion mougal the rest of the time. She thought she could forget him...She thought that it was her past. What happens when A onenightstand changes all th...

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Recap of last chapter:

When she got to the door she fumbled with the key and turned to Inuyasha innocently. She let the door swing back.

"Take your shoes off please... I don't usually allow them inside after they have been worn so long." He complied as she slipped her own off. A nervous breath caught in her throat as she made her way through the door; shutting it behind them.

"Damn Kagome... you really are an artist" he gave her a smug suggestive grin. She looked at him and sarcastically expressed her amusement.

"Hey I thought we weren't doing that macho crap anymore Inuyasha." She moved close to him. It was dangerous territory even for her. Swept up in a moment, Inuyasha grabbed her around the waist and let his gaze sink into her blue eyes. Kagome became lost and without much realization, found her lips intertwined with his. Bringing her arms around his neck, she pulled in closer to his desperate kiss. They both needed this. Breaking for air, Kagome gasped at the realization of what had just happened and pushed herself back, away from his arms.

"I... oh my god, I am so sorry for..." He kissed her again cutting off her apology. When he pulled away from her, he smiled lecherously; a glimmer in his eyes.

"Kagome..." He managed to whisper breathlessly to her. "I must say, I've never seen a Japanese girl with blue eyes before..." He cupped her face within his hands and deeply gazed into her radiant pools. "Beautiful." He said before divulging into another kiss. Kagome lost all resistance to him and gave in to his desires as well as her own burning urges. Only Kami knew how long it had been since she was with anyone, the way things were going it wouldn't be too much longer.

"Inuyasha..." she erratically breathed his name as he pinned her small body to a wall just beyond her hallway. She was surprised when she felt his hand reach down and lift one of her legs up around his waist. When he removed his hand from her thigh to grasp hold her waist, she let her leg fall slightly, coming to rest with the back of his knee just above his calf... tightening her grip on him by pulling her arms around his neck, Kagome leaned back to the wall as much as she could so that she would not fall. He was kissing her neck and slowly working the belt of her pants off. Her body tensed as he fisted the sides of her shirt within his hands and slowly slid it up. Kagome made no protests as he lifted it off of her and she unfastened what was still buttoned on his outer shirt; sliding it off his shoulders and sending it to a puddle on the carpet. Inuyasha began to place soft kisses on her collarbone, holding her ribcage; pinning her to the wall still, and working his way to her ample breasts that were inconveniently covered by her black lacy bra. Kagome could have sworn she heard a slight growl form in the back of his throat as he struggled to get the zipper of her black pants undone. Inuyasha stood back slightly and looked at her with a fire that she hadn't expected.

"Kag... Kagome is um... I mean is this o-" She cut him off by pushing him forward against the wall opposite he had her pinned; kissing him rather roughly. It was her unspoken answer to the question he was so worried about asking. He wanted to slowly torture her into pleasure, and with her controlling him that just wouldn't happen. Without much of any warning, Kagome was surprised when his weight shifted and spun her possessively towards the wall. He wanted to be in control. There was a smirk on his face; her blue eyes were widely gazing upon his violet. In a swift movement, Inuyasha discarded his undershirt and threw it across the room. He went back to undoing her pants as he placed feverous kisses upon her porcelain skin, hearing her huff as his hands lightly feathered her sides. He was pleased with himself when he at long last loosened the wretched slacks and slowly kissed her legs with each inch that he slid off. When he pulled them down to her feet he let her kick the last of them to the side. Inuyasha stood back as she was leaning against the wall in nothing but the black lacy undergarments she had put on beneath her clothing. For a moment Kagome was a bit worried that he was disgusted by what he was seeing, but Inuyasha quickly pushed that worry from her mind when he attacked her full force. This time she was certain she had heard a growl coming from him, it got louder as he played with the snaps in the back of her bra. She sighed as she felt the hooks come undone and Inuyasha slowly pull it from her chest. He made no attempt to hide his utter excitement at the display of flesh before him, and he divulged his mouth around one of her taut nipples, playing his hand over the other. She reached down in frenzy and undid his dress pants, letting them fall to his ankles. Just as she had done earlier, he simply kicked them from his ankles to an unknown destination on her living room floor. Suddenly Kagome's panties started to feel a bit constraining; as did Inuyasha's boxers. As if sensing so, Kagome reached to the band of his drawers and hooked her fingers beneath the elastic reaching to his ear to kiss his jaw tentatively. When he realized where her hand was, his gaze shot into hers. It was of want, a seductive need that she was itching to fill. He could tell she would probably not mind just ripping them off of him. He let out a low rumble to indicate that she just pull them down and he went back to teasing the peaked skin at her chest. She closed her eyes and let the sensations of his tongue circling her nipple sink in; she couldn't wait any longer. Kagome pulled the boxers past Inuyasha's backside, unable to remove them completely because he had her pinned securely to her wall. A small laugh escaped him as he felt the drafty breeze that met his already swollen member, taking his hands from her sides only a minute, Inuyasha reached down to pull them off. He moved closer to her and grabbed her hands, guiding them to his erection he whispered into her ear.

"See what you do to me Ms. Kagome? Oh gods... Kagome..." He rubbed his stiffness against her soaking panties if only just to tease her. She let out a moan and attempted to pull him closer by putting her hands firmly on his backside and jerking him forward. That endeavor didn't get her anywhere but even more turned on. Inuyasha was done with his teasing. He brought his hands slowly down her waist from her breasts and clenched the resistance of the last remaining piece of clothing she still sported, swiftly pulling them off and lifting her up; pushing her against the wall once more. She gasped feeling the head of his penis just at her entrance. Kagome wrapped one of her legs around his waist and tried to impale him into her body on her own; when it didn't work she huffed angrily possibly even growling a little herself this time. It's been far too long for me... I swear to Kami if this doesn't happen soon I am going to die.

"Inu... Inuyassha... why... why are you... fuck... fucking with me...? For Kami's sake... Please!" She was breathless. Inuyasha smirked at her plea and complied with her request. At first he started off slow, but when he heard her impatient cries to go faster and deeper, he couldn't help but quicken his pace. In haste he grabbed her waist and pulled her up, forcing both her legs to wrap around his torso.

"Kag... Kagome... Where... Where is your bedroom?" His breath was starting to catch but, he didn't want to finish this in the hallway. She huffed in ecstasy as she tried to reply to him. Inuyasha slowed his movements now moving her up and down on his shaft, leisurely. She managed to look up at him with those big beautiful blue eyes and choke out her response.

"First...ooooh .... First dooahr on the righ... right...huh ur hurry... Inu... please..." She trailed off and he started to bring her to the room, still slowly pulling her down on him. When he reached the door he just threw it open and brought her to the mattress. Kagome released her hold around his neck and clenched the sheets in her fists as he fervently thrust himself in and out of her. Burying his head in her shoulder he tried to accelerate his pace in accordance to the reaction he was getting from her. A torrent of electricity pulsated throughout her entire body as she came to her first orgasm; screaming Inuyasha's name wildly. Inuyasha felt a similar torrent try to overtake him but he held back, slowing as her peak came down. When he was sure she was finished with her first intense bout of pleasure, he once again sped up his momentum. She looked at him inquisitively as she started to roll into another orgasm. To make it even better, Inuyasha brought one of his hands down and started to rub her most sensitive spot as he thrust deeper then he had before. She felt her body start to tremor as a wave at least ten times stronger than the first started to wrack her body as she screamed out a barely unrecognizable version of his name. Inuyasha couldn't hold back anymore, just as she was coming to her climax, Inuyasha burst within her depths, letting a loud cry escape him. The sensation of his orgasm and his essence flowing inside her brought her orgasm tenfold. He collapsed into her shoulder and nipped her collarbone as his body finished its convulsions. She felt him twitching inside of her for a few moments, finishing off the last of both their orgasms before she sensed him go soft and pull out. He let himself fall from her body and rest beside her. He couldn't help the urge to pull her to his chest and sleep, so he wrapped his arm around her small waist and pulled her closer. She sighed and closed her eyes, listening to his harsh breathing start to slow.


Kagome figured that sometime thereafter they must have fallen asleep, because she awoke to a slight purr coming from the very content man beside her. Kagome's whole body felt relaxed, Kami knows how badly Kagome needed to be with someone like that. It had been far too long. He stirred beside her and opened his eyes. His grip on her arm tightened as he bent to kiss her, but stopped when she began to speak.

"I felt you... inside... was... is this all just a dream?" She stated softly. He perked up and smiled, kissing her forehead.

"Not a dream..." he whispered. "So... you hungry?" He relayed a bit afraid of the look that accompanied that question. It made his appendage jolted to attention beneath the covers. She moved slowly over him and pulled the blankets back.

"Seems that someone is a tad bit... excited to see me dare I say? Hmmm... let's fix this shall we?" She whispered into his ear softly while swinging her legs to either side of his pelvis. Kagome let out a sigh of pleasure as she pulled him into her body, slowly rocking her hips. His hands made their way up her sides and gripped her right below her ribcage, assisting her sways.

"Oh Kami... Kagome ... please... don't ... don't stop..." She smiled as he started to thrust his hips up to match her rhythm. Somehow he managed to find that spot inside her that brought her to the edge.

"Inuyah... oh Kami... Inu Inu... InuYASHA!" She threw her head back and roughly grinded into him as her orgasm washed over her. Inuyasha felt his eyes roll back in his head as his body started to shake and quiver passionately with hers. Violently, their bodies pounded against each other. Inuyasha felt his last defiance fall, and he was overcome when his essence filled her. Their bodies slowly stopped rocking as she came down to lay her head on his chest. Not wanting to be disconnected just yet, Inuyasha simply held her and stroked her hair; feeling her heart pounding against the rhythm of his own. Softly he whispered.

"Hungry /now/?" Just as he mentioned it, she felt her stomach answer him before she could. She just laughed and reached up to kiss him. Inuyasha deepened the kiss and rolled her to her back. Kagome ran her hands over his chest as she felt his lips on her neck. Inuyasha and Kagome both felt the appendage that was still sheathed within her core grow hard yet again.

"Damn Inuyasha... Quite the horn dog aren't we?" She giggled softly as he nipped her skin and started to slowly move his hips against hers. Kagome brought her legs around his waist to rest in the small of his back. He bent to kiss her and pulled out. He could hear a little groan of protest on Kagome's part. As he deepened his kiss, he vigorously thrust himself back into her, causing Kagome to cry out in both surprise and elation. He kept up his fast pace from the beginning, bringing a hand down to her sensitive area and rubbing on the nub as he roughly pressed within her. Her breathing became sporadic and choked as he moved his finger's in time with his thrusts. Finally, he felt her legs tighten around him and her nails dig into his back a bit painfully as her body quivered beneath him. She let out hushed screams, unable to find placement of any words. Finally he filled her again and pulled out. He was exhausted. Damn, /he thought. That's three fucking times already now! /He was enjoying himself immensely however, not even with his ex had he had sex this many times in one night... let alone a fucking month. The girl beside him finally seemed to have her breathing under control when she rolled to her side and placed a hand on his chest.

"Now... Inuyasha, now I am definitely ready to eat." He laughed and moved to the side of the bed and stood. Kagome looked hungrily at his limp member and a rosy blush spread itself upon his cheeks (face). Quickly he turned and grabbed at the sheet. Kagome rose as well and grabbed his hand, sweeping it away from the sheet. Inuyasha followed her into the hallway and she bent to pick up his boxers. He could have died at the sight of her naked body leaning over like that in front of him, regardless of the fact that had already been intimate three times now. What the fuck! This girl is just unbelievably able to turn me on... this is insane! THANKS MIROKU! He silently prayed that last part. At least the fucking lecher knew how to pick the friends in his life. Kami how he wanted to take her again, he just couldn't control himself. As she stood he came up behind her, making it apparent that he was yet again ready and willing to be intimate again. She let out a pleasurable sigh as he teased her with the head of his hardened appendage. He started to kiss her neck playfully indicating what he was planning. Pushing her hair off of her shoulder he managed to whisper in her ear, it was low and seductive.

"Whatever you do Kagome, do not turn around. Just go with it." She nodded, her eyes closed; she was completely in the moment. With that he pushed her gently to the couch and leaned her over the arm of the big love seat. Taking one of his fingers, he slipped it within her folds to make sure that she was wet enough. Damn this bitch is a horny one! He couldn't help but think at the knowledge of her readiness. Gripping her hips in his hands, he closed his eyes and entered her forcefully from the back. She moaned considerably loud, screaming out his name incessantly. If she had neighbors they would have no doubt about what was going on. He could hear the sounds of their breathing and their skin slapping against each other, but all he was focused on was Kagome's pleasurable moans. Finally he came into his orgasm as she did hers. Letting himself empty inside of her, he laid across her back until he felt his now flaccid limb fall from her warmth. When she turned, she had a look on her face that he could not place and she handed him his boxers.

"Inuyasha you might want to put these on..." she smiled as well as he did, a small blush forming on both their faces. They equally collected their clothing and before momentarily going to her room for a shower and some clean pajama's, Kagome reached up and pecked Inuyasha's cheek. He just smiled, knowing that if he had grabbed her... she wouldn't have made it to her shower. At least not without him.


When Kagome returned to the living room freshly cleaned and dressed, she smelled a delightful aroma emanating from the kitchen. Upon investigation, she saw Inuyasha fully dressed in the clothes that he had worn the night before; standing in front of the stove. He turned and noticed her stumble into the vicinity and smiled.

"Hey you! Have a seat and just relax, it'll be done in a bit." Kagome looked at him and grinned before taking a seat at the table that had been set for one.

"Umm ... what about you Inuyasha? Aren't you going to eat with me?" He brought the pan to the table as she finished her question and kissed her forehead. Her eyes were filled with a smidge of sadness. Inuyasha noticed, placed the empty pan on the counter, and sat across from her.

"Kagome, I have to do some stuff today. I actually was already running late but I wanted to make you some breakfast before I actually left. I promise that this won't be the last you see of me Ms. Kagome. Of that..." he placed his hand over his heart. "You have my word." There was reluctance in his eyes and body as he walked out to leave.

Kagome let her shoulders sag in disappointment as she heard her front door shut. Though she saw his disinclination and heard the sadness in his voice, she couldn't help but sigh. Well Kagome, at least he was good... at least you got that itch scratched. /Admittedly he was very good; she wouldn't have had sex with the guy four fucking times if he wasn't! Especially not over her couch arm like that. Her stomach growled in hunger as she looked down at the omelet that was in front of her. /Smells wondrous! She thought, lifting her fork to take a bite. It tasted even better; she couldn't believe that someone could make a simple egg taste so spectacular. /Surprise surprise Kags, he's also good in the kitchen. /Her attentions were drawn from her thoughts at the sounds of her cell phone ringing beside her. Somehow mustering up the energy to lift herself from the chair, she flipped it open.

"Eh hemn... hello?" It was Sango.

"Hey, ugh... what are you doing Kagome? You busy?" Kagome walked back over to the table and started to eat her food.

"No... not particularly why what's up Sango? You in need of a friend?" She couldn't help but laugh a little. She had picked up on Sango's slight sadness in her voice and knew very well by now that it must have meant nothing happened with Miroku. Yet again.

"Can I come over Kags or are you leaving?"

"Sure, I'm not going anywhere today... and I take it you aren't going to be going to work either?" Ahh, the leeway of being bosses best friend. "You know Sango, you are very lucky that I am your boss and not some other stick in the mud right?" Sango laughed. Well that's a good sign. Kagome thought. Getting her friend to laugh meant that this wouldn't be such a wasted day of trying to cheer the poor girl up after all.

"Ha ha, very fucking funny Kagome. I'll be there in ten."

"I'll draw out the chocolate pudding and ice cream."

"Don't forget the cheesecake. I'm bringing over some cookies."

"Ahh, I see we are going to be having a pig fest?"

"I see my therapist has caught on to my rouse. I'll be there soon."

"See ya then."

"Later." With that Kagome snapped her phone closed and devoured the rest of her omelet. After she rinsed the plate and pan, placing them in the dishwasher, Kagome pulled the cakes and other sweets out from the fridge. She was just in time to hear the buzzer on her apartment door ring. Right on time Sango. As she expected, the girl looked like hell holding a chocolate cake and a Tupperware assumed to be harboring the cookies she spoke of. Kagome grabbed the things from her hands and placed them on the island in the middle of her kitchen as Sango plotted herself into one of the seats at the table.

"Okay Sango, what happened now?" Kagome was smiling as she brought all the bakery goods, knives, forks and plates to the table. She knew that this had to do with sex.

"Ugh, you would think that being a man and all... and always rubbing my backside that he would want to have sex with me... but no. Damnit, Miroku didn't even want to make out. He said that he was 'too tired'. Kagome, isn't that my line? What the fuck is happening to our relationship?" Kagome reached out to hug her friend as the tears started to pour from her eyes.

"Nothing is wrong with you Sango; did you ever think that Miroku wants to wait until the right moment? I know it sounds odd, but with him you never know what is running through his thick skull." Sango grabbed a cookie and sniffed.

"I do suppose you are right Kagome." After a second, Sango noticed the smile and distant look on Kagome's face as she nipped at one of the cookies. "Hey Kags... um... whatever happened with you and Inuyasha after we left? And what's with the smile on your face?" She let a coy smile escape suggesting something naughty. Kagome awoke from her thoughts... memories... that kept replaying in her mind.

"Nothing! Hey this session is about you ... not the therapist!" Kagome was fidgeting and she knew that Sango wouldn't let up.

"I see, and does nothing always leave you notes by the door?" Sango produced a note that had been placed by Inuyasha on the desk that was beside the door.

"Sango, don't tell me you read that! Hey give it here." Kagome managed to swipe it from her hands and Sango let her shoulders sag.

"No Kagome I didn't read it, I am not that bad of a friend. So... are you going to tell me?" Sango bit her bottom lip and bounced in her chair.

"Fine. He came over and I showed him my paintings."

"Just your paintings?" Sango cocked her brow and crossed her arms over her breasts.

"Okay, maybe I showed him other things." Kagome couldn't stop the blush that formed across her pale cheeks.

"Oh Kami Kagome I was totally kidding! Do you mean that you slept with Inuyasha?" She squealed in delight and grasped her friend's hands. "So... was he good?" Kagome nodded and let a giggle escape.

"Oh Kami he was amazing. He even cooked me breakfast before he left this morning." A smile played over her lips at the thought of his skin again.

"Oh I am sooo happy that you finally got laid Kagome! Damn, how long has it been?"

"Well, it had been too long... but technically, oh about maybe four or five hours now. Possibly shorter." There was a silence between the two girls before Sango spoke. She had done the math in her head.

"Wait, Kagome how many times did you guys go at it?" This caused Kagome to blush considerably and hide her eyes beneath her bangs. She mumbled her answer so that Sango wouldn't be able to hear them and picked up her plate to put in the sink. "What did you say? Kagome I couldn't hear you." She spun around to look her friend in the eyes and said raised four fingers. Mouthing the number. Sango sat there with her eyes wider than she had ever seen. Kagome just smiled.


Hey guys forgive the many spelling and grammical shit errors... im in a hurry like usual and I figure it doesnt matter. However, if i have any major spelling errors I would appreciate being informed of them. gotta jet like usual.

bye guys.
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