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Chapter 3

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OOC WARNING:... Kagome a painter part time/fashion editor... the rest of the time. She thought she could forget him...She thought that it was her past. What happens when A onenightstand changes all...

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Sango stared at Kagome in shock.

"Four! Oh, you dog you!" Kagome tried not to laugh, considering their last position and sat back down beside her friend; who was giddy from the sheer idea of it all.

"Sango... it's really no big deal" her face was rouged as her blush spread across her porcelain cheeks. Sango's smile widened with a devilish quality to it. Kagome knew exactly what she was going to say.

"So... was he... you know... was he good?" Kagome's stomach knotted at the thought of his touch; her smile wouldn't be rid her face. Pursing her lips together she stood and walked to the living room, leaving Sango sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hey, Kagome...! Are you not going to answer me?" She stood at the entry of the kitchen and stared at Kagome as she plopped down on her sofa.

"Sango, do you really have to ask? I mean come on, you know me... I'm not going to sleep with someone four times if they aren't good... god... he just..." Sango stepped away from the kitchen and sat beside her glowing friend.

"That good huh...?" She sighed as if in disappointment. Kagome pulled herself from her memories and looked at the girl slumped beside her.

"Sango, you know that he will come around. Miroku loves you... like I said; he probably just doesn't want to rush anything with you because he loves you so much." Letting out another sigh, Sango leaned her head on the back of the couch and closed her eyes. Kagome looked down and let her thoughts take her again, until suddenly she heard a shrill noise. Sango's laugh.

"It's funny you know. I've known Miroku for... fucking ten years... we've been dating for about two of those years. You meet Inuyasha, and after one night of knowing each other... you guys go at it... I still can't get Miroku to do that. He always finds a way out of it." Kagome watched Sango's expressions change at every sentence. Grimacing at the notions she presented by mentioning her night's activities, Kagome couldn't help but laugh.

"Sango, did you ever think that he just might be nervous?" Sango suddenly seemed to go into a giggling fit.

"Miroku...? Nervous? Oh damn, that is the funniest thing I have ever heard Kagome. Excuse me but have you not met /Miroku? When you guys first met, he grabbed at your ass. You /know that it isn't his nerves."

"I really don't know what to say, Sango. I guess you are just going to have to wait and find out first hand from him... you could ask him you know." Sango's eyes became wide with terror.

"What, have you lost your mind? Did one night of passion completely throw your brain from proper thinking patterns? Kagome, I can't just ask Miroku. That's ... that's..."

"That's what Sango? Common sense...? You know that if you want to know something you need to hear it from the source, not anyone else, and you really shouldn't jump to conclusions that we both know are not true. He's not going to say anything mean... Sango he loves you and you know it." Kagome tried to read her friend's expression, but it was almost completely blank; a few seconds passed before the red of shame crept along her cheeks.

"Ugh, I guess I should go talk to him; big help Kags. I don't know if I should smack you or thank you." Sango rose from her chair and started towards the front door; Kagome followed.

"Time will tell. Call me later?" Sango handed Kagome the note that she had previously taken and smiled evilly.

"For sure... and for the record, our conversing is far from over. Glad you finally had some fun... now maybe I can have a little." With a sigh of either frustration or humor, Sango walked down the small flight of stairs and to her car; leaving Kagome alone once again. Everyone seems to be leaving and coming lately. Heading back to the kitchen; Kagome started to clean up the various half eaten baked goods.

A tad boring... a bit short...

BUt more on the way to make up for my lack there of.
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