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Chapter 4

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OOC WARNING:... Kagome a painter part time/fashion mougal the rest of the time. She thought she could forget him...She thought that it was her past. What happens when A onenightstand changes all th...

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Miroku looked angrily at the telephone receiver, now beeping loudly in his hand. Damn, Inuyasha what the hell did you do. He was a bit worried; Inuyasha had just gotten out of a rather... difficult relationship with Kikyo. Inuyasha was not that fast a mover when it came to courting unless... unless it was just about sex. Miroku thought to himself. Putting the now annoying phone back on its base, Miroku headed towards the kitchen to finish up the piled up... and unappealing smelling, dishes that adorned the counters as well as filled the sink. Even he had to admit... men were quite disgusting in their living habits without a woman's touch.

At least he was... especially when Inuyasha came to town. Two men in the same house just wasn't a good mix, he decided letting out an almost pained sigh. I should really get a maid in here... he cringed; I know I couldn't ever put such a delicate being as a woman in such a predicament. Giving up, he plotted himself on the couch and reached for the remote. More droning television with no point, /he thought to himself as he clicked the television off and closed his eyes. /If only the damn house phone wasn't dead... Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it." Miroku called out lazily, in an almost annoyed manner only to hear Inuyasha's voice mumble 'me' on the other end. Getting up, groaning, Miroku reached the door and opened it.

"Thanks, Miroku." The young man tried to brush past him quickly, but a hand was all that stopped him in his tracks, turning him around to face the other.

"Yo, yourself, Inuyasha. So... why is it that you don't have a key?" He raised a brow and scowled at Inuyasha. Inuyasha stood there and fidgeted for a moment before looking away, mumbling again under his breath. "Excuse me, Inuyasha? I'm not sure I quite got all that." Suddenly, there was an outburst.

"I SAID, I left them at Kagome's by accident when I left this morning, got a problem with that?" Clearly irritated, he pushed his friend away to get to his 'room'. Miroku sighed.

"You know, I must warn you that she is not like every other girl that you've... had your teeth in, so to speak, she has people behind her who will undoubtedly kill you if you so much as wrong her... even accidentally, my friend." Miroku crossed his arms and awaited his friend's response.

"Does this, entourage include you, holy man?" He snapped back at him almost inquisitively; earning a sigh from Miroku.

"That it does, look you are my best friend no doubt, but that girl is like a sister to me. And I suppose that runs a bit deeper than our relationship ever could. She's the kind of girl you would gladly give your left nut to just because she asked... the type of girl you would die for." Taking a big step back, Miroku resigned his lecture; earning a wave from the irate Inuyasha, who had most likely just ignored him.

"Nice to know where I lie in your loyalties, Miroku. Thanks buddy." He yelled out before Miroku heard the slam of the bathroom door, followed by the water to the shower coming to life only a moment later.

"Maybe television isn't such a bad idea after all, beats the drama I just started... perhaps I'll fall asleep... take a quick nap before calling my dearest, Sango." He spoke to the empty apartment as if it were a person, and walked back to the couch; back to the former spot he inhabited with the mindless droning of the television blaring.


Inuyasha had heard him alright; there was no ignoring something like that. Maybe it was his past, his have-to-be-tough attitude that made him react the way he did to his friend, or maybe... /Maybe I'm scared... because I know he's right, /his mind couldn't help finishing for him. Groaning, he turned the shower on and stripped to nothing. Stepping inside the steaming rainfall of water, he let out a sigh of contentment; recalling the night before. Such an exhausting night and morning it was, but such a wonderful endeavor. She changed so much, he just couldn't believe it was the same girl... but it was clear that she still remained in his heart, even after all the time that passed since high school. Letting the water trickle down, he reached for the clasp of the necklace that hung around his neck; letting it come undone and hanging it over the shower rod. Reaching for the shampoo, he washed his long hair as well as the rest of his body before turning the water off again and opening the shower's curtain. Momentarily, Inuyasha leaned up against the shower's wall and closed his eyes. When he stepped out, he resisted the urge to shake himself of the water... mostly because he knew Miroku would be pissed if he got the entire bathroom completely drenched. Instead, Inuyasha pulled at the towel on the rack and doused it with the water from his hair, in an attempt to dry the mass. Hanging the wet towel over the tub's ledge, he walked to the small cabinet near the bathroom door and pulled out another towel; wrapping it around his waist.

"Shit, Inuyasha... you look like hell." He said to himself after he wiped the vapor from the mirror. His towel dried white hair clung to his chiseled back and shoulders; his ears twitched as a drop of water fell into one of them. Sighing heavily, Inuyasha picked up the blow dryer and stood there for almost an hour and a half. When his hair was just damp, he gave up. "Fuck it, it would just take too long." Unplugging the device he opened the door and plotted himself on the couch beside Miroku; who was loudly snoring.

He hit him.

"Ouch, what the fuck?" Miroku was a bit groggy, but he managed to sit up and stare almost blankly at the now hanyou sitting beside him; clad in but a towel.

"Serves you right for falling asleep, fool." A smug grin formed on his lips as he crossed his arms against his bare chest and stared straight ahead. "Oi, what the fuck are you watching anyways?" On the screen, it looked as if it were a kiddie anime.

"Well, actually I don't know. As you probably could clearly see... /I /was sleeping peacefully until you beat me awake." He looked Inuyasha's form up and down. "Dude, why are you nude?"

"Bastard, I'm wearing a towel." He snapped back, leaning his head against the back of the couch and closing his eyes.

"Where's the concealment."

"Excuse me, Miroku... what?" He asked in a confused tone.

"The concealment, you don't look human... you are completely visible as hanyou right now." Miroku watched as the face of the man beside him registered what he was saying. There was a bit of worry, before he remembered.

"Shit, hold up." Getting up, Inuyasha walked back to the bathroom and reached for the necklace that he had hung over the rod.

"Yo, while you're up man, can you uh... possibly put some clothes on?" He seemed a little tired but, Inuyasha could hear him moving about.

"Yeah yeah, sure." He called back. Pulling on some boxers and a tee, he started back at his reflection before clasping the necklace. His silver hair flowed over his shoulders, his ears stuck out sorely. When he finally fixed the necklace, he watched his image change to that of a human man.

He wondered idly if she really remembered him, things were different then... he was different. His heart had felt as thought it might shatter thinking about him possibly never seeing her again, because of stupidity; when he realized who she was that night, his heart did backflips. And when she let him touch her...

Somehow, she managed to get under his skin ... but somehow, he figured... she always had been.

I gotta tell her. He opened the medicine cabinet and popped two Tylenol into his mouth. Thinking about this was giving him a migraine.

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