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Light Me Up When I'm Down

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“I say we burn this motherfucker” She says through gritted teeth. I nod, the anger taking over me.

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A/N: hey guys. Sorry for the hiatus on this story but i have decided to update :D my girlfriend, molly, helped me write this chapter so you should check out her account i hope you guys like it and i am so fucking sorry for not updating

Storm’s P.O.V.

“There Grace, you look beautiful,” I say, stepping back to admire my work

“Thanks guys” Grace grins widely. I hear the door swing open and twist around to see Dr. D standing in the doorway, panting slightly

“Girls, I need to see you now, come with me” He finished and rushed off with no explanation. I looked around to Grace and waved before running out the door with the other girls to try and keep up with Dr. D. He led us down the long hallway and upstairs where all the guys were sitting around looking as confused as we felt. I went to sit next to Poison and he put his arm around me, which calmed me down a bit. Everyone was looking to the front, waiting for Dr. D to answer the question on all of our lips

“You’re all probably wondering why I gathered you here” There was a small murmur as everyone nodded in agreement “Well, Korse and his dracs are currently in Zone 7 after a tip off that you were there. Of course you are not but that works to our advantage, I need you to go and stop them before they take anyone who is there as their own. You are going to need every weapon you can carry, good luck”

We got up and left in silence, grabbing our ray guns as we filed outside and into the cars, Poison, Ghoul, Bones and I in one and Jet, Kobra and Paranoia in the other. We sped down the dusty roads, quickly planning how to approach the situation

“There is no safe way of doing this” Ghoul concluded, “We are just going to have to face them and pray for the best” We all nodded in agreement as the car slowed to a stop. Poison climbed out of the car, the rest of us following soon after, joining with the others outside

“I say we make a base here, at least then we have a safe zone” Jet spoke up “And we should probably start searching soon before it gets dark”


An hour into the search and we hadn’t come across anything living, let alone Korse. We had stopped walking and I was sitting on the dry desert ground and shielding my eyes from the bright setting sun.

“Hey” Poison said, falling down next to me

“Hey” I said, smiling slightly

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking we’re going to be out here a while” I reply, sighing heavily. Poison opened his mouth to speak when there was shouting from nearby.

Poison and I frown at each other before looking at the others. We get up, grabbing our guns and run towards the sound. It had come from a girl who was struggling to get out of the tight grip of a drac. I lifted my gun and he was on the ground with one shot. The girl fell forward and grabbed her own gun before stumbling up and taking a few steps back, gun raised. We ran towards them, our own guns raised and shot blindly while trying to avoid getting hit. There was shouting and groans of pain then it all went black.


“Hey, hey wake up, please” I was being shook violently. I open my eyes and see the girl from earlier leaning over me, her bright blonde hair falling in front of her pale face.

“Thank God, please you have to help” I look at her confused “It’s your friend, she isn’t waking up” She continues, pointing behind her. I turn my head slightly and see Bones laying still, a pool of red surrounding her. My breath hitches in my throat and I feel numb. I try to get up but can’t. The girl’s head turns to the side quickly when there is a groan.

“You have to help,” She gets up and walks out of my sight as I concentrate on Bones “Your friend over there won’t wake up”

After a few moments of shuffling, I see Ghoul fall to his knees near Bones and try to wake her.

“Holy shit” He mumbles, raking his hand through his messy hair, stumbling up and walking over to me “Storm, come on” He says, grabbing my hand and pulling me up. He has to help me over to Bones because my legs have given up. I collapse down next to her and look at her lifeless body; I can’t help a few tears falling down my cheeks.

“Bones, please wake up” I whisper, shaking her arm slightly but it’s no use. I collapse into the nearest person and break down even more; unable to hide the pain of losing my sister “I only just found her” I choke out.

“It’ll be ok” Ghoul’s voice soothes

“Oh god, Bones” I look to my right to see Poison looking down at Bones in shock, he then looks at me “Storm I’m so sorry” he continues, edging closer and holding me “Ghoul can you help that girl wake the others?”

One by one, the rest of the group kneel by Bones an eerie, shocked silence falling on us. Finally, the girl comes and kneels in the open space on Bones’ other side
“I’m sorry about your friend,” She says quietly, looking down and fiddling with the hem of her shirt, looking defeated. The silence falls again, the only sounds being birds flying overhead or the occasional sniff from the group. The girl reaches behind her and grabs an old, dusty blanket off the floor, brushing off what dirt she can, kneels up and places the blanket carefully over Bones. I let out a quiet sob and Poison holds me closer. She collapses back down and looks back to the ground.

“What’s your name?” Jet asks quietly, looking at the girl

“Molly” She answers, looking up slightly “or Cyanide Dreams but you can just call me Dreams”

“Cool, well I’m Jet and this is Kobra, Ghoul, Poison, Storm and Paranoia,” He says, pointing to everyone in turn.

“Nice to meet you” She says nodding “So, what do you want to do about your friend?”

“I’ll call Dr. D” Poison says, getting up and walking to the car. We sit in silence, listening to the distant mumbles of Poison on the radio until he walks back over.

“Well, Dr D pointed out something very important” We look at him confused “If she was a killjoy, why did she die?”

At that point, an eerie silence falls over them as I reach forward, rip the blanket from on top of her and open her jacket. I root through her pockets, finally reaching her boots. I pull them off slowly, scared of what I will find. I turn the boot upside down and out falls a Better Living Industries badge. I drop the boot in shock and stare at the badge then look to Verity in disgust. My own sister had turned to work for Better Living Industries. I feel my eyes burn again and warm tears spill out onto my cheeks. Poison kneels down next to me, holding me again. I look up to see Dreams stand up and walk away. She comes back 5 minutes later holding a red can full of gasoline. She walks next to Verity’s body and drops it on the floor

“I say we burn this motherfucker” She says through gritted teeth. I nod, the anger taking over me, knowing that Verity betrayed me. I stand up and walk over to her still body. Dreams looks at me for consent and I nod slowly. She picks the can back up and pours it all over her still body. I pause for a minute then light a match and drop it onto Verity. I take a step back and fall into Poison’s chest, letting out a quiet sob while staring at her burning body. We silently walk over to the cars, gesturing for Dreams to follow when she stays still. We pile into the cars and drive down the dry, sandy desert lane, clouds of dust rising into the air behind us. I open the window and let the breeze roll over me, trying to forget that today even happened.

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