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Art Is The Weapon

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As I got lost in the painting, I thought about the day before, and how happy i had been when I came home with Storm.

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A/N: this chapter is dedicated to those who reviewed my note. You guys are so considerate of my circumstance, so I thought I'd fight through how shit I am feeling today and write you another chapter. So basically, this could be it for a while, maybe a month? I have to get my problems sorted out for the moment and shit like that. So I hope you enjoy and that you are not mad at me?

Poisons P.O.V

It was warm, but not the kind of horrible warm where you sweated buckets like out in the desert. No, it was the comfortable warmth that you felt when you were indoors and the sun was shining in through thin White curtains.

The one problem with that explanation is that there was no curtains, let alone a window, but that didn't matter. It felt right.

I had woken up when I felt a light nudge on my chest, and had found a mop of black hair, semi tanned skin and freckles asleep on me. Well, when I say 'on' me I mean Storm's head on my chest.

I smiled and checked the clock above the bathroom door, realising it was only seven o'clock. Being awake at that time would normally piss me off, but being able to sit there watching Storm sleep made me so happy. Cliché I know, but I didn't care.

After about an hour of stroking soft black hair that belonged to one of the most beautiful girls in the world, next to my mom of course, I heard a quiet yawn and felt something cool hit me in the face- Storm's hand.
"Watch who you are punching" I chuckled as Storm's eyes shot open in shock.

"um...hi?" she muttered, then buried her face in my chest as she laughed. 

"hey there" I laughed, moving so her head was on my shoulder.

It was quite remarkable how her head fitted into my neck, where she was now snuggled into.

"morning. Sleep well?" she asked. I could feel her body shaking as she silently giggled to herself.

"what's so funny sweetness? And yes thanks" I sounded confused, which was because I was, but yeah.

"oh, you haven't noticed yet? Wow, okay. Um, how do I point out that you have a massive problem without sounding rude?" she was now glancing towards my stomach. No wait she was looking lower...

Oh shit.

"um, surprise?" I could feel my face burning. I looked back at Storm.

She blinked.

I blinked.


"um" i muttered, starting to get up.

"oh my...what even... Hahahahaha" I stopped and turned to see Storm rocking back and forth laughing so hard she was crying. 

I watched in awe as her mouth emitted a laugh that sounded so life-filled, so genuine, so kind. After she had calmed down and controlled her breathing she looked almost apologetic.

"Oh Poison, I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean to offend you, it was just so funny" she kissed my cheek and intertwined our fingers.

"offend me? You could never do that sugar. Well, unless you told me my ass looks fat in my jeans" I  gave her a looks if to say 'bitch don't you dare'.

"I'm dating such a diva" she rolled my eyes and laughed.

I was smiling at the way eyes crinkled at the side when she smiled.

"uh, anyway while I go make coffee, you can sort out Bobbert there, okay baby?" she winked at me.

"Bobbert? Who is Bobbert?" I wish I didn't ask.

"our..." she glanced down "BIG problem" god, she was such a fucking tease.

"o-oh. Um, okay" I stuttered, ready to move.

"I will be back soon, have fun" she smiled and pulled me back for a kiss.


An hour and a half later I was in my room, while Velocity Storm and the girls were giving Grace a makeover, painting.

I hadn't done much art in a while. It had alway been a passion of mine, and I had won contests and shit when I was little, but not many people had seen my work. It is kind of a private thing. 

As I got lost in the painting, I thought about the day before, and how happy i had been when I came home with Storm. I thought about why it had to be now that we admitted our feelings and I thought about the future. 

Half an hour of thinking later and I was done. I looked at the painting and realised what I had created. The perfect life. 

I saw a man who had lightly tanned skin and red disheveled hair, holding the slim hand of another character. A woman with Long black hair and pale skin, just with a hint of tan. she had freckles delicately placed on her nose and cheeks, and her emerald eyes gleamed at the red headed man. There clothes were sophisticated, a black tux and red tie to match the mans long hair, and a large White dress on the lady. On the couples hand were silver bands, and they were standing infront of a church. 

But that wasn't the perfect thing about the whole painting.

The woman holding the hand of a small boy, one who had disheveled black hair, lightly tanned skin, Hazel eyes and freckles. 

The woman was holding the hand of their son.

So I have a feeling YASMIN knows who inspired me to write the end of this chapter. Anyway, it is like, 00:05am and I am tired as fuck since I haven't slept in days so I am going to go, but I love you all. R&R And I will give you Glen Coco.

abbie xo
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