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An apology and a note. Please read!

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UM, hi. I know I promised I would update soon, but I lied. Don't hate me, I have a reason.Basically, I've been Really down at the moment, and it's been making me ill, and I know you are probably thinking 'if you are sick you can still write' but basically don't get to sleep until 3am most nights, even with tablets, then I have to go to school, revise, do exams, go home and revise more, then I'm so tired out My mind doesn't work right. I am also behind on coursework so I have catchup to do. Plus, if you didn't know, I live in England, but I am currently making plans to move to New Zealand in 2013 and complete my Education,and that is taking the piss, because i don't know the schooling system, like the ages and stuff, so that is stressing me out to >.< so basically i will update a quick as possible and we can all happy dance.

i had to repost this because it fucked up, yeah.

storm x
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