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The World Is Ugly, But You Are Beautiful To Me

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He raised his free hand and wiped away my tears. I looked into his eyes and saw they were concerned.

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a/n: this chapter is dedicated to Yasmin and Tom :3
Storms P.O.V
“Poison! Poison, why are you running away from me? What did I do?” I shouted, feeling tears form in my eyes.

Party Poison had run straight out of the door, grabbing the keys to his battered Trans Am out of his pocket, and towards the parking lot. I had been on his heels since he left Ghoul’s room, though that wasn’t hard, as I was one of the fastest killjoys around.
As soon as he got to his car he hopped in the driver side, gunned the ignition and put it in gear, but it wasn’t fast enough, by the time he went to reverse I was already in the passenger seat, waiting for an answer.

“Well?” I prompted softly, noticing the look of panic on his face.

“I don’t want to talk about it” he mumbled, not meeting my eye.

“Well tough shit, because we need to talk, so drive, or I will tie you up and stuff you in the trunk and drive for you” I gave him my best serious look, Which was pretty hard when the though of tying Poison up put seriously over the top fantasies in my head.

“Fuck you” he muttered as I turned back to face the windscreen. Out of the corner of my eye i saw him blush and facepalm before driving out into the desert.

We drove through the desert, from zone to zone, in silence. I didn’t want to pressure him into saying anything - as I had already forced him into driving- and he seemed pretty reluctant to speak.

“So, are you going to tell me what has got your tighty whiteys in a twist?” I sighed, leaning my head back on the headrest.

“Look, Storm, how much did you hear?” he bit his lip nervously. Thank the moosepooping lord I was sitting down, the way he bit his lip made my knees turn to jelly.

“wegsipippy” I muttered smartly, slapping my knees to bring them back to life.

“pardon?” a look of confusion crossed his face.

“ugh, we weren’t there long, we didn’t even know what you were discussing” I noticed we had just passed a sign for Zone 8.

Suddenly I knew where we were heading; an old diner not too far from the Crashqueens’ base. The Crashqueens were the killjoys who deal with Transport upgrades and repair. They were well known for stealing BL/ind’s Cars and painting them bright colours. When we pulled up outside the diner, I noticed it was almost empty, but that wasn’t surprising, if you weren’t a Killjoy, you were either a Drac, dead, or in hiding, and not many people venture out this far away from the main base.

I hopped out the car and waited for Poison, who looked so deep in concentration I thought he was going to blow up.

Teehee, blow.

Wiping my mind clear of dirty thoughts, I walked around and opened his car door, practically lifting him onto the dry terrain of the California desert. I slammed his door and pulled him towards the diner, realising how hungry I was.

We walked into the diner and sat in a cosy booth at the back.

“Lucky I have Money in my pocket” I smiled at him, trying to lighten the mood.

“Storm, I took us here, I will pay, and I guess you are right, we do need to talk” he pushed a strand of red hair from his eyes, smiling back.

Just as I was about to reply, a waitress who looked about sixteen walked up to our table. She had shoulder length chestnut brown hair that was curled, and really pretty Hazel eyes, with the top eyelid lined in black. Her thin arms carried a small notebook and pen.

As I looked at her, I soon noticed that I knew this woman.

“VERITY?” I felt my mouth fall open with realization.

“Abbie? Is that you? Oh my god! I thought you were dead! i have been so worried!” she reached over and hugged me hard, tears in her eyes.

“I thought I’d never see you again! I’ve thought about you every night” I hugged her back, pulling her next to me and wrapping my arms around her tighter.
After a moments embrace I heard someone cough awkwardly. I felt Verity release me and I turned to see Poison scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

Verity looked from me to Poison and back to me again, a knowing look in her eyes.
“Abbie, who is this? Don’t be rude” she smirked.

“Um” I looked at Poison, confused on how to introduce him.

“Hi, I’m Gerard, Storm- Abbie’s friend” he smiled, holding his hand out for her to shake.

“Verity Bakewell-Simmons, Abbie’s sister, nice to meet you” she took his hand, winking at me.

“you never told me you had a sister Abbie, I thought you were an only child” he looked at me in confusion.

“yeah, I- um, I thought that it would be safer for her if she was still alive, if I convinced everyone, including myself, that I was an only child” I blushed awkwardly.

“While you guys are talking, can I take your order? Drinks?” Verity smiled at us, picking up her pen again and placing it against her pad.

“Diet coke please” Poison said politely.

“Make that two” I winked at her, watching as she winked back and went to get drinks.

I felt Poison’s eyes on my and looked up, catching his eye.

“So, care to tell me why you ran off this morning?” I grabbed a menu.

“Well, I have come to the realisation that… Um” he looked away and blushed.

“Gee, you can tell me anything” I placed my hand over his. He gulped and looked down and our hands.

“You called me Gee” he smiled, something appearing in his eyes I had never seen before.
“Um…yeah” I nodded sheepishly.

He smile grew, moving his hand so our fingers were intertwined. They fitted perfectly.

“When you ran off the other day, and I didn’t know where you were, I felt so guilty. I felt incomplete and it made me sick to the stomach thinking that something could of happened to you. I felt like crying. Um, I guess what I am trying to say is, you have become my world, and I don’t want to loose you” the look in his eyes was brighter than ever, and I suddenly realised what it was.

It was love.

I suddenly felt a rush of happiness run through me, and I felt the hot sting of tears run down my cheeks.

“Abbie, why are you crying?” Poison interrupted my thoughts.

He raised his free hand and wiped away my tears. I looked into his eyes and saw they were concerned.

“You are just so perfect, and I feel the same way, but it’s just… Why would someone like you, want someone like me?” I sniffled.

“Abbiegail-Breeze Bakewell-Simmons , don’t you ever think that, you are perfect. The world is ugly, but you are beautiful to me” he leant over and tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear.

“sorry to interrupt guys but, um drinks, and are you ready to order?” curse Verity and her Constant interruptions.

“pick what ever you want, I’m paying after all” he smiled at me, picking up a menu.

“umm, could I have… The pasta special?” I sighed, content with my decision.

“and you Gerard?” Verity smiled professionally at us.

“I’d like the pasta too” he folded up the menu and put it back in the holder.

“coming right up! And um, we need to talk” she smiled, looking for permission to sit down. I nodded and she sat down next to me.

“so um…” I started.

“well, as you well know, BL/ind’s are after everyone, and the reason I am alive, or un zombiefied, is because the woman who runs this place has taken me in, but i can tell she doesn’t want me, so um…” the way she was biting her nails was already enough.

“yes, you can come with us. I’m not going to just leave you vez” I saw her smile at her nickname.

“okay, um, I will serve you and tell Vivian I am leaving. Thank you so much!” she hugged me tightly and ran off.

“so…where does this leave us?” sighed Poison, rubbing circles into my hand with his thumb. The feeling made me feel warm and safe.

“well I guess since we both feel the same…” I looked at him.

“I guess we could, maybe, you know… be together. Um, what I’m trying to say is would you be my girlfriend?” he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Gerard Arthur Way, It would be a pleasure” I smiled and leant over the table at the same time he did, and found our lips pressed together.

It was sweet, soft and absolutely breathtaking. The way his lips worked against mine made my head go fuzzy, and I swear I could see fireworks behind my eyelids.

“Dinner is served. And please, get a room” I heard the sound of plates being placed on the table and my stomach rumbled.

“hungry, are we?” Poison pulled away and laughed.

I just blushed and dug in.

The meal was delicious, and so was the ice cream Poison shared with me. He even offered to buy more but I was stuffed. As we neared to base, we had to explain to Verity about the rules.

“okay kid, here is the deal. BL/ind’s are after everyone, but most of all, they are after us. So we don’t use our real names. By the way, when I say ‘us’ I mean the killjoys.” I saw her nod.

“so, you are..?” I saw her raise a sceptical eyebrow.

“He is Party Poison, but we all call him Poison, and I am Velocity Storm, or just Storm” i saw her smile and nod again.

"They suit you, and i want the name, um, Adrenaline Bones, it sounds cool" she giggled.

"hmm, i like it. its nice" Poison smiled.

We soon got back to base, and it was nearly dark. I grabbed Verity's, i mean- Bones' bags out of the trunk and helped her with them while Poison parked the Trans Am. I took my sister to Dr.D's room and knocked.

"Got another stray, can she come in?" i shouted, winking at Bones cheekily.

"Sure, Send them in!" he called cheerily.

I was ushering Bones in and shut the door behind them, when i felt arms loop around my waste. I smiled when i felt Poisons lips kiss my neck, his red hair coming into view. i smiled and turned around, pecking him on the lips.

"So, i know this is a bit soon, but will you stay with me tonight?" i fluttered my eyelashes.

He smiled and looked like he was thinking, then grabbed my hand and pulled me towards my room.

He stopped suddenly when he saw a sight i thought i'd never see.

Radio Paranoia was exiting Fun Ghouls room looking rather flushed and disheveled.

Oh we are total having a talk.

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