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Honey If You Stay, I'll Be Forgiven.

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"Who the hell would ever like me?” I finished quietly, breathing heavily. Ghoul pulled back slightly, before staring right into my eyes. “I do.” He whispered.

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Oh god, please don't hate me. i have taken forever to update, and yet, it wasn't even me who wrote this. It was the wonderfully talented, beautiful Yasmin (Minnie)also known as KilljoyMinnieIero and i wrote her a chapter, so i guess i now share this story with her, so please review and show us your love.

Paranoia’s POV

Typical. Obviously whilst Storm and I were listening to Ghoul and Poison’s conversation, the door would go flying open and Storm and I would fall flat on our faces.
“Umm, hi” Ghoul said, smiling at me. He obviously trying not to laugh.
“Hi, um. Sorry….” I tried to think of an excuse “she, um, pushed me?” I pointed at Storm, mentally facepalming at my bad excuse.
Nobody noticed though, as Poison nearly ran over to Storm and helped her up, laughing. “It seems everytime I see you, you are on the floor!”
Storm straightened up, brushing her hair out of her face, before smiling and winking. “Why thank you sugar” she said in her funny southern accent, trying not to laugh at the shocked faces of Ghoul and Poison.
“Storm? Is that you? Woah, you look hot!” gasped Ghoul. I internally sighed, of course he wouldn’t like me, I mean look at Storm. Who could like me if I’m standing next to her? But then again, she only had eyes for Poison…
Storm just nodded shyly and waited for Poison’s reaction. We all just stood there, waiting for something, anything.
And then Poison ran.
Of course Storm ran after him, ignoring Ghoul’s cries to leave it. Watching her running after Poison, I made the decision not to follow them. As I decided this, Ghoul turned to me and said “Don’t go after them. Please?”
” Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to” I replied, smiling nervously. This was the first time I’d been properly alone with Ghoul, and I didn’t want to mess it up by being, well, me.
“Paranoia? Did you, erm, did you guys hear anything?” Ghoul muttered, blushing slightly. Well that was weird.
“Um not really….” I replied, thinking back and missing the look of relief that flashed across Ghoul’s face. “Something about how you did a good job… About how you should show someone how you feel… That was it really… Why? Why did Poison run away, Ghoul?”
Ghoul sighed, before giving in and laughing lightly. “Fine. Just because its you” he joked, winking.
Oh how I wish he wasn’t just joking.
“Well, Poison is obviously madly in love with Storm, right?” He said as I nodded. That much was pretty obvious. “Well, we were actually just talking about that, and I was saying how he should just tell her.” Ghoul had finished, but I was still confused.
“Okay… But why did Poison run away then?” I asked. Ghoul laughed, and I scowled at him causing him to laugh more.
“Well, Poison obviously thought that you, and more specifically, Storm, had heard what he said! So he’s just freaking out.”
“So why were you worried then?” I quizzed Ghoul. After receiving no answer, I decided it would be best to tactfully change the subject. Well, slightly anyway.
“Well this is good! Cause Storm doesn’t shut up about how much she is in love with Poison! So they can kiss and make up, and get married and have lots of little kids! There can be Poison Jr, Storm Jr, ooh, I like the name Bob, that’s a nice name, and we could be godparents and then they’d live happily every after!”I rambled on, clapping my hands as Ghoul fell about in hysterics of laughter. He looked beautiful when he laughed, his eyes sparkled and his jet black hair fell delicately across his face. I suddenly stopped and looked away, feeling a wave of sadness crash over me. Ghoul seemed to sense this, and rushed over to me instantly.
“‘Noia, what’s the matter?” He said frantically, I tried to smile and shake my head, but to my horror I could feel tears building up in my eyes. I tried to blink them away, but I wasn’t quick enough. Ghoul’s eyes widened, before pulling me into the tightest hug I’d ever had. “Com’on, you can tell me. What’s the matter?” He murmured into my hair.
“Its nothing” I mumbled half-heartedly, knowing that he wouldn’t give up.
“Its obviously not Paranoia. Now tell me, please?” The mixture of sadness and worry in his voice finally cracked me.
“Nobody likes me, nobody’s ever liked me, and I doubt anybody every will. I’m just that weird ugly new girl that Storm befriended, the one with major cases of bipolar and insomnia. Who the hell would ever like me?” I finished quietly, breathing heavily.
Ghoul pulled back slightly, before staring right into my eyes. “I do.” He whispered, before leaning in slightly. We got closer and closer, untill all of a sudden there was a shout.
“Ghoul!” It was Kobra Kid. Ghoul didn’t respond, and whispered “ignore him.” I was going to do just that.
Just as our lips were about to meet, we heard Kobra once more. “Fun Ghoul, get your lazy ass here right this second!”
I sighed, laughing slightly before pulling away from Ghoul. “Go on, it sounds urgent” I said.
Ghoul looked slightly upset, but sighed as well. “I suppose it does” he said, beginning to walk towards the door.
Just before he reached it, he turned back around and ran to me, lightly kissing me on the lips. “See you later Paranoia” he murmured, before winking and leaving the room.
A few minutes later, I realised I was standing in the same position, staring at where Ghoul had exited. Shaking my head slightly, I left the room too, with a huge grin on my face, and decided Storm and Poison had had long enough. It was time to find them.
Totally not to tell them everything that happened with me and Ghoul.


she is FUCKING AMAZING isn't she? -Bows down to her- so um, this is her fic. and READ IT MOTHERFUCKERS. love you lots and lots like blue unicorns and skittles. MWAH see you later my babies.
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