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Accidents Happen

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"Somehow my chest does that funny thing again."

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I'm about five seconds from finally making the decision to kick Brendon out until I get a call.
"Hello?" I say.
"Hey it's Spencer!"
"Oh hey!"
"Today I was thinking we should have some band practice... maybe at my grandma's house. She said it was completely fine, besides there's already stuff set up there."
"Oh. Today.. um-"
"Ryan, seriously. We just recently got signed, right? We need to practice, practice, practice! We might be hitting the road soon."
"Right. Touring. Oh... okay okay. When?"
"In an hour if that's cool. I'll just text you the directions."
"Alright." I say.
"See ya then!"
"Bye." And I hang up the phone.
Well shit... we really need to get things settled.
I walk out slowly into the living room, finding Brendon just sitting there.
"Spencer called." I tell him.
He looks at me now, "Yeah? What did he say?"
"Band practice in an hour at his grandma's house."
"Alright well-"
"We need to talk about this."
He looks a bit confused, "About?"
Right then and there I start to feel aggravated out of my mind, "You know exactly what."
And he still plays it off like he doesn't know, proceeding to act as though he's trying really hard to figure it out.
"Brendon." I say, my voice oh so close to being filled with frustration.
"Oh... you're talking about the tail thing aren't you?"
"This is serious!" I almost yell.
"Okay, okay!" He says with a startled expression.
"Number one rule here: Be careful around water. Two: try not to get wet. Three: if anyone finds out, you're fucked as well as me."
"You sound like my mother."
I don't even talk. I just stare at him, hoping he gets the idea.
He shakes it off and actually becomes a little more serious, "Right, be careful around water, yep."
I let out a deep sigh, "An hour. Got it?"
"Yes mom, I mean... Ryan."
By the time an hour goes by, we head to Spencer's grandma's house.
When we finally get there, I get out of the car and ring the doorbell. It's Spencer's grandma.
"Well hello, boys." She says with a nice smile, "Spencer and Brent are in the garage. Come in, come in."
Brendon and I proceed to go in the house and finally make our way into the garage.
"Hey guys!" Spencer says.
"Hey." I say.
"Yo." Brendon says.
"Good that everyone's here. Now we can proceed to practice... I just need to find Brent first."
I roll my eyes as Spencer goes on a Brent search.


By the time we're half way through rehearsals, the progress is mind blowing. Brent didn't go off to eat some food and Brendon didn't goof around. (which is sort of surprising)
We finally end our practice time just around dinner.
Spencer says, "Hey, do you guys wanna stay for something to eat?"
"Sure!" Brendon says.
"Yeah." I say.
Brent just nods.
"Woo, it's hot." Brendon says. I look over to see him grab a water bottle.
Oh. Fuck. Maybe, I mean he is fully aware that it's water.
I watch him as he takes big chugs until some of that h20 falls down his neck.
"Brendon!" I shout.
He touches the water on his neck, "Oh... whoops."
I run over to him quickly, grab his hand, and we run into the bathroom which is thankfully right inside the garage leading into the dining room.
I shut the door quickly as I hear Brendon let out a small, "Ouch."
I try to catch my breath for a second before slowly turning around to find Brendon with that... tail.
"That was a close one." He says.
"Yeah, yeah it was."
And somehow I end up just questioning where the clothes on his bottom half went because his shirt is still there.
"Uh guys." Spencer. Shit.
"Hold on!" I shout.
Quickly, I grab a towel and start drying off Brendon.
"You know... I don't get you." Brendon says, somehow totally calm.
"No time for this." I tell him.
"I just want to know why you don't want to be with me." He says in a quiet voice.
Really, "We have no time for this." I say as I grab another towel and throw it at him, "Help yourself, will ya?"
"You like me, don't you?"
I just stop and take a breather, "Yes, but we really don't have time for this."
And he's just about dry. Then out of no where, he places his hand on mine. It takes less than a second to escape and I'm already trapped.
Somehow my chest does that funny thing again. Course I fucking like him, but this just isn't going to work out right now.
I snap back quickly removing my hand from his, just to dry one last spot. A few seconds pass until he has his legs again.
"What's going on in there?" I hear Spencer again.
"Nothing!" I say.
"Riiiiight." He says.
I get off the floor and notice Brendon not even moving an inch, "Brendon get up."
"Help me up." And he gives me those damn puppy dog eyes.
I sigh as I grab his hand to pull him up.
I open the door cautiously and I see no Spencer or Brent.
We go back in the garage and Spencer is cleaning up a few things. He sees me, and that look on his face makes me a bit worried.
"What were you two doing. Alone. In the bathroom."
"What do you think, Spence." Brendon says suggestively and I have the strong urge to punch him in the gut.
"It was nothing. Nothing happened. We just wanted to get washed up early for your grandmother's lovely cooking."
Spencer makes a scrunched 'thinking' face, "Well, I'm a bit wobbly between the both of you on that one."
I face-palm like my life depends on it.
"Kidding, Ryan. I know you're straight. We've known each other since forever, no secrets... unless."
"No, nope. You know Brendon, he's a flirt!"
"True there."
Then Spencer and I both flash Brendon a look. He throws his hands up like he's been caught and Spencer just laughs a little.
We then hear Spencer's grandma calling. Pretty sure this conversation is now dropped. I feel relieved and truth be told, I did really like Spencer's grandma's cooking.
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