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Last Chapter

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“And they are gonna move in together soon and get married and have like a hundred babies!”

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One month later.
“Can you like believe how quickly this past month has gone?” the blue haired bassist asked her fellow band mates, as she fiddles experimentally with her lucky bass guitar.
“I can`t believe how much our little Frankenstein has changed.”
Ross nods, looking up from a well loved Batman comic, before returning his adoring gaze back to the vibrant pages. “It’s like he’s a different person entirely.”
“I wouldn`t say that,” Benji muses, swinging her legs over the edge of her bunk and jumping acrobatically to the ground, “I think he just realises that all the shit he was putting himself-“
“And everyone else.”
She narrows her golden eyes at the brown eyed guitarist and continues, “through was gonna catch up with him, sooner rather than later.”
“I wouldn`t say that, B.”
The cabin door swings open, revealing a tall slender teen dressed exclusively in black and a shorter, slightly older man with scruffily dyed hair. They were clasping the others hands as though both their existences depended on it.
“I think it had more to do with the walking sex god standing next to me that triggered my dramatic change of heart.”
“Shut up.” Gerard blushes punching his boyfriend lightly on the arm, but the attack had a less than desired effect when the smug little singer grabbed hold of his neck and pulled him in for a rough sloppy kiss.
“Get a room fags!” the young musicians tease while at the same times moving over on their freshly made bunks so that their friends would have somewhere to sit. No one present in the cabin could quite believe that this was their last night at Camp Aftermath. And while neither of them had wanted to come, it was with great sorrow that they packed their bags in preparation to leave in the morning.
The month and a bit spent at the creative camp had brought many changes and surprises for everyone, but none more so than Frank Iero, the once pig headed front man who was on a one way train to ruin and loneliness.
“Guys, I have to tell you something.” he announces to his band mates, a sick feeling in the very pit of his stomach. But he had made his choice. As much as his band, the fans and the fame meant to him, the raven haired artist that had quite literally saved him from himself, meant far more.
“I…well I`m leaving the band.” This hurt him far worse than when he had been kicked out a month previously sue to his destructive ways. “I don`t want to but I can’t live that life anymore and I can`t be away from Gerard. I`m sorry.”
The three musicians share a look and nod. They weren’t surprised really; they knew how much Gerard meant to their friend. Without saying a word the three of them get up and leave the cabin, wanting to give them both a chance to talk. It could be the last time they ever saw each other and they felt like they didn’t belong in the conversation.
“No, Frank we talked about this. I told you, don`t worry about me you can’t walk away from everything you have ever worked for just for me. I won’t let you.”
“But Gee,” Frank whispers, his heart breaking just a little. Didn’t he see how difficult this was for him? He knew how much his band meant to him, did he honestly think he wanted to leave it all behind? But he would, for him. Because Gerard meant the world to Frank.
“No buts. You have worked so hard to get where you are today and…and anyway you`ll forget all about me when you get back on the road and meet all this more experienced, beautiful people.”
“You want me to leave you?”
“Don`t be stupid! If course not! But I want you to be happy and to achieve everything you deserve. A Touch Of Chaos is your life, Frank. You can`t just turn your back on it.”
“It used to be my life Gee. But I love you and I won’t, I can’t leave you!”
“I’ll come to your shows, I`ll text and-“
“Why don`t you come with us?”
“I have a family and I have to go to college and-“it was really hard to come up with a third reason not to go.

Gerard waited guiltily; his Misfits bag slung carelessly over his should as he waits for Mikey so they can go to the car park. to find their mom. He and Frank had argued, wasted their last night together and now he would probably never see the rocker again.
“Don`t worry Gerard, Frank won’t forget you, I bet he`ll be waiting in the car park for you.”
“The tour bus left at seven this morning, I saw it leave.”
Mikey didn’t know what to say.
They walk towards the grassy field, an awkward, bitter silence accompanying them.
“Gerard, look!” Mikey yells, pointing over at the lake, where a heavily tattooed boy was sitting by a canoe, waving madly.
“I thought I`d missed you and that you’d gone already.”Frank embraces Gerard, practically jumping on him as soon as he comes near enough.
“I have to go, Frank.” Gerard sighs miserably.
“I know but well me and the guys have been talking and well we decided to take a break and pursue different things. We are gonna put out the new album, we were working on and tour a bit and then well…I was looking at properties in Jersey.” He grins crookedly. “I seen one or two within my price range, but the only thing is I might get lonely, so I thought that maybe you might like to move in with me. Its fine if you don`t!” he adds hastily, cheeks gleaming red.
“It was just a thought but you don`t-“
Gerard cuts him off with a chaste kiss. “On one condition. I get free vip tickets to all the gigs. Oh and I get to decorate.”
“That’s two.” Frank giggles, kissing his nose.

“So how was it boys?” Donna Way asks cheerily, happy to have her sons back and for things to go back to normal. It had been lonely without them at the house, quiet and almost peaceful. It was really strange.
“I must say, nothing much seems to have changed. Gerard, you seem just as miserable to be leaving as you were to be going.”
“Gerard got a boyfriend!”Mikey squeals. “And they are gonna move in together soon and get married and have like a hundred babies!”
“Mikes, fuck off.”Gerard flips his brother off and then ignoring his mothers probing questions, returns to mentally design his and Frank`s house.
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