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The Summer Where We Found Ourselves

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"Is it true that you talk in your sleep?"

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“Hey Frankenstein.”Asher and Ross, the spiky haired drummer and the brown eyed guitarist of his band, ex band, he reminds himself sadly great him much chirpier than Frank would have expected given they did not part on the greatest of terms.
Stood next to them silently but with a shy awkward smile on her painted lips was Benji, the blue haired bassist. Her lightly outlined eyes were wide and forgiving just like her timid grin.
“We erm just spoke to Apple,” the sole female of the rock back begins, fiddling with a lock of dyed hair, twilling it around one lightly tanned finger, “She said that you went out last night…on a date.”
“With…with that Gerard kid.”
“That you were kind of a dick to.” Ross continues, folding his arms over his chest, raising one eyebrow, an amused smirk taking shape on his pale lips.
Frank stutters, a faint blush forming on his lightly tanned face, “Yeah, so?” he shrugs, trying to appear careless but his golden eyes give him away, showing nothing but love and adoration for the younger raven haired boy.
“Frank, I really hope that you aren`t just stringing this guy along, I know that I don`t know him but I spoke to his younger brother earlier and he seems really nice.”
“B, I have no intentions of doing anything to hurt Gerard.” he pauses, “I think I love him.”
The three musician`s eyes widen dramatically, Asher`s even appear to be bulging out of his head at the shocking, entirely out of character statement from their friend.
“You`ve changed Frankie.” Benji says the words slowly; almost as though she was frightened voicing them would make them suddenly untrue. “You sound just like the happy, carefree little kid you used to be, the one who was willing to do anything for his friends.”
“Welcome back,” All three smile.
“I wouldn`t go that far,” Frank smiles his trademark, smug grin, but this time it was different, softer somehow and lopsided. The grin of a little child that had just accomplished something for the first time on his or her own.
“But thanks anyways.” Frank bites his pierced lip, “It err…well it…it means a lot.”
“So when do we get to meet Prince Charming?”
“Ha, that’s cute. You think I`m going to introduce you? No way. No fucking way!”
“Say Frank, we were going to go practice, but we realised we kind of sucked major balls without a lead singer. We were wondering if maybe, you would like to rejoin the band?”
“I`d love to, on one little condition.”
“Oh shit.”
“Benji, why`d you have to go and invite him back?”
Frank and Benji giggle while the two other boys moan and it reminded Frank of the blissful old times when the band had first started out. They had nothing but the clothes on their back, their instruments and a beat up van that had defiantly seen better days. And each other of course. Things sure had changed, but maybe not as much as they had all once thoughts at the very beginning of their trip to Camp Aftermath, and that was only a few days ago. And in those few days Frank had changed so much, he had grown so much and found someone he truly cared for.
Who knew what the rest of the summer would bring?
“Is it true you think your Gee-Bear is the cutest little mother-fucker you have ever seen, Frank?” Benji asks, ducking being Ross to be safe form Frank`s death glare.
“What?!” Frank`s eyes widen, and his voice catches in his throat in shock. Where the fuck had they heard that? “N-no of course not! I-“
“Talk in your sleep?” she sings. “Apple told us.”
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