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The Morning After

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“Y-you don`t regret…what happened?”

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Gerard was the first to wake up the next day. His mind was foggy, his eyesight blurred as his hazel orbs protested madly against the bright morning light that filtered through the darkly tinted car windows. It took the ebony haired boy a fair while to adjust to being awake again after such a deep sleep and even longer for him to remember where he was. His first reaction was that he had been kidnapped. After all it was cramped and dirty and his tangled hair clung to his previously sweat drenched skin. And his entire body ached like crazy.
Then he realised something else. Something fairly important.
He wasn`t alone in the back seat of the imaginary kidnapper`s car.
Lying next to him in a crumpled, sweaty heap was a short boy with scruffy dyed hair. With a blush Gerard realises that the sleeping boy was unclothed.
“Oh fuck,” He groans, sitting up slowly, half not wanting to wake Frank who was sleeping soundly next to him, and half not wanting to hurt his poor body further.
“How much did we drink last night?” he surveys the pile of crumpled discarded clothes littered around the car and judges that it was somewhere between far too much and an entire fucking booze store.
“Fuck,” he groans again, this time clutching his head as though hoping that would lessen the pain in it. “Frank is so going to hate me when he wakes up.” Gerard mumbles sadly, his self doubt and insecurities overcoming him once more.
He was so caught up in his insecurities that he didn’t notice Frank begin to stir next to him.
“Are you awake?”
“…Yeah, you?” Gerard mentally hit himself for his stupidity, a deep crimson blush forming on his face as he diverted his attention to the beautiful boy next to him, feeling very aware of the fact that they were both naked.
Frank giggles and some of the tense awkwardness of the situation flies out of the window.
“No, I`m talking in my sleep.” He jokes sitting up and stretching, wrapping one arm around Gerard and laying his head down on his bare chest, closing his eye again contentedly, much to the other`s happy surprise.
“Y-you don`t regret…what happened?” he hated to ask, but he felt he had to before the not knowing drove him insane or to do something stupid. Or both.
Frank`s eyes open wide and he looks away, his entire body tense. “This is the first time in my life that I can say with entire honesty that no, I do not regret what happened between us last night.”
“Oh,” Gerard mumbles, stomach currently invaded with combat boot wearing butterflies again, “I don’t know what to say other than that I don’t either.”
Frank grins like the little child he was, “then don`t say anything.” he says before diving in and shoving Gerard roughly down into a lying position and capturing his mouth in a wet, heated kiss.

“We`d better get dressed and back to the camp, before Apple send out a search party for you.”
“Nah, she won’t do that.” Frank tells him, but does as he suggested and grabs his suspiciously stained leather pants and struggled to pull them up and over his skinny little legs. “Before I left to get you she told me to have fun.” Frank winks cheekily and throws Gerard his sown jeans before clambering onto the front seat.

“I`ll see you later, at dinner, right?”
“Frank kisses the tip of his button nose and nods. “Wouldn`t miss it Sugar.”
“Do you really think Apple will understand? We kinda messed up her car.”
Frank smirks, “hey it wasn’t my fault you made a mess of yourself, now was it?”
Gerard rolls his eyes, but smiles shyly. “Fuck you.”
“Anytime, Darling,” the rocker laughs, “Anytime.”
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