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Sex, Drugs And Rock N Roll

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"Eight times out of then I don’t actually sleep with someone on the first date!"

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Frank stared up at the breathless, shirtless ebony haired teenager sprawled out and panting on the passenger seat next to him through lust glazed eyes. Gerard truly was something, more than hot, more than sexy, and so much more than just fuckable. His pink cupid’s bow lips were bruised and teased to their limit, his almost translucent pale skin flushed red all over as he blushed at the foreign intimacy and closeness. Hi hazel eyes were half shut, half open and entirely dilated with pure teenage lust and longing.
Dare he say that the younger boy was beautiful?
Gaining a sudden burst of courage, spurred on by Gerard`s desperate mewls and pants, Frank experimentally flicks the tip of his tongue over one of his hardened nipples, eliciting the most perfect, erotic sound the singer had ever heard in his twenty one years of life.
Oh fuck it. Fuck it all. Gerard was beautiful, one hundred percent, totally and completely beautiful.
“Ohhh…Frankie.” Frank grins evilly and repeats the action, this time torturing the other, licking all the way around before taking the soft flesh into his mouth and sucking eagerly.
“Shit Frank!” Gerard cursed while the other boy continues his assault, nipping, licking and sucking down his pale, lightly toned chest.
Frank giggles at just how utterly adorable Gerard looked right now squirming and moaning below him as he desperately tried to direct his much appreciated attention to where it was needed most.
“Frankie…hurries up and fuck me. Can’t take it much more-ah!” he gasps as the black and red haired front man roughly placed his calloused hand on him through his painfully restricting jeans, stroking far too slowly or Gerard`s liking through the denim.
Unable to take much more himself, Frank reluctantly gets off of Gerard and clambers into the back seat of the car, completely forgetting who it belonged too, and not even caring. Gerard quickly follows and ends up being straddled again as he tries to help Frank pull down his impossibly tight leather pants.
“Why did you wear these damn pants?!” He all but growls in the most stern, threatening voice Frank had ever heard him use, and he`d be damned if it didn’t turn him on just that little bit more.
“I didn`t exactly think you would be trying to tug them off in the back of Apple`s new car, did I?” the guitarist answers while the damned pants finally join the growing pile on the floor. “I may be known for my slutiness more so than my music, but eight times out of then I don’t actually sleep with someone on the first date! I do have morals!” He insists as he begins working on Gerard`s jeans.”
“Not many, I`ll give you that, but some!”
“Oh just shut up and get a fucking move on!” the raven nudges him in the ribs lightly with his head, which Frank quickly sizes and once again takes control of his battered lips, refusing to let go until both were gasping for breath and lightheaded.
The nerves return for a minute as both boy`s last articles of clothing hit the floor, joking the rest of their clothes and they can finally see the other fully. Gerard stares open mouthed; a deep crimson blush forming on his already flushed cheeks as he admires the Touch Of Chaos singer in the dim light, wondering why of earth Frank saw anything in him. Especially when he could have anybody he wanted. And yet for some strange, unknown reason, he wanted him.
“You`re beautiful Frankie, so fucking beautiful.” Gerard whispers into the other`s lightly tanned, love bitten neck, sucking softly at the most noticeable bruise.
“Funny,” Frank kisses his forehead, then his cheek then his lips again briefly, “I was just gonna say the same thing about you.”
They embrace each other for a few minutes, a warm comforting silence enveloping them.
“It`s going to hurt you know. And hurt bad.” Frank warns.
Gerard takes a deep breath and nods, knowing that his feelings for the other, older boy were more important t him than a little temporary pain and discomfort.
“I know,” He presses a kiss to the tip of Frank`s nose, “but I want this, I want you.” He adds in the softest, quietest whisper.
Frank nods once is about to spit on his finger, when Gerard interrupts him, “Let me.” Was all he said before wrapping his plump lips around the digit, then the second and the third, making sure to take his time and do the best job possible, knowing that it would make things a lot easier for him.
“Are you ready?” Frank asks hesitantly.
“Ready.” Gerard replies calmly as he tries his best to get his muscles to relax.

The two lovers collapse against each other exhausted a short while later, whispering sweet nothings before they let sleep take them.
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