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want you bad

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“Then fuck me.”

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“Oh fuck, Frankie,” Gerard gasped loudly as the elder boy suckled expertly on his pale, love bitten neck with his ever so talented, godly lips.
Frank reluctantly removed his bruised lips from the artists neck and chuckles as he admires his handwork of four or five different bruises dotted along the raven`s beautifully arched neck. The sudden loss of Frank`s warmth and pleasure causes Gerard to pout softly and whine, his breath coming in shallow gulps.
“W-Why did you stop?” he sticks out his abused bottom lip into a full childish pout, Frank`s lust crazed mind suddenly filled with thoughts and images of the plump soft lips placed round a very certain part of his anatomy.
Shaking the totally inappropriate thought from his mind (for now at least) Frank replies, pointing to the sea of dancers and drinkers that surrounded them. “do you remember where we are, Sugar?” he smirks playfully, the raven`s heavily dilated pupils and heavy breathing telling him the answer.
“We are still in the club, Beautiful” He leans forward with a devilish grin and whispers hotly, Gerard`s jeans tightening even more painfully, “and while the thought of me taking you here, in front of all these people, letting them know your mine does sound rather appealing,” He draws the word out, warm breath tickly the pale bruised flesh, “I didn`t really think that it would be something you would be up for on the very first date.”
“Why Frankie, that almost sounded like something a gentleman might say.” Gerard jokes, his stomach tightening and doing all kinds of flips and twists as he witnesses frank`s dazzling smirk in reply.
“See, I can be a gentleman, I just prefer not to be.” Frank bites down once on Gerard`s earlobe, eliciting a pained moan from him. “Especially around you.”
Gerard suddenly registers something, something that wasn`t Frank`s devilish smirk or his ever so talented lips.
“You think that there is going to be more than this first date?” he asks, his embarrassing blush returning after an incredibly long, passionate session of lip locking and wandering hands.
Frank studies him for a moment, his shoulder length tangle of raven, his inquisitive hazel green eyes and his hesitant smile made with bruised lips.
“Yeah,” He smiles, “I think there will be.” His face falls, “unless…you don`t?”
Gerard quickly reassures him with a soft peck on the lips, “No, I do.”
The two hastily reattached their battered lips for another round, ignoring the disgusted looks form some of the others and the excited squeals’ of all of the yaoi fan girls watching through half lidded eyes.
“Gerard, I need you.” Frank manages to speak around Gerard`s skilled tongue.
The two boys stumble out of the packed club together, lips still entertained, managing to end up falling over the cracked concrete curb twice and ending up on top of each other.
Frank holds out a lightly trembling hand for Gerard to help him up which he gladly accepts and they make their way to their borrowed ride holding hands in silence.
“Where to?” Frank asks pulling away from the raven and putting the sleek black car into drive.
“Don`t care,” was the ,muffled reply as he struggled to remove his shirt and then begin to work on Frank’s.
He raises one carefully sculpted eyebrow, narrowly avoiding going through a red light and killing someone. “Are you really that desperate to get into my pants, you little Slut?” Frank teases and Gerard lightly swats him just above his delicious derriere.
“Pull over Frankie, here!” nodding once, surprised and more than a little turned on by Gerard`s eagerness and impatience, Frank does as he was told and parks the car just off the road next to an empty unused field about ten minutes from Aftermath`s camp ground.
When the car stops and the music from the radio halts, both boys begin to feel their nerves come crashing down on them like a tidal wave. What if they messed up? What if the other didn`t enjoy it? What if they did something completely stupid and embarrassed themselves?
Seeing the others nervous look they both burst out laughing, the tension immediately gone between the two soon to be lovers.
“I erm don`t really know how this works.” Frank admits, fumbling with his jean zipper shyly. “I`ve not, well you know done this with another guy before.”
“Me either, but I know I want this. As long as you do?”
Frank bites down harshly on his lip ring, considering. Did he really want this? The twenty one year old rocker regretted most, if not all of his past…encounters. “I do. So much.”
“Then fuck me.”
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