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I wanna

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“You two want in or are ya just gonna stand there and make out?”

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The raven teen couldn`t quite believe his ears. Had Frank, as in Frank-Mother-Fucking-Iero, the stunningly gorgeous front man for world renowned rock band, A Touch Of Chaos, just said that he was falling for him? Him, as in the frightfully boring, totally average Gerard Way; the socially awkward, mediocre artist and reluctant singer?
“Ngghh…I and you….did you just say-What?” Gerard just about managed to stumble out a jumble of words that couldn`t really quite pass for a proper sentence in anyone`s books, his cheeks flaming with embarrassment at his stupidly.
“I said,” Frank took a deep breath, his cool breath blowing softly against Gerard`s agape, dry from shock, mouth, the overwhelming mix of mint and nicotine making his denim clad knees weaken and threaten to collapse from under him.
“I said,” he repeats slightly more confidently this time, seeing Gerard`s red cheeks and sudden shyness at his words, daring to hope that the midnight haired teenager could possibly feel the same way, “that I think,” Frank frowns, his carefully sculpted eyebrows knitting together, “no, I know, that I am falling for you.”
Gerard only just resisted passing out, his body and twisted, confused little mind unable to handle all of the emotions and surprise coursing through him like a tidal wave, destroying everything he had known about the elder boy, or what he had thought he had known at least.
After what felt like an eternity of awkward waiting and silence, broken only by the shuffling of shoes as they neared the entrance to the rundown, yet exceedingly popular club, Noize, Frank finally breaks the deafening quiet between the two music lovers.
“Say something,” He whispers, almost pledging with Gerard to speak, even if it was just to turn him down and laugh in his face, his hushed voice only just audible above the music coming from inside.
“What do you want me to say?”
Frank`s heart plummeted down at his words, hi worst fear realised-his disgusting feelings were sadly only one sided and now he had ruined any friendship between them.
“Anything,” Frank bites on his lower lip sadly, trying to prepare himself for the final rejection. “Say anything.”
“I feel the same of course.” Gerard mumbled softly, his hazel green gaze flickering from Frank to the littered, cracked ground and back again.
Before either boy knew what was happening their nervous, anxious lips were mere millimetres apart, so close they could taste each other, and they both wanted more.
“You two want in or are ya just gonna stand there and make out?” A gruff voice questions, coming from the mountain of a bouncer echoing to the starry night, bringing Frank and Gerard back to reality with a thud.
They break jump away from each other as though they had been electrocuted, faces flushed, and angry scowl on Frank`s face.
“Do you mind? Couldn`t you see we were a little busy?!”
The tall, well built guy just shrugs, “I`m only tryin` to do my job, money don`t grow on trees kiddo. So do you want in or not? It not keep it moving as yer` holdin` the line up.”
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” Frank rolls his heavily made up eyes, “Here`s a fifty, keep the change.” And without another word or glance at the shocked bouncer, who had just realised who he was, or at the long queue of people waiting to gain entrance, Frank grabs hold of Gerard’s shaking hand and drags him into the dimly lit club.
Noize was packed full to the brim with people of all ages and style; up by the back wall a small intimate group of black clad teens stood smoking a suspicious looking cigarette, and by the right, next to the cluttered bar was about half a dozen eighties rockers, complete with tight, far too constricting pants that left nothing to the imagination and a whole twenty cans of extra hold hairspray between them. Celebrity Skin by Hole was blasting out of the middle of the range speaker system, and large bodies of people were in the centre of the room dancing, all pressed up against each other and sweating.
“You wanna dance?”
“Nah,” Gerard says, looking around in awe. He had never been to a club before, he wasn`t the partying type, nor did he have any friends to go with. “I`m not much of a dancer. I have two left feet.”
Frank pouts childishly, but Gerard was determined not to give in, no matter how cute and jumpable he looked like that. His mind was soon altered however, after his second (or was it his fourth?) Glass of a strange looking blue liquid and within an hour of arriving he found himself crushed against Frank, who was dancing madly, sweat pouring down him. He was practically dry humping the raven (who was most certainly not complaining) and looking incredibly sexy as he did so.
“I haven`t had this much fun since I went on bender with Billie Joe and that guy from Panic! At The Disco.”Frank tells Gerard, his words beginning to slut together as he had already downed far more than anyone else in the club.
“You mean Brendon?” Gerard questioned, more than a little impressed.
Frank nods, “Yeah him, he was good fun. Think he wanted to fuck me actually, he kept hitting on me.”
“Brendon Urie, as in The Brendon Urie, hit on you?!” Fuck, Gerard was just a little jealous and more than just a little impressed. The guy was hot, not as hot as Frank obviously, but still.
“Turned him down though, I don`t like guys. `Cept from you of course.” He winks flirtatiously and grinds the two`s hips together, making Gerard moan softly at the delicious friction, anxiety and anticipation rising from the pit of his stomach and what was more than likely to happen when they left the club.
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