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Falling for you

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“I mean the whole jerk rock star falling for a regular kid who makes him mend his ways. It`s like something out of a shitty tween movie or something.”

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For the first time in his drug, sex and alcohol fuelled twenty one years, Frank-Mother-Fucking-Iero was deathly afraid and feeling painfully shy. The black and red haired guitarist had never felt this way before, never. Sure, he had been out with plenty people before (all girls mind you) but he had never really let anything for them. Other than the need to seduce them, fuck them and then chuck them the very next day. Frank just didn`t get it; how could one, albeit beautiful raven haired teenager with a breathtaking voice so quickly and easily break through his cold, cocky exterior and find the real Frank Iero within. The Frank that was truly ashamed of what he had become, the one that still longed to be that happy excitable six year old boy with a deep love for music and nothing else.
“So erm how are we going to get to this place then?” Gerard questions in his melodic voice, making Frank`s knees practically melt into goo. “Do you have a car or is the a bus or-“
“Apple said that I could borrow her car.”
“Oh.” He replies, feeling even more awkward as biker boot wearing butterflies armed with pink feather boas attack his insides. “That was nice of her.” Gerard really didn`t know what to say. He had never been on a date before, not with a girl or a guy, so he was unsure of what to say, do and how to act. And this wasn`t just any random guy stood next to him looking so utterly jumpable in skin tight leather; it was Frank Iero, the world famous rock star that girls and guys drooled over worldwide.
“Mmm…”Frank mumbles, running a visibly trembling hand through his carefully styled, recently dyed hair.
The two music enthusiasts’ trudge through the campsite, both feeling as awkward as the other, too afraid to say much more than a one worded sentence, for fear that their nervous stomachs would actually jump right out of their mouths, damned butterflies and all. they stay silent as Frank unlocks Apple`s car, a speak black jaguar with customised registration plates reading “RockNRo11”. The drive was awkward, Iron Maiden blasting from the stereo, Gerard occasionally asking trivial things about life on the road and Frank reply with a shy smile and mutter something about it being exhausting but well worth it.

“Welcome to Rockingham, please drive carefully.” Frank reads aloud as the black beast cruises slowly past the worn sign with the faded white bold lettering. “Apple said Noize was just off the main road, said we`d know it when we seen it.”
“Noize,” Gerard chuckles dryly, “How cliché.”
The elder boy snorts, “How appropriate then, don`t you think?”Frank said as he parked illegally on a double yellow, the back wheels half on the cracked curb, the front bumper sticking out dangerously.
“Appropriate?” the raven asks, his dark eyebrows furrowing as he tries to understand his dates`-he gulps-words.
“Well yeah,” The rocker blushes, but it is undetectable to Gerard thankfully, under the bright neon strobe lights that lit the outside of the shabby rundown club. Noize certainly was the right name for the place, they hadn`t even been allowed in past the frightening mountain that doubled as a bouncer yet and the two could hear the pounding drums and the frenzied guitar solos.
“Well this, I mean us- the whole situation.” Frank stutters out, his handsome, lightly tanned face noticeably reddening now.
“Us?” Gerard was stunned, almost speechless. Frank thought there was an us?
“I mean the whole jerk rock star falling for a regular kid who makes him mend his ways. It`s like something out of a shitty tween movie or something.”
Feeling Gerard`s intense hazel green, dazed stare burning holes into his far too tight, constricting leather pants, Frank clasps his hands over his big mouth, only just realising what he had shamefully and embarrassingly let slip.
“Us? Falling for a regular kid…how appropriate? What are you…” Gerard raises one eyebrow, his green irises widening in pure shock. “Y-You`re falling for me?” he was stunned, he didn`t know what to do. He wasn`t sure if he should laugh, grin, cry or jump Frank right there and then.
“Y-yeah.” Frank admits softly, all traces of his once constant cocky confidence long evaporated. “I think I am.”
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