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Pick You Up On Our Very First Date

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“So where are we going?”

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“But I thought you didn`t like Frank though?” the raven haired teenager glares at his annoying, sorry excuse for a younger brother, wishing that either the ground would swallow him up, or that he could just literally eat his god damn words.
“At least,” Mikey grins smugly, his hazel eyes lighting up with mischief, “that`s what you told me and the others.”
Gerard groans, mentally cursing his moronic parents for not using protection nine months before his brother was (sadly and to Gerard`s horror) brought into this world with the sole purpose of irritating him and poking his nose in where it wasn`t fucking wanted.
“I knew that you liked him.” the lanky bassist says matter of factly as he calmly continues with his cartoon stickman band, colouring the female singer`s hair a vivid orange.
“Oh fuck of Mikes, I`m trying to concentrate on my amazing artwork.”
The youngest brother scoffs and casually leans over to get a better look at ever so carefully shaded black and white portrait of a smirking boy with deep, emotion filled eyes that captured you in their intense gaze, and a tangle of dark, immaculately styled hair.
“Oh boy.” Mikey shakes his head, an amused smile beginning to lift the corners of his pale pink lips as he looks at Gerard`s damn near perfect sketch of the talented young (and not to mention gorgeous) front man from A Touch Of Chaos.
“You`ve got it so fucking bad, Gee.”
“Huh?” Gerard blinks once, and slowly lifts his gaze from the lightly tanned, calloused hand he was currently drawing to look at Mikey.
“You are drawing Frank, the guy you supposedly don`t like who you weirdly have a date with tonight.”
He ignores the statement and returns his attention to perfecting the shading on Frank`s left hand, which was clutching the rough outline of a guitar, the one that he had seen him with earlier that day.
The rest of the art lesson past by quickly, Mikey and some of Gerard`s cabin mates occasionally asking him a few questions, some highly inappropriate and somewhat amusing for them, and one or two incredibly dirty ones that made Gerard`s cheeks flame.

“Aren`t you going to come and have dinner with us Gerard?” Linnea asks, as the other girls stop just by the Misfits cabin door waiting or their artistic friend`s answer.
Gerard considers it briefly but shakes his head. “I`m not hungry.”
It was partially true; he was so nervous about his date with Frank that his stomach was too churned up and knotted to eat. And besides, he still hadn`t chosen an outfit yet and his raven, shoulder length hair was even worse than normal, not lying flat and sticking out in every direction possible. he felt like such a girl, but Frank always looked stunning, even worth puffy red teary eyes and Gerard wanted to at least look almost halfway presentable.
“Sure, sure.” Skylar butts in, her eyes gleaming with gleeful trouble. “Not hungry. Too anxious to get to your date with Frank more like.”
He blushes and shies away behind his hair.
“N-no I just.” He sighs, “My stomachs too churned up to eat, alright? I`m nervous, so fucking sue me.”Gerard mumbles and his friends smile reassuringly.
“It`ll be fine, don`t worry.” Aqua tells him kindly.
“Yeah, and if it doesn`t well who cares?”
“Linnea is right,” Aven continues, “There`s plenty more fish in the sea.”
“I know I just…” He tail off, not knowing how or even why the black and red haired singer had suddenly became to mean so much to him.
Frank could be cocky, and ignorant. Gerard knew that. He was rude and far too used to getting his own way just because he was famous. Frank drank too much, way, way too much and he was an addict. while Gerard hadn`t seen him doing drugs with his own eyes, he knew that it was true; it was plastered all over the tabloids and Frank had even admitted it several times with a painfully happy expression on his face. How could anyway halfway sane want anything to do with him?
And yet he had this…this thing about him that made it hard not to love him, to want to spend time with him even though he was almost certain to do or say something that would piss you off and make you regret it. Frank could be kind, as Gerard had found out earlier when he had praised his song and vocals, he was funny and a cool person to be around, even if his ideas could sometimes be stupid and make you end up falling in a cold lake and getting soaked.
And he was broken, so incredibly, tragically and beautifully broken.
It physically hurt Gerard to remember the way Frank had been when he had found him in the bathrooms, his pain filled, chocolate eyes would haunt him forever. If he closed his eyes he could still see them, the perfect and yet broken mask of happiness and the ideal life of fame ruined.
How could you not want anything to do with him?
Anyone could see that it was all jut an act, the real Frank Iero was there, crying and wounded, begging for release and savour form a tainted, money filled, drug destroying world.

“Hey Gee.” A very familiar, handsome guitarist enters the cabin, pulling Gerard from his confusing, contradicting thoughts and back into reality.
“Are you ready?”
Biting his lip shyly Gerard shakes his head. “Erm one minute?”
“You forgot didn`t you?” Frank mumbles disappointedly.
“No! I just got sidetracked, let me change my clothes and I`m ready.”
Gerard frantically throws on the first clean shirt he can find and pairs it with a far too tight it almost hurt pair of jeans that displayed his legs perfectly and hastily swiped black kohl around his eyes and brushed his hair, knowing that it was a lost cause, hoping that the midnight tangle could pass for stylishly messy.
When he returns to the main room in the cabin, emerging from the bathroom where he had changed, Gerard found Frank sitting anxiously on the sofa, biting his short, black nails absentmindedly. Deciding to be brave he sits next to the other boy, denim clad thighs brushing dangerously.
“So where are we going?” Gerard says in what he hopes sounds something like a sexy whisper, knowing all too well that it was more of a shy mumble.
Frank gulps, removing his left middle and index finger from his moth, some of the black paint chipping off. “Well Apple told me about this place in the nearest town, she said it was pretty popular and had some good unsigned bands playing there too. Is that okay? Or if you don`t want to then erm-“
“Frankie, relax.” Gerard pats him once on the arm reassuring, sending tingles up and down both boys arms.
“Lets go.”
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