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First Date

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“But I thought you didn`t Frank though?”

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“Err…Alright everyone!” The black and red haired rock star claps his slightly trembling from shock, tattooed hands together, only just managing to keep his jaw from dropping at the aftermath of the raven hired, gothic teenager`s performance.
The entire room of excitable, stunned camper regretfully tear their wide eyes away from Gerard, who was still stood on the small stage, one foot positioned behind the other, both jean clad legs shaking madly as he nibbled on his pale pink lower lip. He was terrified and it clearly showed. What had he been thinking, letting Frank talk him into performing one of his own, badly written songs? He had just embarrassed himself further front of everyone, in front of Frank.
“That is all for today, well done everyone.” Frank praises and a few of the young vocalists groan, mumbling something about how it couldn`t have been a whole hour already and leave, collecting their belongings from under their seats.
Gerard clambers down from the stage, managing to embarrass himself even further by tripping over his ratty old converse laces and falls flat on his face as he neared the second last step.
His abnormally pale face reddens as he hears a childish giggle sound from somewhere in front of him. “You alright there, Tumbles?” a heavily tattooed arm reaches out and carefully takes hold of him and helps him to his feet. Gerard blushes deeper as he realises who the well toned, graffiti covered arm belonged to.
“That song was amazing, you know.”
Gerard shakes his head sadly, averting his black rimmed hazel eyes and walks past the shorter boy, staring bitterly down at the gum covered floor.
“You`re just saying that.” He mumbles tiredly as he picks up his Misfits back and slings it carelessly over one shoulder.
“Why do you think that?” frank narrows his eyes, titling his head to one side as he tried to read the other boy`s expression.
“Cause it was shit. Shit song, Shitty lyrics and an even shittier singer.”
“That is so far from the truth it isn`t even funny, Gerard.”
He shakes his head for what felt like the millionth time in the space of five minutes. “Why are you trying to be nice to me? We both know it was the worst performance. Everybody just sat there, hands clasped over their mouths shocked.”
Frank grins, finding it cute how Gerard couldn`t see how absolutely wonderful and talented he really was. And a little irritating.
“They were sitting like that because they were so shocked at how fucking amazing you were.” Seeing he was about to be interrupted by Gerard`s foolish doubts, he quickly presses his left hand over his mouth, cutting him off and continues. “Trust me; they fucking were amazed by it.”
Gerard pulls away from the older boy, his lips tingling not entirely unpleasantly from where Frank`s warm, gentle hand had been moments before.
“You’re just saying that to be nice to me.”
Frank burnt out laughing, stinging hot tears actually forming in his deep chocolate eyes, threatening to stain his perfect, childlike face.
“Think about it Gee. Why would I be trying to be nice by lying to you? I`m only ever nice to people when either A: I really fucking mean it or B: when I want to get in their pants.”
Gear blinks his spookily outlined hazel orbs once.
Frank giggled almost awkwardly, wishing he hadn`t just said that. “And I mean like clearly I don`t want to like get in your pants-Not that I don`t think that your-But because I`m not and-“
“Frankie.” Gerard smiles, rolling his eye with amusement. “It`s fine, I get it.” his smile faltering ever so slightly for half a second before widening into a full blown, joyous grin. “And thanks.”
It was Frank’s turn to blink. “For what?” The talented twenty one year old front man asks confusion lacing his voice.
“For saying that my song wasn`t all that bad. At least not as terrible as I felt it was.”
“No problem, Gee.” The unexpected nickname comes out of nowhere, but the ebony haired, vampire like teen doesn`t mind in the slightest.
“So erm I have to g to my guitar lesson but I was just wondering, if you wanted to, then maybe we could go do something later tonight, after dinner?”
Gerard`s eyes widen with shock and surprise but despite his irritating, twisted little brain cells screaming at him loudly not to, he finds himself agreeing, even adding in a soft whisper that he would “really like that,”.
“Well that’s great!” Frank grin s like a mad man, hoping against hope that it wouldn’t scare the beautiful, shy, self doubting artist away. “So I`ll see you later!”
He rushes away carrying his beloved Pansy in her shiny case behind him, leaving Gerard behind in the vocal classroom with a shy, confused half smile on his face.
“You`re in a good mood.” Mikey notes as he takes a empty seat next to his older brother as they await the teacher`s instructions.
“I`m alright I suppose.” Gerard replies, his mind not all there, in fact it was far, far away, miles away in fact, cuddled up on a fluffy pink cloud with a certain chocolate eyed singer and guitarist.
“You suppose?” the lanky, brown haired boy questions suspiciously, rubbing one bony pale wrist thoughtfully.
“You got a girlfriend or something?” he asks slyly.
“No!” Gerard hisses, unable to keep the slight hint of disgust form his hushed voice. “Nothing like that.”
“Ah right, I forgot. So have you got a boyfriend?”
Rolling his eyes at Mikey`s immaturity Gerard whispers, “Keep your fucking vice down, alright?” which causes his eyes to widen dramatically.
“You do?!
Gerard nods, barley lowering his head, knowing that this would be the only way to get the irritating, unicorn believing teenager to shut up s he could ge on with his drawings.

“Who? Is it Frank?”
Taking his silence as a positive answer, Mikey`s jaw drops open. “No, never!” he finally manages to regain control f his jaw and his thin, pale lips curve upwards to form a cheeky smirk.
“But I thought you didn`t Frank though?” he grins. “At least that`s what you told me.”
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