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Make you mine

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Frank was determined to make the amazingly talented, kind hearted and beautiful boy his.

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“And where have you been Frank?” The young, incredibly talented rock star is greeted by a calm figure, dressed exclusively in black when he arrives back at the cabin, gently shutting the wooden door as opposed to slamming it. He wore a huge, genuinely happy smile on his handsome face, one that his elder dark haired, Godfather loving cousin, Apollonia mirrored on her pale, carefully made up one.
“Huh? Oh…just down at the lake.” He mumbles, shrugging off his jacket and replacing it with a more lightweight, stylish red and black striped hoodie with devils horns on the ragged hood and a glittering silver skull on the zipper.
“You are aware that you have a lesson in ten minutes?” She reminds him sternly, not meaning to be such a killjoy, but the sapphire eyed woman really was truly concerned for Frank, he had always been her favourite cousins, and his parents had been exceptionally good to her.
The guitarists nods once, “Yeah I didn`t forget. And I have guitar class at three as well, don`t I?” he asks, strolling happily into his cluttered room to retrieve one of his most treasured possessions, his snowy white Les Paul that Apollonia had gotten him many years ago; his beloved Pansy.
“Well yes, you do.” Apple is stunned by his eager words; she had been expecting another huge, diva tantrum from her troublesome, yet somehow still lovable cousin. The music loving girl was even more surprised by Frank`s apparent willingness to teach the classes, he had never kept his thoughts top himself about how much he didn`t want to waste his time at Aftermath.
“So I`m gonna go and get set up in the vocal class, okay?”
Apple nods slowly, her black rimmed eyes narrowed in confusion as she tried to figure out what had caused Frank`s sudden change of heart.
“Alright class!” Frank claps his calloused hands together sharply, directing the surprised, inquisitive eyes of all of the campers in the room onto his small, slender figure.
“So this is our second lesson and today I thought that we could have a listen to some of your own performances of a song that means something to you, one you can relate to.” the black and red haired twenty one year old explains to the bemused room of talented young singers, while picking up a plain black folder containing the names of all the singers in the room.
“It can be any song you like, but it must mean something to you, I don`t want to hear a shitty cover of an already shitty song that has absolutely no meaning to you whatsoever I want to feel the emotion behind the lyrics, alright?”
The hopeful singers all nod, still confused as to why Frank was standing there in front of them when yesterday he had insisted that him coaching them was a one off and that he would soon be out of here.
“Right, so when I call your name from this sheet of paper,” Frank holds up the black folder, “I want you to get to your feet and come to the front of the room and on that stage over there. Introduce yourself and your song, and us.”
Everyone nods once more and calmly and silently await their next instruction.
“You will have fifteen minutes to warm up your vocal chords and chose a song and then we will begin.”
As the youngsters were busy warming up their young, untrained but pleasant voices, Frank wanders around the spacious, brightly lit poster covered room, offering help and answering any questions anyone had. He offered tips and advice when he needed, smiling happily to himself as it suddenly dawned on him that he was actually enjoying himself.
“Hey erm, Frankie.” Gerard calls to the grinning front man, whose grin widens dramatically when he spots the raven haired teen and he saunters over, sashaying his little hips in a fashion that may have been described as flirtatious.
“Yeah Sugar?” Gerard feels his p usually abnormally pale cheeks blaze a deep pink while he ducks behind his tangled, windswept curtain of black.
“I was wondering if I could have your opinion on a song choice. I can`t chose between two.”
“What are they?” Frank asks and leans closer to the younger boy, flopping down next to him on a plastic seat that a blue haired girl had abandoned.
“Well the first is by Queen and the second is-“
“Ya know, I was really hoping that you might sing one of you own songs. Earlier in the boat you said you wrote.”
Gerard blushes again, a bad habit of his around the stunningly attractive, terribly, tragically broken rocker.
“But I told you, they aren`t any good besides-“
He is stunned when he feels a cool, calloused finger press against his mouth, halting his self doubting speech. Frank looks up at him with pleading chocolate eyes and before he knows what he is doing, Gerard feels himself nodding.
“Alright.” He mumbles softly, his entire face burning under Frank`s intense, hopeful gaze. “I`ll do one of my own. But be warned, they ain`t any good.”
The elder boy laughs and rolls his eyes. “I bet they are.”
“Alright then, times up. “ Frank calls on the first camper to perform, and then the second then another and another. Soon he calls on the person he had been excited about seeing again since he had left him earlier by the lake. It was his performance he had been looking forward to the most.
“Gerard Way please go to the stage and perform your chosen piece.”
“Err okay.” The raven haired, Misfits loving teen stumbles shakily up the handful of wooden steps up onto the medium sized stage, his entire body trembling at the thought of not only having to perform in front of so many people but having to sing one of his own songs.
Gerard`s throat was dry, he was visibly shaking but when he saw Frank`s encouraging smile and thumbs up, something inside of his just clicked. He wanted to do this, he wanted to show everyone what he could do, he was sick of living in the shadows, as silent and safe feeling as they were. He wanted to live dangerously, ve reckless and just live. He was tired of being ignored, not noticed. Well he would make them notice.
“Long ago
Just like the hearse you die to get in again
We are so far from you…”
Everyone sat there stunted, hands clasped over their mouths. They had never heard such a raw, emotion filled song before. Frank in particular was stunned, not that he had been expecting Gerard to do badly of course, he just hadn`t been expecting something so amazing and raw with genuine emption and power to come from his innocent looking body.
It was right then, at that very moment that Frank vowed to have him, despite the fact that he wasn`t even gay (or so he had always thought), and that Gerard would never go for someone like him, Frank was determined to make the amazingly talented, kind hearted and beautiful boy his.
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