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match maker

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“We have to get those two boys together.”

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The small, talented group of young campers stared with shock in their shock widened eyes over at the scene taking place just across the lake. The gothic, raven haired artist and the arrogant, heavily tattooed singer were still bounding about in the refreshingly cool water, splashing each other and squealing childishly as they chased the other around in the shallow, crystal clear water near the bank.
“What did I tell you guys?” The light brown haired boy says smugly, crossing his thin, pale arms across his even skinnier chest proudly.
The four girls with him tore their stunned gaze away from the two boys, who were clearly happily unaware of their presence to face the youngest Way brother. Mikey was stood tall and proud in the centre of the small group, his head held high as he watched his brother and the troubled rocker with humour and knowing in hazel eyes.
“I told you that Gerard like Frank when we were at the party, but no. None of you believed me, did you?” his already wide grin widens further, forming a full blown, pale pink smirk.
“I just can`t get my head around it.” the always outgoing, brown eyed, black haired, Skylar says, shaking her head slowly in disbelief as she returns her attention to Gerard and Frank, a very doubting look on her pretty face. “Frank was a total dick towards everyone, especially Gerard.”
“I know what you mean.” Aqua mumbles, the talented golden eyed dancer fiddling sharing the black haired girl`s obvious doubt.
Linnea and Aven stay quiet and look at Mikey, who had a determined look on his angled, pale face. The bassist would get the girls to believe him, even if it killed him.
“Look at them.” Skylar carries on, the beginnings of a frown forming on her face.
“Exactly!” Mikey cries, flailing his long slender arms around madly, making the four campers take a few steps back from him. “Look at them, they look so happy together.”
Aven finally speaks slowly, titling her head to one side as she took in the admittedly odd, highly unexpected sight, her shoulder length hair falling across her blue grey eyes.
“They do look pretty happy over there.” She admits softly, everyone turning to look at her. “I`ve don`t think I`ve ever seen Gerard smiling so much or laugh like that.”
Linnea nods, nibbling uneasily on her bottom lip. “They do seem pretty friendly.”
“I told you so bitches.” Mikey jokes and the four girls take turns to kick in gently in the shins.
“Not to be a killjoy or anything, but I don`t think we can trust Frank. I mean he has a reputation for fucking people up, I just don`t want to see Gerard get hurt.”
The others sigh, unable to really disagree with the black haired girl. In the short time they had known the artist, they had grown rather fond of Gerard, they would hate for him t be left broken hearted, another one of Frank`s victims.
“We had better go.” Aqua says suddenly, breaking the awkward, near deafening quiet that had fallen. “I think that they might be coming this way.”
Grabbing their bags and any other things they had with them, the five talented, music loving teenager’s race away from the view of the two boys and rush back to the main camp.
“How do we make sure that Gerard won`t get hurt?”
The three girls shrug at Aven`s question, Mikey had left for a bass lesson half an hour after returning to the main section of the camp.
“Maybe we should just calm down a second, I mean we don`t even know if Gerard likes Frank, he might have just been being kind.”
Skylar scoffs rudely at Aqua`s words, rolling her eyes. “And maybe I`m secretly the fucking president.” She jokes. “It looked a little bit more than just plain kindness and friendship from where I was standing, what about you, Nay?”
Linnea nods shyly, “I think they like each other, and I am normally pretty good at that sort of thing.”
“Being gay yourself, you mean?” the others tease her, and a short pillow fight begins, but is quickly halted by flame haired girl.
“No, well, no. I can just usually tell. Gerard was laughing so much, and grinning madly. And Frank just, I don`t know he looked kind of hopeful and…happy. I`ve never seen him look happy, not in photo shoots, concerts or anywhere.”
“Especially not here at Aftermath.” Aqua adds in. “Everybody knows how much Frank hates being here, I`ve never seen him smile since he got here, at least not a genuine looking one.”
“And that my friends,” Aven said, “Was a pretty genuine looking smile.”
They all nod and agree.
“Then it’s settled.” Skylar announces sharply. “We have to get those two boys together.”
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