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I told you so, I told you so

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“What did I tell you?”

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“I will never give up on you Frankie. Never.” Gerard`s words echo over and over again in the elder boy`s twisted mind, the intense, almost loving way he looked at him sending small shivers of something which may have possibly resembled true happiness up and down his small spine. It had been so agonisingly long since somebody; anybody had made such a deep, meaningful promise to the twenty one year old, deeply troubled rocker. So long that Frank really couldn`t remember it clearly. It might have been when he was thirteen when he had his first girlfriend, Jamia who had after one week of dating had cheated with an older boy. Or maybe it was his cousin, Apollonia who had last made the most sincere sounding, almost believable sounding promise to Frank, the last time he had seen her before A touch Of Chaos made it big.
It had been even longer since he had believed their promises.
But there was just something about this raven haired, milky white skinned teenager that captivated Frank, made him almost want to believe Gerard`s words.
“You don`t believe me, do you?” Gerard asks sadly, a small frown appearing on his slightly parted lips.
Frank sighs and shakes his head, tendrils of dyed hair falling forwards into his handsome young face. “Nobody ever means what they say; they always end up going back on their word. Besides, I don`t deserve your promises.”
Ignoring Frank`s last bitter, entirely untrue (in Gerard`s mind at least) comment, the music loving boy leans even closer and tucks a few strand of silky hair out of Frank`s way, placing it behind one pierced ear.
“I do mean it, truly I do.”
Frank shakes his head again, a sinking feeling in his gut.
“I guess I`ll just have to prove it to you then, wont I?”
Frank shrugs and picks up his discarded oar and begins rowing again, the small, cramped wooden boat awkwardly silent, the joyful laughter and happy conversations of earlier seeming to be nothing but a distant memory.
“We`d better head back. I have a class to teach and my band mats and Apple will go batshit crazy if I don`t show.”
Gerard allows himself a small smile at this and begins to help the crazy haired rock star manoeuvre the canoe, wishing desperately that he would be able to see him again at some point that day. iIt was strange, that even before when Frank had been driving him absolutely mad with rage, the raven haired teen had still hoped that he would run into him, if only for a second. It scared Gerard, it terrified him.
“Will you be in the vocal class today?” Frank unexpectedly asks, surprising even himself as the near the edge of the shimmering lake.
Gerard bites his bottom lip and nods, a faint pink blush forming as Frank ruffles his tangle hair, nearly managing to tip the unsteady boat.
He was confused by the rocker`s ever changing moods. One minute he was happy, the next distant and moody, then arrogant then back to happy…it was so strange and yet Gerard found himself captivated and intrigued by it. And even more captivated by the wild front man himself.
The two are a few metres from the shore now, neither wanting to leave the other`s company, unsure as to why this was.
“Gerard?” Frank begins almost shyly, ducking his head to hide his eyes from Gerard deep hazel green, seemingly all knowing ones.
“I- Thanks. Ya know, for listening and stuff. It helped.” he leans in, a strange glint in his stunning chocolate eyes, a blush on his cheeks.
“It was…nice not be on my own for once.” Frank admits softly, surprising Gerard greatly. What did he mean, alone?
“I might be surrounded by people, but I always feel so alone.” He smiles, leaning even closer as to whisper in Gerard ear. “I didn`t today.”
And before either knows what they were doing, suddenly, somehow their lips were millimetres apart and growing closer. They could almost taste the other’s nervous lips, they were so close.
So close…so close until….
The unstable canoe tips with the sudden movement in the boat, tipping the two startle, embarrassed boys into the icy cold lake water, soaking them from head to toe.
They stare intensely at each other for a minute, faces f=redder than a tomato before bursting out laughing and splashing each other with the lake water, squealing happily and chasing each other like hyper little children.
From across on the other side if the lake, a tall, skinny light brown haired boy turns to a small group of girls and grins. “What did I tell you?”
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