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Tell me I`m a wreck

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“Watch it you little midget!” Gerard cried through laughter, as his red and black haired canoe mate nearly ended up tipping the scarily unsteady boat once again and landing them in the icy cool, almost see through lake water.
“It ain`t my fault the canoe won`t go the way I want it to.” Frank insists, reaching one thin, heavily tattooed arm into the water and splashing it into the raven haired teen`s face, earning him an entirely unconvincing death glare.
“Oy!” He cries and flips the immature rocker off with one hand, before beginning to row again, the rented canoe that had recently come to a stop slowly begin to spin round again as opposed to smoothly travelling forward across the sparkling lake.
It was lovely being in the centre of the gorgeous green blue lake, just relaxing in the cool summer breeze, watching the world go by slowly. Lazily water birds swan across the pleasently cool water that was shimmering under the sun`s warm, golden rays, making a much easier job of it than the two giggling boys were.
“So did you enjoy the party last night?” Frank asks, simply trying to make polite conversation, unsure of what to really say, just knowing that he wanted to hear the other`s melodic, captivating voice again.
“Not really.” Gerard admits, for once not feeling awkward or odd for not enjoying the usual thins other people his age did. “I don`t like large crowds of people. I also didn`t like it when I saw y-“ he cuts off, a faint blush on his ghostly white skin.
“What?” Frank questions, intrigued by the blushing boy, leaning forward ever so slightly.
Gerard blushes and mumbles his answer, “I didn`t like seeing you poring all that toxic drink down your throat when it was clearly harming you.”
“Oh.” Frank was more than a little bit taken aback. Why should that bother Gerard? A teenager whose life had nothing to do with his own, someone who had been treated terribly by the troubled, confused young rocker ever since they had first locked eyes. Frank understood why his band mates, Ross, Benji and Asher had a severe problem with his out of control drinking habits, it was affecting the band, but why did Gerard care?
“Did you enjoy the party?” Gerard changes the subject, taking attention away from himself, hoping desperately that Frank wouldn`t notice and just leave it.
“To be honest with you I can`t actually remember most of it.” the still lightly hung-over rock star admits softly, feeling more ashamed of himself than he had in a long while. Over the years he had become exceptionally talented at blocking out unwanted emotions, like shame, fear and love.
“Oh,” Gerard mumbles uncomfortably, unsure what to say to this painful to the ears statement Frank had just made.
“So erm what brings you to Aftermath?” He begins, breaking the awkward silence that had enveloped the small, cramped canoe. “I told you my story, now tell me yours.”
Frank sighs and shakes his head, hair falling everywhere as he nibbled on his pierced lower lip nervously. “My band mates finally got sick of my bullshit attitude and forced me to come here to clean up my act. Apollonia, who runs this place, is a family member and they thought she might be able to help me straighten out a bit.” He sighs once more, running badly shaking hands through his windswept hair.
“But I can`t. I try and try but I just can`t stop myself from myself destructing ways. Do you really think that I actually want to be like this?” He asks, almost half hoping for an answer from Gerard, but instead he received only shocked, empathetic silence.
“I`m a mess,” Frank whispers brokenly, “And I`m all I have to blame.”
Shaking his head determinedly, Gerard puts his oar down and puts his free hand on top of the rockers jean clad thigh in a reassuring, gentle and concerned touch that made both boy`s cheeks burn a light shade of pink.
“We are all a mess, Frankie.” He continues, not even sure where the unexpected nickname had came from, noticing how easily it had just slipped out, “but things get better, alright?” he leans in, so close that his nose and Frank`s were almost brushing against the other`s.
“I promise.”
Frank stares up at him, clear disbelief in his carefully made up eyes.
Gerard nods and squeezes his trembling hand. “I promise. I am going to do anything I can to help you to help yourself.
Frank mouths his wordless, awed thanks and hands Gerard back his discarded oar.
“I will not give up on you, Frankie.” Gerard promises, “Never.”
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