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Let`s just start this falling in love thing

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Frank`s corrupted, dirty minded little brain cells moaned.

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The two boys leave the empty bathroom together, Frank feeling more than a little self conscious as he rubs gingerly at his tearstained eyes every so often. The camp appeared deserted at first glance; the only signs of life were lights in the cabin like buildings and the loud sounds of joyous laughter and even louder rock music that shock the classroom walls.
“So erm what do you want to eat?” Gerard asked Frank shyly, breaking the slightly awkward silence as they came to a stop outside of the cafeteria.
The elder shrugs and surprisingly shies away behind his scruffy dyed fringe. “Whatever. Just no meat.”
Gerard smiles. Frank was a vegetarian, obviously caring about wildlife and nature. “I tried going veggie once.” He tells the chocolate eyed boy as they enter the oddly empty lunch hall.
He bites his lower lip, trying to hold back a sheepish grin. “It lasted about three hours, until lunch.”
Frank laughs briefly at this statement, his raven haired, new found friend marvelling at the way his entire face lit up as he did so. The rock star looked so much younger when he smiled, less tired and bitterly smug. The emptiness in his deep chocolate orbs vanished ever so slightly, replaced by a shining glow that had long since been extinguished in the twenty one year olds eyes.
They wander over to the long, narrow counter and order large pizza to share with all the toppings, bar from ham or any other meat and with small smiles on their young faces leave again, ignoring the large dining tables.
The warm summer air and golden sunlight greats them once more as they gently shut the cafeteria door and slowly wander through the main part of the camp and towards the glittering, cool lake that was in the middle of lush green fields, one of which was used as Camp Aftermath`s parking area.
Frank was the first to sit down, right by the water`s edge. After checking that it was alright to sit so close, Gerard flops down beside him, their jean clad thighs just barely brushing against one another.
“So what is your talent anyway?” Frank questions in between large mouthfuls of deliciously warm, cheesy pizza.
Nothing much, Gerard thinks to himself, doubting his amazing talents as always. He was incredibly talented, yet had so little self confidence it was almost ridiculous. “I like drawing, “He admits softly, liking up his first slice of pizza and nibbling on the crust. “But I wouldn`t say I’m any good.” The artist`s pale cheeks redden under Frank`s intense chocolate gaze.
“And singing?” Frank remembers cruelly teasing him in the vocal classroom before, a huge wave of guilt and shame washing over him.
“I like singing, I even have written a few shitty lyrics now and then, but I am not very good. Besides,” Gerard ads on, “I get so nervous in front of other people when I sing, I even get all shy and worried whenever someone sees some of my drawings.”
“Cute.” Frank mumbles quietly under his breath, imagining just how sweet a nervous Gerard would be. Would he duck behind his raven hair, stare down at the ground and avert his black rimmed eyes?
Speaking of his eyes, they really were incredible, the most perfect, gorgeous shade of greenish hazel, framed perfectly with just the right amount of dark eyeliner, partially hidden behind a soft tangle of jet black. And his hair, Frank was just dying to reach out one tentative finger and touch it, just to see if it was as soft and temptingly touchable as it appeared. He bet it was.
“Hey, Frank?”
“Mmm?” The young, troubled rocker tears his eyes away from the raven`s captivating beauty and over to where he was pointing with one slender, pale white arm.
“I think there is a place just down there where you can rent a boat, like a canoe or something and go on the water. Do you maybe want to it with me?”
Frank`s corrupted, dirty minded little brain cells moaned. Ohhhh….yes I want to do it with you….
He quickly shakes his head, snapping out of it. “Yeah, sounds fun. I’ve never been in a canoe before. It should be fun.”
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