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You could be the one that saves me

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“Why would you want to help me?”

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Gerard was stunned.
He stared down at the shorter, obviously deeply troubled boy with concerned, wide hazel eyes.
“Please help me…Please.” Frank whispers ever so softly again, the most heartbreaking sound that the younger boy had ever heard in his life.
The cocky, party loving front man that had haunted Gerard`s disturbed mind over the duration of his short stay here at Camp Aftermath was gone and in his place was something unrecognisable. Gone was the smug, self assured smirk that never seemed to leave his handsome face, gone was the teasing tone to his words. And in the deep, carefully made up chocolate eyes that Gerard had desperately been trying to force himself not to think about or get lost in, was an emotion that the young artist recognised well.
But what could be wrong in Frank`s seemingly perfect, rock star life? The talented, albeit over confident guitarist had everything that most youngsters dreamt about. Money, girls, fame, fast cars and adoration from thousands of screaming fans and admirers. Frank had it all.
So why was the wild haired boy so unhappy?
Gerard says nothing as Franck continues to sob loudly into his shoulder, not even caring that his salty tears stained one of his favourite shirts. The shy artist had never seen or heard anything as broken yet at the same time as beautiful as Frank right now. To watch as he wept tragically pulled on his little black heartstrings, causing his entire all too pale chest to ache madly. His throat burned with unspoken question he didn`t quite dare to ask, fearing upsetting the other boy further.
“There, there,” trying his best to comfort Frank, Gerard gently begins to pat him on the back, slowly, carefully rubbing his pale hands in small circles as he tried to soothe him.
“I messed up so badly…I mess everything up!” Frank wails, burying his face deeper into the younger`s damp from tears shoulder. “I`m just a wreck, I ruin everything.” he sniffs.
Gerard frowns abut still says nothing, even though he had many questions for the crying rocker. He wanted to, no needed to know what was wrong, that was he could help him better. After the way he had been treated it may be shocking to many that Gerard actually wanted to have anything to do with Frank, let alone help him, but he did.
“I`m a bastard, I hurt people and blame them for my own stupid mistakes.”
“Frank…don`t.” it hurt Gerard immensely to hear him talk about himself in such a horrible way.
“Why do you even care?” he sniffs bitterly, pulling away sharply from Gerard and crosses his arms, only now just realising who close he had been to actually letting someone in for the first time in well, ever.
Gerard sighs, exhausted by Frank`s changing moods once again. It was confusing and tiresome to say the least.
“I- I don`t know why I care, alright?” he admits in a meek voice. “But you asked for help, my help and…and I want to help, alright?”
Frank frowns lightly, his brow furrowed with confusion as he tried to work it out. He couldn`t. “B-but why?”
Gerard bites his pale pink, lower lip nervously, wondering if he had said or done too much. If Frank found out his disgusting feelings that would be the end of any kind of friendship they may have. He would return back to the cold, cocky and cruel rock star that had annoyed Gerard and yet somehow cause him to fall for him.
“I was a total dick towards you, why would you want to help me?”
Gerard sighs, “Because it`s the right thing to do. If I stand back and let you hurt yourself further then I would be a horrible person.”
“Oh.” Frank mumbles almost disappointedly. “I-I thought that maybe…” He trails off, “Never mind.” He tries to force a grin onto his handsome, tearstained face that comes out as more of a grimace.

“Yeah?” Frank shuffles his converse clad feet awkwardly, unable to look the younger boy directly in the eyes. “It`s nearly time for lunch and I was just wondering if maybe-and don`t feel you have to-“
“Frank.” Gerard cuts him off, thinking it was adorable how he was babbling.
“Do you want to eat with me down at the lake?”
He grins shyly and nods. “Yeah. I`d like that.” I`d really, really like that.
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