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Save me from me

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Gerard spat into the white bathroom sinks and wiped his mouth, feeling a little better now that he had cleaned his abnormally small teeth. The midnight haired artist groaned softly as he tugged lightly on the ends of his dark unruly tresses. His hair was to put it quite simply, a state. The ebony chin length locks resembled a wind destroyed bird’s nest. Groaning once more he gathered up his battered bag containing his toiletries and fresh clothes and towels the unwilling camper trudged towards an unoccupied shower stall.
Gerard rid his abnormally pale self of his clothes and switched the sparkling clean power shower on, letting out a soft sigh as the warm water trickled over him. As he washed, taking his time for once he tried to ignore and block out all unwanted thoughts about certain vertically challenged but totally gorgeous, drool worthy lead singer. But it was difficult, extremely difficult. Gerard kept trying to tell himself to forget about Frank, reminding him of what a total dick he was, but it was no good. The conversation he had last night with Mikey when he had defended the out of control rock star only proved that Gerard was in fact smitten.

It takes Frank a good few minutes after deciding to get washed and dressed in order to save his poor nose from putting up with the horrid yet very familiar, almost comforting stench of his own puke and alcohol to actually spring into action and gather up his stuff. The troubled musician grabs a plastic bag and stuffs his toiletries and an almost brand new pair of designer jeans into it. swinging a fresh white cotton towel around his neck Frank all but stumbles out of Apollonia`s cabin and make his way to the showering facilities a few metres away.
When he arrives only just managing to remember how to open the door in his badly hung over, confused state he realises that bar from one closed stall with steams escaping from it the shower room was empty. Keeping as far away from the occupied stall as possible, not wanting to be seen or heard after embarrassing himself last night, Frank closes the door on his own and turns on the shower, hastily adjusting the water temperature.
Feeling a little better and a hell of a lot cleaner afterwards he steps out of the stall, managing to make nearly tripping over his two bare feet almost sexy and saunters past the only other person in the room, sashaying his little hips as he makes his way over to the hairdryers that sat on shelf near the full length mirrors. The raven haired guy seemed pretty familiar to him, his stunning hazel eyes that he was busy lining with thick black kohl seemed to be full of some strange emotion as he watched the rocker try and fail to switch on the hair appliance.
“Damn thing!” Frank gives up and angrily throws the full sized expensive hair dryer back on the shelf, smiling almost manically as it crashes onto the tiled floor with a loud thud.
“Erm…are you alright?” The oddly familiar boy asks him with shocked eyes, the eyeliner stick still in hand. for some unknown reason he actually seemed concerned and saddened by Frank`s obvious hung over and angry state.
“It won`t work!” he cries, flailing his short little leather clad arms about. Gerard gulps and is forced to divert his eyes as this movement causes his all too tight brightly coloured band shirt to ride up, displaying a tantalisingly small amount of well toned flesh.
“It just won`t fucking work!” Frank screams loudly, and Gerard is fairly sue that it wasn`t his failed attempt of using a hair dryer that had set the wild, unpredictable singer off.
“It just never works, it never goes right. Nothing ever goes right.” Frank`s voice drops to barley above whisper. A tired, confused and hurt whisper. The voice of a broken man. “Never.” A single crystal clear, salty tear drop falls from one of Frank`s weary, bloodshot eyes. Gerard longs to reach out with one pale, slender finger and gently wipe it away, but he daren`t. This was Frank Iero, the cocky, bitterly angry rocker that for some reason hated his guts. If Gerard tried to do anything to help him, he was sure that he would find himself without an arm.
Just then Frank lifts his head up slowly and turns sideways a little to face the younger boy, his red eyes widening with recognition, guilt and perhaps most surprisingly, shame.
“I-I know you…”he begins almost timidly. “Y-you`re that guy from that singing class before.” Frank blinks once and then returns his gaze to the red and black tiles on the floor. “I was horrible to you, wasn`t I?” he asks, not expecting or wanting an answer. “I was a right dick.” The red and black haired man frowns. “I`m just a dick to everybody.” another tear escapes.
Seeing the beautiful boy looking so broken and shattered in front of him, Gerard edges slightly closer and hesitantly wraps an arm around his trembling shoulder. He can still smell the alcohol on Frank’s breath, and it is a sickening reminder of how he had acted last night. It Gerard closed his eyes he could see Frank stumbling around by the lake before collapsing in his own puke. His heart hurts just to think about it.
“Help me…”Frank sobs, breaking the deafening, God awful silence that Gerard had been unsure of how to end. “Please…”
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