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I hate the empty feeling that accompanies being hung over

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“Gerard likes Frank Iero.”

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Frank groaned in pure agony as the thick, black curtains in his room were drawn open in one swift movement. Blinking tiredly, clutching his pale, sickly looking face with one trembling, sick stained hand he glances upwards. A blurred, black shape glares back at him.
“Good morning, Frank.” Apollonia smiles sweetly at her young, irresponsible, clearly badly hung over cousin. “Sleep well?” she asks cheerily, throwing the pain consumed, dazed and confused rocker a damp rag, aiming the grey scrap of fabric at his head.
Frank blinks once, regretting opening his sore, red eyes. the light hurt so much, it practically burned.
“You made a lot of mess last night, Frank.” Apple explains calmly, tugging on her black leather jacket on top of her equally black shirt. “And guess who is going to clean it up?”
Frank groans again, not liking where this conversation was going. He didn`t like it one little bit.
“A maid?” He offers, his voice coming out all weird in his dry, aching throat, the low sound hurting his ears.
The tall, slender girl giggles. “No silly.” She smirks. “You are.” Her smirk widens almost evilly. “I can look into getting you a maids dress though if it helps…”
“Fuck you Apollonia. Fuck you.” he snaps angrily, his head still all blurred and confused, not to mention sore.
“Incest is illegal Frankie!” She teases in a sing song voice before waltzing out of the poster covered already untidy room.
“And don`t forget that you have vocal class at one and guitar at three!” she calls as she walks out of the cabin door, slamming it shut extra loudly behind her, knowing that it would only cause her cocky young cousin more.
Mumbling several curses under his breath, clutching his pounding head tightly, Frank gets to his bare feet, only just able to keep his balance, the floor was swaying unsteadily under him. But the young rocker was used to suffering dreadful hang over’s, and awful as this one was it was only a relatively mild one. the floor surrounding the bed was covered with sick, smashed bottles of vodka, expensive wines and God knows what else were strewn across it amoungst the bile.
Feeling bad, but nowhere near bad enough to clear up his mess, Frank all but crawls into the main living room, popping two strong painkillers in his dry throat and downing them was a glass of icy water. he is about to leave when he catches a glimpse of his worn looking reflection in the mirror.
Frank gasps loudly as he sees what he had become.
A short, slender young twenty one year old stares back at him bitterly from behind half lidded eyes that were surrounded with smudged makeup and heavy bags. The bright almost childlike, gleeful twinkle that had once been present in the chocolate orbs had long since been extinguished and in its place was dull, tired looking irises which lacked any excitement or passion for what he was doing. There was no longer that strong, burning love of music and life in them. There was only bitterness and pain, masked with tiredness and anger at the entire world, himself included.
Frank sighs and turns away, unable to look anymore and grabs his leather jacket from a nearby chair, and puts it on. running his shaking fingers through his untidy, greasy hair he decides that he had better get washed and dressed, maybe he would feel better then.

“Like no way.” Linnea says with wide, shocked eyes.
“Like no fucking way!” Skylar corrects her friend and the other girls bite back their grins.
“It`s true.” He glasses wearing, younger Way brother insists.
“I have to agree with the others.” Aqua says, and Mikey shakes his head, letting out a deeply frustrated groan.
“Why can`t you guys just accept it!? My brother, Gerard likes Frank.”
“I didn`t know that there was another kid at this camp called Frank, did you?” Aven asks her cabin mates who all shake their heads.
“Other than that cocky, pig headed dickhead Frank Iero, I mean.”
“And Gerard, kind, talented, shy Gerard couldn`t possibly be mad enough to fall for a waste of space like that.”
“Fine as he may be.”Skylar adds in and the other girls laugh, rolling their eyes.
“I don`t care how hot he is, “Aqua tells them, “He is a jerk.”
“Well it`s true!” Mikey frowns, barely able to believe the words himself. I he hadn`t witnessed Gerard`s angry reactions to his dissing of the wild, obnoxious rock star last night then he wouldn’t have believed it himself.
“Gerard likes Frank Iero.” The young brown haired boy states calmly, so calmly and seriously that the four girls almost believe him.
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