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I swear to drunk I`m not God

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“No way! No fucking way!”

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Frank Iero slurs the words out excitedly, his voice rough and cracked. Every single one of the campers present turn to face the drunken, troubled front man, equal looks of shock, in some cases disgust, on their young faces. A handful of them, mostly the younger ones, gasped loudly, to which the dishevelled looking guitarist giggles childishly. The supposed to be happy, joy filled sound comes out all mangled, broken and slurred from his pierced, trembling lips. His handsome, youthful face was half hidden by his wild, unruly dyed hair, half by the dark, moving shadows the crackling, orange red camp fire cast upon the surrounding areas.
From his position a few metres away, the raven haired artist can`t help but stare at the clearly pained singer, and his heart sinks painfully when he watches Frank try to walk across to the shimmering, inky black lake, barley able to move his short, slim, jean clad legs. The shirtless musician tumbles to the grassy floor, spilling some of the alcoholic poison down his half dressed body as he lands. Gerard watched, feeling utterly helpless for some unknown reason as Frank tries to stumble back onto his feet (one of which was bare) and fails, falling again.
Gerard didn`t know why he wanted to help, after all Frank had been so mean to him, he had embarrassed him in front of so many people, made him feel worthless. And yet watching the young, handsome man struggle on the dirty ground like that made the Misfits loving young artist’s incredibly pale chest ache.
“Frank!” his three band mates rush forwards, helping him to his unsteady feet. They were Cleary worried for their friend, yet their voices were also laced with anger and disappointment.
“Heeeyyyyy….”Frank mumbles, looking up at them through glazed half lidded, heavily made up eyes. “Hoooowss you guys?”
Benji sighs and shakes her head, letting the dazed singer rest one, dropping arm on around her, while Ross took care of the other.
“We are taking you back to Apple`s now, don`t try to argue with us.” She tells him firmly.
“Noooo….” He complains, wildly shaking his head, his gaze locking on the raven haired teenager, Gerard for a split second. “I wanna stay!” he whines, before the last of his strength deserted him and he collapse again, puking violently all over the floor and himself before he passes out, collapsing on the stained grass in a tangle of limbs.
Some people scream, and other yell. One or two rush towards the band to see if they could be of any assistance but most stay well back, horrified, disgusted looks on their faces.
The tall and thin, Apollonia appears as if from thin air and stalks towards her younger cousin, dark hair swaying behind her.
“Idiot.” She mutters and wipes the sick off of his best she can with a fistful of tissues. “You said you had talked to him.” She faces the three, shocked, angry band mates, who nod shamefully.
“We did.” Asher narrowed his eyes, unsure what to think of his friend now. He had always believed that Frank was one of the strongest people he knew, foolish and impulsive but not a complete moron, but now…“He just…didn`t listen.”

“Wow, eh?” Mikey, who had raced over to see his brother shortly after the drunken musician had been escorted back to Apple’s cluttered cabin by his fellow performers. “What a selfish, rude, cocky drunken bastard!”
“Shut up!” Gerard spits at his younger, innocent brother, unsure as to why his half joking words had sparked this deep raging anger inside of him.
“Don`t talk about Frank that way!” His pale cheeks burn a deep pink and he ducks his head to hide behind his ebony, tangled hair. Gerard was so confused, he didn`t understand any of his raw, strong feelings at all.
Mikey`s hazel, lightly outlined eyes widen dramatically and his jaw drops open.
“What?” Gerard mumbles, turning away from his intense shocked gaze, feeling more than a little confused and uncomfortable.
“You like him, don`t you?”
“Me? Like him?” Gerard almost chokes. “No way! No fucking way! I hate Frank`s guts.” He had to admit that his words didn`t sound overly convincing even to himself…
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