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Unfamiliar thoughts of Ashley are haunting Stefan's mind, whats going on?!?!

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The Saturday afternoon was quite chilly in Fulham and the street outside was considerably empty apart from a few children playing on their scooters or skateboards. Pale grey clouds seemed to gather over the whole of the city and made it look even more unwelcoming than it already did with the lack of greenery and tall, overpowering buildings that appeared to be guarding the city and the residents within.
Beyond his misty bedroom window Stefan Abingdon could see the cars lines up against the pavements either side of the rode and the dead trees standing pathetically at either side of the steps leading up to Quesington Manors, which wasn't a manor at all but a apartment block that really didn't look all that special.
Stefan had expected his summer holidays to be spent outside with all his friends (well the very few that he actually did have) in the sun at the beach and playing war reactments in the forest where they used ketchup as blood. Thats what he did last summer. But he was fifteen now and he guessed that everyone had grown up before him since those things seemed intruiging to him now but his best friend, Ashley Horne had laughed in his face when he had suggested it about a week ago. But even so, him and Ashley had spent almost every day together, mostly staying indoors watching movies or playing videogames, either way they always pigged out and had a lot of fun.
Recently though Stefan hadn't been hungry whatsoever, he even skipped out on steak sandwich which had never done before in his life but even the look of it made him feel a little queasy. He didn't really care why, he was just quite annoyed because he didn't have the chance to eat a lot of his favorite foods anymore. That wasn't the only thing that was ruining his summer though. He also couldn't remember the last time he had a decent nights sleep. At best he slept for four hours, and it wasn't because it was hot or because he wasn't comfortable, it was because there was just something at the back of his mind that he kept chasing round but he could never quite pinpoint it. So he ignored it completely and continued trying but failing to sleep.
First thing that morning Stefan knew that he wanted to see Ashley that day and he had phoned him up straight after he had his breakfast. But, to Stefan's disappointment Ashley's nan was dragging Ashley to church that day so he was unavailable. Stefan had instantly had that familiar sinking feeling in his stomach that was mixed with disappointment and sadness. But he also felt lonely and for some reason, although it was ridiculous, he felt ever so slightly let down and betrayed. He had no idea why though because normally he would let it pass without a problem.
Stefan was sat by his window trying to push away all of these mixed emotions whilst just watching the world go by, not interested in anything going on within the apartment with his parents and two brothers Kyle and Tcha. His brothers were both married and lived elsewhere but they visited frequently. They were all in the living room laughing and watching the Olympics which Stefan never showed any interest in what so ever. He wasn't even slightly tempted to join them, he was feeling very subdude so he prefered to keep himself to himself until the feelings passed by.
His knobbly knees were bought up to his chest and he hugged them tightly, resting his head on top of them. His eyes gradually closed, he just wanted to block out the rest of the world and dig down deep to see what was really wrong with him. Whatever it was, it was unfamiliar until recently. It was very fustrating but he had no clue. He wasn't being bullied at school, just a tiny bit of annoyance from the Garble brothers, but they picked on anyone if they weren't as big as them.
Queasiness stirred in Stefan's stomach, so he screwed his eyes closed tightly and bit his lip. He heard his mum, Sally laugh loudly in glee and he felt the ache to be out there with them, trouble free, maybe snuggled up to his mum in his pyjamas. He was quite a mummy's boy but that made him feel safe, like there was always somebody to turn to but then again, he found it easy to talk to all of his family. But it would be much easier if he knew what was actually wrong with him this time.
Turning away from the window and sealing the blinds, Stefan walked over to his wardrobe and pulled it open before seizing his pyjamas and changing hurriedly into them. He wasn't in the mood for anyone or anything right now; he'd love to write a song right now, which was his favorite pass time ever, but he didn't feel like he had the energy to do so, even changing clothes was such an effort. So he ignored all the equipment on the desk and and climbed up onto his bunk bed, instantly feeling half asleep as soon as he lay down, pulling the covers tighter around him to become comfortable. The warmth pressed down around him and acted as a comfort, making him feel a lot more reassured. His eyes closed gently and he blocked out the sound of his family and the only thing he listened to was the sound of his favorite songs playing from his iPod.
It was far too early for him to go to bed but Stefan found that when he just lay down and listened to his music, that all the troubles in the world just faded away. So recently he had spent a lot of his times in bed, just distracting himself from the unknown troubles that plagued his mind.
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