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Last Lullaby

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One-shot. Lily's last moments with Harry.

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Disclaimer: Alas, Harry Potter is not mine and neither is the poem/song. That comes from the DragonLance cronicles.

She huddled in the corner of the nursery, cradling her small child to her. Her vivid emerald green eyes were shut tight as she softly sang the song that filled her head.

The day has passed beyond our power
The petals close upon the flower
The light is failing in the hour
Of day's last waning breath

A heavy thud from below told her that her husband had fallen and there was nothing between them and the murderer except for a few stairs and the gaily painted door of the nursery.

The blackness of the night surrounds
The distant souls of stars now found
Far from the world to which we're bound
Of sorrow, fear and death

A shudder wracked her small frame and she could imagine that the ever soft footfall that sounded on the steps were keeping time to her song. Tenderly she stroked the black mop of hair upon her fearless child's head.

Sleep, love, forever sleep
Your soul the night will keep
Embrace the darkness deep
Sleep, love, forever sleep

He was the exact replica of James except for his vibrant green eyes that held only innocence, innocence and a shadow of power he would one day have possessed had he been allowed to live.

The gathering darkness takes our souls
Embracing us in chilling folds
Deep in a Mistress's void that holds
Our fate within her hands

Ironic how such a dark song would be the last lullaby she sang to her child as she waited for death, yet the song brought her comfort and she took all that she could get.

Dream, warriors of the dark above
Feel the sweet redemption of
The Night's Consort, and of her love
For those within her bands

It wasn't true what most believed. Dark wasn't necessarily evil, just misunderstood and if you allowed it to embrace you it could be tender and full of love. He was just outside the door now.

Sleep, love, forever sleep
Your soul the night will keep
Embrace the darkness deep
Sleep, love, forever sleep

She wondered if death hurt. It didn't matter to her if it did or not for she would be with James in death but she would spare her son the pain if she could.

We close our eyes, our minds at rest
Submit our wills to her behest
Our weaknesses to her confessed
And to her Will we bend

She opened her eyes and gazed into the identical spheres of light shining from her child's face. So full of love and hope her little boy was. He was standing next to her now, demanding she give up the child. She couldn't summon the words to defy him, she could only keep singing.

The strength of silence fills the sky
Its depth beyond both you and I
Into its arms our souls will fly
Where fear and sorrows end

She never heard the two words that had taken the life of her husband, her soul mate. Never saw the sickly green light that would steal her life from her body as it bathed over her and her son. She only saw the love in the powerful green eyes of her child and heard the words of her song.

Sleep, love, forever sleep
Your soul the night will keep
Embrace the darkness deep
Sleep, love, forever sleep...

The last word trailed off into nothingness on a breathy sigh as she gave into death, the last thing she saw was the still sparkling eyes of her son as he lay secure in her arms. At least she could die knowing that she gave her son one last lullaby, the last lullaby of Lily Evans Potter to her son Harry James Potter. It was a mother's final protection for her child, one that would transcend even the barriers of life and death.
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