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First Fight

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A short one-shot about Gerard and Frank's first fight as little kids. R&R please! :D

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Short, (hopefully) cute one-shot about Gee and Frankie :D

"Am not!"

"Are too."

"Am NOT!"

"Am not.."

"Are too!"

"HA! So you are a stunted leprechaun!" Six year old Gerard Way squealed, a self-satisfied smirk overtaking his face as a result of his trickery.

The younger boy blinked up at Gerard, only just realizing what happened. "That's not fair, Gee. You tricked me!" the boy pouted. Gerard frowned in response, he hadn't meant to upset his friend.

"Sorry Frankie.. I was just messing around," he said to the boy, Frank. Frankie just beamed up at the older boy before grabbing his hand and planting a sloppy kiss on it.

"It's fine Gee. Just 'member; I'm not a leprechaun! Mama says I'm gonna get bigger. Taller and stronger than you!" Frank threw his hand over his mouth at a failed attempt to stifle his giggles.

The boys turned left, all laughter and happiness replaced by two sad sighs. They were at Frank's house; You know what that means.. Time to say goodbye. But at least today was the last day of school; now they can spend the entire summer with Bob, Mikey, and Ray!

They paused right inside the off-white fence and looked around the neighborhood to see Bob and Ray in a situation similar to theirs.

The boys turned to face each other, pouting.

"Why can't you just sleep over?" complained Gerard. The truth is, he wanted this summer to be one giant sleepover with his Frankie. So why can't it be just that?

"Because, my Aunt Emilee are coming over for the night with her new baby. Mama says I have to spend time with them."

Oh. /That's /why.

Both boys stuck out their tongue in distaste and Gerard truly felt bad for Frank. He has to spend time with a baby! Sure, those little creatures are cute at first but then they just get annoying! They should know, Gerard's little brother Mikey only just turned four a few days ago and they spent the entire time he was two with ringing in their ears from the shrill screaming; there's also that Gerard's mommy stopped paying attention to his and his friends antics.

The older boy sighed over dramatically, throwing his hand over his forehead, "Fine! I guess me and Mikey are stuck with Ray and Bobbert tonight."

Little Frankie's eyes widened at that, "You're having a sleepover with everyone but me?" He all but yelled.

Gerard looked down, shuffling his feet awkwardly "Um.. W-well Charlotte and Alex aren't gonna be there either.."

The younger crossed his arms and stomped his foot like the five year old that he is, "Well duh. That's because they're girls!"

Gerard raised an eye brow, "What are you talking about? We have sleepovers with them all the time." he argued. Now Frank is just being silly.

"No, there's a difference, we never let girls sleepover at our end of the school year parties. This is a tradition we have held since pre-school. So OF COURSE Charlotte and Alex aren't going to be there. I bet you guys just don't want me there." Frank sniffed at the end of his little speech.

"Frank! That's not it at all! It's not our faults you have to spend time with a baby instead of sleeping over!"

"Do you think I asked to hang with a seven month old snot bucket?!" Frank exclaimed.

Gerard threw his hands up in frustration "/It's not my fault you cant be there!" /he said before turning and jogging across the street to his own house.

Frankie could feel the tears brimming in his eyes. Where was his hug? How about the sloppy wet kiss on his cheek? This is the first time in two years Gerard hadn't given him either of the aforementioned.

So. This is what it's like to fight with your best friend.

Um, I might turn this into a two-shot because I have another idea... Let me know if its worth making into a two shot. J

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