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Part Two.. Finally!

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Sorry for the wait, guys! --- Gerard throws a little.. fit. Will Frank and Gerard make up?

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-_- Hate me. I give you permission. I'm actually a terrible person; As you know (if anyone is even reading this fic) I haven't update this is like... forever. I don't even have an excuse, I was just being lazy. But seeing as school starts tomorrow, I figured I would update. And so, I stayed up all night writing this chapter; I hope you like it because I worked really hard on it. Feel free to rate and review telling me hat you think.

Oh, and the beginning of this chapter is supposed to show how little kids TOTALLY over react about stuff, but I don't think it does so I might rewrite that part.

Gerard's P.O.V.

Once I was safely inside my house I burst into tears. I feel empty inside; Sad, lost, disappointed.. In myself. Like I had found the meaning of life but it had turned to dust before my eyes and slipped though my fingers.

I stomped my feet as hard as I could as I made my way upstairs to my room. I ignored mommy asking me what was wrong, I even ignored Mikey. I just threw myself down on my bed, screamed into my pillow and thrashed my body around.

Ah temper tantrums.

It wasn't until I her my door open and re-shut that I sat up and sobbed into my hands. I felt someone plonk down next to me and there were suddenly to thin arms wrapped around my neck, and a head being buried in my chest.

I didn't have to look up to know it was Mikey. I could tell by the sweet scent of the bubble gum Mikey was always chewing as it flooded my nose.

.. There was also the fact that I could see the horn of my little brother's favorite blue unicorn.

I was ripped from my thoughts my Mikey's quiet voice, "'op being thad, Gee. You're crying and it-itth making me cry too!" I pulled back to look down at my little Mikey and sure enough, there were steady tears flowing down his face.

--------Little time skip, only like fifteen minutes--------

"Look Mikes, for the last time, it's no big deal." I said. Mikey just wont stop asking me why I was upset a while ago.

"Yeth it ith, GeeGee. Why 'ont you jutht tell me?"

"oh my batman, I'll tell you. I had a fight with Frankie. That's all." I explained. Mikey's eyes got really big, and I thought they were gonna fall out of his head! But they didn't... and mommy called us down stairs. She said Bob was here and that it looked like Ray was outside on the sidewalk fighting with out friends Charlotte and Alex.

Me, Mikey and Bobbert all headed out to see what Ray was going on about. Because we all know its his fault they are arguing. See, the thing with girls is that you have to let them have what ever they want. Ray hasn't learned that yet; and in all his 8 years, you think he would have!

Ray noticed us walking over and sighed in relief then pointed to the girls, "These to sock heads want to sleep over! Bobbert, please explain the obvious." he shoved Bob in front of him but... he likes Alex.. So he ended up stuttering out something we couldn't understand and pushing Mikes in front of him, like Ray had done.

Mikey ran and hid behind me, no one thought anything of it. Everyone knows Mikey doesn't like talking to people. Especially Charlotte.

/MIKEY AND CHAR SITTIN IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! /I sang in my head, but then snapped out of it. Now isn't the time for that.

"Well," I began "we usually don't let girls into our end of the year sleep over but I'll make an exception due to the lack of Frank this year."

Alex raised a perfectly shaped eyes brow -she's quite the dive, you see, always has to look perfect- and asked the inevitable, "Why wont Frankie be there?"

"Family stuff. His mama is making him spend time with a baby." my explanation was followed by ew's and gross's from everyone except Mikey. Being the baby himself, he doesn't know just how bad they are.

Charlotte clasped her hands together, "Well lets go see him before the sleepover!"

I heard myself scream 'no!' but its okay, my little Mikey did the same. Everyone looked at us like a super villain sucked out our brains. Before I could say anything as to why we just had a spaz attack, Mikey shouted out, very loudly, "GEE AND FWANKIE HAD A FUITE!"

Everyone gasped ad before I could even process anything Alex and Char were dragging me to what seemed like the direction of Frankie's house.

I tried to pull away, for the love of Batman, I really did! But these girls are just too strong!

By the time I manage to pull away from them we're already outside the door and...

Oh meese poop.

A teary eyed Frankie was hiding behind his Mama and I suddenly felt extremely guilty. And its not a good feeling, either. It bubbles at the pit of my stomach, each time a bubble pops it spews butterflies, making me flinch. The butterflies flutter and stomp their way up my throat and around my body, making me sick as they dissolve into my skin, turning it pale.

I look again at Frank, my best friend is staring angrily at me, making the evil butterflies worse and I feel nauseous. I really just want to run and give him a massive hug; then I want to hold him forever, never letting him go, loving him forever because.. Well, he's my Frankie. that's more then just a best friend.

And So I Do... run and hug him, I mean.

Frankie gasped as I tackled him to the ground. As soon as he began to sit up I wrapped my arms around him. I could feel my boy tense beneath me but relaxed as I nuzzled into his neck.

"Frankie.. I'm super duper sorry. Forgive me for over reacting?"

I felt my Frankie nod as he rested his arms on my shoulders. I looked up at my boy and pressed a kiss onto each on his cheeks. I could hear Mikey and Ray gagging, Mrs. Iero 'awing' and Bob giggling with the girls. But it didn't matter. I just got through my first fight with my angel.


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