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Chapter 5

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It's Kyle's Time Of Dying.

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"Remind me again why I have to be there." I say softly from the passenger seat. Adam, who's driving, looks at me and sighs.

"One: Because I said so. Two: I officially consider you part of this gang, and all gang members have to be present for this, it's a tradition. Three: I need you for something." He responds, sounding a bit exasperated at the repeated question.

"Okay, I know I haven't asked this before, what are you going to do that requires me?" I ask him, wondering what in the world I could be used for in a torture room.

Adam sighs again and mumbles a curse under his breath. "I was hoping you wouldn't ask, so I could surprise you, which would make it so much more effective. But, fine. Back in the 1950's there was a form of psychological torture in which they would tie a man down, and rape his wife in front of him." I gasp softly and move as far away from him as I can. He's.... Not... Going...To.... Right? "I'm going to twist that, because I'm not awful enough to hurt you that badly. It's mostly going to be a bunch of kissing, maybe a little more touchy feely stuff, but I won't do much more." He says, and I relax, scooting to sit in the seat the right way.

"So.... You... UGH!! I can't get this out right!! I'm basically there so you guys can freak him out." I get really frustrated with not being able to get my sentence out.

"Yea, pretty much." He says, turning onto a back-road. The jeep, yes, a jeep, apparently he owns one, starts bouncing on the gravel, knocking me all over the place. I wonder how he can talk about this so casually, he's about to torture and kill a person, and he sounds like he's talking about the weather. "Brad, I want you to do something for me, when I start kissing you, act surprised, act like you don't want it, make it look like you're trying to get away from me. Can you do that?" Adam asks softly.

I pause for a moment, thinking over all that he's just said. "Yea.... I think I can do that." I respond. I watch as a small smile dances over his perfect lips. Willowy fingers reach for the radio, turning it to a classic rock station. "A Day In The Life" by the Beatles floats out of the speakers. His fingers return to the steering wheel, only pausing at the volume knob to turn it up. Fingertips tap on the wheel to the sound of the guitar.

"I can play this song, you know." He says softly. I look at him for a second, seeing him in a different light. This man, who kills people for a living, likes the Beatles.

"That's really cool. I played bass for a little bit, but Kyle didn't like it, so I had to quit. He liked that overly shiny, pop shit." I sigh. Kyle took away a lot of the things I love, he nearly made me toss that photo of me and Matt out.

"Damn. You shouldn't have to change for anybody." He says softly, pulling into very first building that I've seen in the last 40 minutes. It's a pure white, windowless box. There are already a bunch of other cars parked around the clearing it's sitting in. Adam parks the car, climbing out and slamming the door shut. He comes around to my side, opening the door and undoing all the different buckles that are crossed over my chest. He laughs as he picks me up and puts me down onto the grass. Slamming the door shut, he starts walking confidently into the building.

I follow him as quickly as possible, nearly loosing him as he winds through the twisted maze of hallways, and down two staircases. He turns around and waits for me at the bottom of the last one, a small grin dancing over his lips.

"Having trouble keeping up?" I just going to assume that that's a rhetorical question, since he walks away from me, continuing down the hallway and waiting at a closed door for me.

When I get to the doorway, he pulls out a blindfold, and ties it over my eyes. "Scream, cry, fight me, make it look like you are NOT here willingly." He whispers into my ear. "Start the second I open this door." His voice is low and threatening. I hear the doorknob creak as it's turned, and I start to whimper and attempt to pull away. His strong arms hold me back, pulling me into the room. I don't know how many people are in the room.

"Let him go!! You better not've hurt him!! If you've laid a hand on him, I'll kill you!!" I hear Kyle's voice pierces my hearing. I attempt to pull away towards his voice.

"Shut the fuck up Zatto." Adam growls, turning me around to face him. I feel my back being pushed up against a wall. I struggle, as if trying to get free. "Zatto, you watching? Joe, make sure he is." He growls gutturally before pressing his lips roughly against mine. I feel his teeth biting at my lip ring briefly. I struggle some more, even though I really don't want to. His hands force mine above my head, his weight pinning me against the wall. His tongue pushes it's way into my mouth as I turn my head, as if trying to break off the kiss.

"GET OFF HIM!!" I hear Kyle yell. I hear a crack and a whimper, and I assume that Joe hit him with something. Adam seems ignore what's going on behind us, but his smile dances briefly across my lips. A hand moves away from my wrists and slips up my shirt. I can't help but to moan as his fingers dance over my chest. I've stopped struggling, and have started kissing him back.

The other hand drops my wrists and Adam pulls away. The blindfold drops from my eyes, and the blinding light shocks me for a second. My eyes focus and I see a blue haired woman behind the chair that Kyle's tied to. A small smirk is dancing across her face, blood is dripping from a cut on Kyle's head.

Adam's hands slowly make their way down my chest to pull at the hem of my shirt. With a single, fluid motion, he pulls the piece of fabric over my head. He looks at my chest for a full half a second before fury fills his eyes.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!! TELLING PEOPLE NOT TO LAY A HAND ON HIM WHEN YOU SO OBVIOUSLY HAVE!!" He yells, turning quickly on his heel to face Kyle. I see the blue haired woman flinch back at the same second I do. A hand quickly pulls me back towards a group of people. Turning around, I see that it's Matt, a hard look in his eyes.

I watch as Adam pulls a gun from his weapon belt, and cracks it over Kyle's head, creating the same cracking sound as I heard earlier. I hear Kyle whimper again, and blood starts leaking from where Adam hit him.

"Jeremy! Hailey! Go get me a piece of cloth, a cup, and a bucket of water." A short man with long black hair, and a tall, skinny girl with a mass of copper curls slip out of the room. Adam kicks over Kyle's chair effortlessly, and places a foot on his chest. "That is not the fucking way you treat someone you love. When you love someone, you fucking worship the ground they walk on. You would give up the world for them. You don't leave bruises and scars on them. You don't force them to change." Adam growls, then spits in Kyle's face.

The two people who left come back in, the man carrying the bucket, the girl carrying the cup and cloth. They sit them down next to Adam and quickly walk away. I watch as Adam covers Kyle's face with the cloth and fill the cup with water.

"You're lucky that I don't have the rats to fucking rat torture you, Zatto." He growls, and then pours the cup of water over Kyle's face. I watch as Adam holds the cloth to Kyle's face, letting him sputter as water gets into his lungs. Adam repeats the process, laughing softly as Kyle squirms. "Water in your lungs getting uncomfortable, Zatto? Well you can fucking deal with it." Adam says, his voice sickly sweet as he grins cruelly.

He pulls a knife from his weapon belt and grins softly, turning the blade over in his hands, letting the light dance menacingly off the metal. He places the knife gently against Kyle's cheek, then, with a simple flick of his wrist, cuts a line from his cheek bone to the edge of his lips. Kyle screams from the agony that must be running through his face.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did that hurt? Well, even if it did, shouldn't we make the other side match?" Adam's really starting to scare me, the soft words uttered in a kind voice, and the cruel laugh just don't match up. He places the knife on the other side of Kyle's face and repeats the action made before, cutting deeper this time. Kyle screams again, louder this time. Adam laughs cruelly again and proceeds to put small nicks in Kyle's arms with the knife. Blood oozes down Kyle's face as Adam pulls the chair upright. Adam grabs Kyle's chin harshly, and forcing him to look him in the eye. "Is there something you want to say to Brad?" Adam growls softly, the anger back in his voice.

"I'm sorry, baby." Kyle manages to sputter out, coughing up blood. Adam growls and cracks his gun over Kyle's head again.

"You have no fucking right to be calling him baby anymore. Do you even see the ring on his finger? No, because he took it off this morning. And you're going to be dead soon anyway." He growls into Kyle's ear. Adam harshly pushes the chair over again, and I see Kyle wince as his back slams into the floor.

Adam kicks Kyle in the stomach repeatedly, and I can hear several of Kyle's ribs break. Tears stream down Kyle's face, leaving tracks in the blood. I can tell that the big "finale" is about to happen from the way that Adam grins.

"I think I'm gonna try something new, someone go find me some bleach." He says, still smiling that insane grin. A soft laugh comes from his lips at Kyle's horrified expression. While Neil slips from the room to get the bleach, Adam sits Kyle's chair back up, and pulls another knife from his belt. This knife has a long, thin, black blade, I can just barely see the engraving of A.W.G. on the cold metal.

"It's been awhile since we've seen Adam use Black Death......" Comes a female voice from behind me, but I don't bother checking to see who spoke. Neil comes back in with a jug of bleach and hands it to Adam.

Adam smile cruelly at Kyle, setting the bleach on the floor and approaching with the knife. I feel queasy, knowing something truly awful is about to happen. With one swift swing of his arm, Adam slashes open Kyle's stomach, really deep. I swear, Kyle's screams will haunt me forever. The image of Kyle's intestines spilling out of his body will torture my dreams. Adam just grins and laughs softly. He picks the bleach back up and pours some into the cup brought in earlier, and then, right before he does it, everyone gets what he's about to do.

Adam pours the cup of bleach into wound he just created in Kyle's stomach. Kyle screams at the top of his lungs as the bleach foams, creating red froth, and leaks from the wound. I can't hold the bile back at the sight, and end up throwing up.

Adam's eyes glance worriedly at me, before he yet again focuses on Kyle. Adam steps behind Kyle and whispers into his ear, "Ready to die, Zatto?" A small grin dances over Adam's lips as he places the knife against Kyle's throat, Adam's other hand at the nape of Kyle's neck. With one quick, fluid movement, Adam both slits Kyle's throat, and snaps his neck.

Adam looks over at the group of people around me, and says, "Someone take Brad back to my place, I need to go somewhere." And walks out.

Later that night, when Adam comes home, I'm sitting on his bed. He looks at me, none of the insane, driven anger in his eyes. "Why aren't you asleep? It's like, midnight." He asks softly.

"I....I can't sleep....." I mumble, shaking softly. He comes over to wrap an arm around me, but I flinch away from his touch.

"Is it because of what happened today, Brad?" His voice is soft and gentle, no sickly sweetness to it. "I'm sorry, but seeing undeserved abuse pisses me the fuck off, and I pretty much go insane when I lose my temper."

"Are you saying that you hurt him that badly because you care about me?" I ask. I hadn't thought about it that way......

"Yea, I guess I am. Now, do you think you can sleep, or do I need to get some of that Zzzquil stuff we have?" He responds.

"I think I can sleep....." I let my voice trail off as I yawn. I curl up under the covers, and am already half asleep when I feel his arm wrap around me.

"I did it because I love you....." He whispers, obviously thinking that I'm asleep.

And the weird thing is, I think I love him back.

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