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The Life of a Gamer

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What would you do if you found out the game you're playing was real? Auditioned story.

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Mikey's P.O.V

I ran into mine and Gee's house. I can't believe I got it. The last one in the shop!

'Do you have it? Apparently it's been sold out.' Frank asked, clearly stressed.

'It is. Guess who made it that way!' I said holding up BL/ind. They all cheered.

'The last one?' Ray asked.

'The last one in the shop. Everyone was pissed.' I said happily.

'Come on! Put it in!' Bob said excitedly. I did. BL/ind is the newest, and apparently the best game. It just came out, and everyone was getting it. It's taking over the country.

'Okay, what should our Killjoy names be?' I asked.

'I want Party Poison.' Gerard said.

'Electric Storm.' Bob told me.

'Fun Ghoul.' Frank answered.

'Jet Star. What's yours Mikes?' Ray asked.

'Kobra Kid.' I answered. I typed in all the names, and we made our characters. BL/ind is about a super perfect government that takes over the world. There are a group against them though, called the Killjoys, who know that they're not what they seem. We have to take over the evil corporation and restore humanity before it's too late.

'Let's play.' Frank said snatching a control. We started playing. We were defeating the enemies called Dracs, and going back to the diner to restore our energy. We had one friend, a guy called Dr D. He fixed our wounds and helped us defeat them every now and again.

'Damn it. I just got kidnapped.' Ray said angrily.

'Okay, I'll save you. Lemme eat first.' I said. I went to the diner, ate a can of Power Pup. I went out to save Ray while Frank, Bob and Gerard defended our home.

'Where's Dr D when you need him?' Ray asked as he was beaten up.

'Okay, I'm there.' I said. I began shooting the guards with my ray gun and got Ray out of there. We went back to Dr D and he fixed Ray up. All of a sudden, a menu popped up on the screen.

You have just completed your 10th rescue. Enter a code to unlock surprises.

A code? What code?

'It's optional, but I think we should figure it out.' Bob said.

'Okay... um...' I said. What could it be?

'Try Killjoy.' Gerard suggested. I tried it, but it didn't work.

'Oh, I know!' I said. I typed in Korse, the ultimate enemy of the Killjoy's. He's the leader of BL/ind. It worked!

'Yes!' Frank said excitedly. The doorbell rang. I paused the game, and got up to answer it.

'Well done. You're coming with us.' A girl with dark ginger hair and green eyes said. She covered my mouth and nose with a towel, and I blacked out.

I woke up in the back of the van with the rest of the guys, and the same girl that poisoned me.

'Who the hell are you?' I asked.

'My name's Flash. You figured out the password. You have to be here. Don't worry. We're here to help you.' She said.

'Um, so that's your Killjoy name? What's your real name?' I asked.

'Flash is my real name. My Killjoy name is Tainted Sunshine.' She said. 'No one knows my real name, that's why I use Flash. Now stop talking.' She said.

'The game isn't real. What the hell is wrong with you. Why did you kidnap us?' Gerard asked. We were tied up, but that didn't stop him trying to get up.

'It is real. That password, as obvious as it seems, isn't guessed that much. Barely ever. That's why you have to help us. We're Killjoy's too. We're real. The game is real, that password made you guys strong enough to help us defeat Korse.' She answered.

A girl with long, straight, chestnut brown hair and green eyes climbed into the back. She swiped her full fringe away from her eyes.

'Hi, I'm Penina Dayne. Let me guess, you're Frank, Mikey, Gerard, Ray and Bob. I have an uncle called Bob. He's got a beard.' She said.

'So do I.' Bob said.

'Yeah, but he's got brown hair, and 2 kids, and a wife.' She said sitting next to Frank. 'I like your tattoo.' She said pointing to the scorpion on Frank's neck.

'Shut up Penina, you're scaring them more than needed.' Flash said.

'I'm just trying to be friendly. If your hands weren't tied up, I'd love a game of thumb war.' She said.

'How's my dog?' Frank asked.

'She's fine. I fed her just before we left. She's the sweetest thing. Her tail was wiggling so much I thought it would fall off.' Penina answered.

'I love it when she does that.' Frank said.

'Okay, stop flirting, can you untie us? It's not like we're going to jump out of here. How fast are we going?' Gerard asked.

'About 80mph. I would untie you, but it has to be this way. We'll explain when we get to the diner.' Flash said.

'Does anyone know your real name?' I asked her.

'No one does, and no one will.' She said.

'Not even your mum?' I asked.

'No.' She said. My eyes widened. Okay, that may be weird that even her own mother doesn't know her name, but the girl herself is awesome. I like her.

Okay, first chapter completed. I'm actually kind of glad it didn't upload last night. It was slightly shit. I mean, this isn't the best, but meh. I'm hungry now, and there's nothing to eat. Enjoy this! And before I forget, thank you atomickilljoy and ColorfulShadow for this idea! It's so good! XD Rate and review please! XD xx
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