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The Diner

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Everyone has a little chat in the diner

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Lucy's P.O.V

'Batman, this is going to be great!' I said completing the finishing touch to our prank.

'I know. I still can't believe they let Hozzie be in charge of us. Of all people. Since there's going to be the newbies, she probably won't come out for days!' She replied. This is my best friend, Legion Iero. We love pulling pranks together, I've taught her a lot, and now she keeps on thinking of new ways to annoy the people we have to live with. Not that we don't like it or anything.

'They're here!' I said after noticing the colourful van pull up inside the hide's garage.

'Ready?' She asked.

'Ready.' I confirmed. We grabbed the feathery pillows in our hands, and waited for someone to trip over the string that would free some golden syrup from a massive bucket we put on the garage ceiling.

'Anyway, this is where we...' Jasmine started before releasing the bucket. We hit everyone with the pillows. 'LUCY AND LEGION!!!!' She screamed before chasing us. I hid underneath Hozzie's bed without anyone noticing.

'Hollie, I thought you were looking after them, actually, no I didn't, I thought you were supposed to be keeping them from pulling any pranks until we got back.' Penina said.

'Yes, but you guys would come home eventually. I don't like new people.' She squeaked.

'Hollie Nicole Bareham, you are going to meet the new Killjoy's. I've already found my soul mate. If he doesn't realise it too, I'm going to end up raping him. I won't be able to stop myself. He's so pretty.' She complained.

'You called.' Ria said.

'No, realise, not Ria-Lize. Convince her to meet everyone. We've also lost Lucy after this prank.' Penina said. I found it hard not to laugh as hard as possible. We knew what happens if you get caught doing something bad, you have to eat someone else's Power Pup while they got your fancy meal for the week. It was worth it at first, then the pranks became addictive.

'She'll get caught eventually. She knows the more she hides the less privileges you get.' Hozzie mumbled.

'Damn it! I thought you didn't see me!' I complained.

'Listen, if you go out now I'll share my fancy meal with you. Deal?' Penina offered.

'No! I'll give you all of mine if you don't make me.' Hozzie said.

'I'll have both of your offers for nothing in return. Thank you!' I said before leaving the room.

'And this is Lucy May, otherwise known as Cherri Kid. Now, where's Legion?' Jasmine asked grabbing me by the collar.

'Jazzy, we're the same age! You aren't the boss of me. But no, I don't know where she is. We will in a second though.' I said.

'What do you mean?' She asked.

'Fardingbag is the name for the first stomach of a cow!' I shouted throughout the hide. You could hear her laughing from inside the cupboard. Easy.

'Traitor.' She said coming out with someone's coat on her head and a plastic bag stuck on her foot.

'This is my best friend, Legion Iero.' I said. One of the new Killjoy's eyes widened. They all did, but one in particular.

'Yes, I'm beautiful. I know.' She said flipping her hair out of her face.

'Iero? I'm Frank Iero!' He shouted.

'Frank? The Frank? My mum and dad told me about you! They said that you died before I was born! How can you still be alive?' She asked on the verge of tears.

'What? I had no clue I even had a younger sister. Is there anyone around here who could do a blood test?' He asked.

'Guys, can you shut up with your stupid family issues for a minute?' Ria asked as her and Penina started pulling Hozzie from her bedroom. She grabbed onto the door handle.

'I refuse to be touched!' She screamed. She then made car alarm noises.

'Hozzie, just get in here now!' The guy with the red hair shouted. Hozzie then did as she was told. 'I'm Gerard. It's nice to meet you.' He said smiling and giving her a reassuring hug. Hozzie made an "eep" sound, but hugged him back.

'Okay, is that everyone?' Jasmine asked? We nodded our heads.

'Great, let's sit down.' Gerard said.

'You're not the boss around here Mr Weasley, I am.' Jasmine told her.

'I'm Party Poison, and Gerard fucking Way. Yes I am the boss around here. I'm the boss around everywhere. Now, everyone, sit down.' He said.

'Well, thanks to Gerard's rude interruptions, he has to stand in the corner!' Jasmine said.

'No I won't. Make me.' He said sounding challenging. Jasmine stood up on the bar stool, and gave him a dark glare. One way or another, Gerard was tied up on the table, and we were having a meeting there.

'Right, so, how could you two be brother and sister? It's not part of the whole plan!' Jasmine said.

'We don't have to play it by plan in here. In here it's like we've ran away, or been kidnapped.' I answered for them.

'Wait, what do you mean? What plan?' The guy who I learned to be Mikey asked.

'The game BL/ind is real, only for the people that know the password. We have to play and complete the game as if it were real to get out. If you die, that's it. You can never go back. It's like someone switched off the game for you and never played it again. We can be ourselves in the diner for as long as we want. The draculoids, Korse, and Haru won't be able to find us until the final level. That's where the whole final battle takes place. If we can defeat it, we can go back to normal as if none of it ever happened, and none of it ever will happen again.' Katherine answered.

'So, we just have to play the game? What happens after we complete it?' Ray asked.

'It will feel like a bad dream I guess. Except that we will know it won't be. It's as if you fell asleep for a short nap while playing the game, but when you wake up, you'll know all of us, you'll know this truly happened, but you still can't tell anyone.' Jennifer answered.

'What if we don't play it?' Bob asked.

'The same thing that would happen if you stopped breathing. If we're all in here at the same time though, we're on a pause.' Megan explained.

'What if we die here? What happens in the real world?' Frank asked.

'You'd die of something no one could foresee. If you complete it though, you'll live happily. No one wants to do this, but we have to.' Lauren said.

'I kind of like it.' Britta said.

'I want juice.' Sky, the 5 year old Killjoy told her older sister, Juliet.

'I'll get it.' Alexx said.

'Can you get me off this table too so I can kick her ass?' Gerard asked angrily looking at Jasmine.

'No. You'll sleep here tonight.' She said. We all got out of the booth and left him there.

'I'm thirsty!' He complained. I went in and splashed a bucket of water over him. He's gonna miss home.

Sorry if this chapter's a bit shit. I started school today, and found out that in English next term we'll be doing creative writing which I love! XD So, yeah. Rate and review please! Have a nice Christmas in 3 months... :O Is it only 3 months? :O xx
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