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6. Brendon

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I couldn’t sleep out of excitement. I laid in my bed thinking. In a few short hours, my life would change. I’d be on the road with Ryan. Nothing but the feel of hot leather against our skin and the sun on our faces.

I sat up feeling restless. I looked around my room at everything that laid there, all the clutter, the loose-leaf papers, and smiled. Soon I would leave it behind. I walked to my closet and fished out an old bag. I threw a few shirts and pants inside and walked out of my room. I went to the bathroom, grabbed all of the necessities, and threw them in the bag too.

When I was done I sat down and looked at the overflowing bag. It was just a bag, but it meant so much more. It meant I was leaving, it meant I was actually going somewhere. Somewhere my parents weren’t; somewhere where I didn’t have to hear their tense silences all the time.

I stayed up practically the whole night, not falling asleep until around 5a.m. I woke up excited and not at all groggy from the long night before. I ran downstairs, my bag on my shoulder and wrote a note for my parents. ‘Going out with Ryan, I’ll be gone for a while.’ It wasn’t exactly a lie…

I ran out of the house and into my car, excitement coursing through my veins. We were doing it. We were leaving! I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that we were actually leaving. We could go anywhere we wanted. We could drive east all the way to New York if we so chose. Or west to San Francisco. Or maybe north and cross the border to Canada. We could go to Mexico if we wanted! The possibilities were endless!

I sat in the car trying to grab hold of my thoughts as they passed through my brain. There was just so much we could do. The sharp ringing of my phone alerted me to the fact that I was still in my driveway.

“Brendon where are you?” Came Ryan’s anxious voice. “Not having second thoughts already are you?” He half joked.

“No way. Just got a little distracted. I’m on my way now.” I started the engine and pulled out of the driveway.

I sped the whole way to Ryan’s, eager to start our adventure. When I arrived I saw Ryan sitting on his front porch with a bag and his guitar next to him. He quickly picked up his things and ran to the car. He all but threw the bag in the back and shouted “Drive!”

I chuckled and pulled away from the curb. We rode in silence for half an hour before Ryan finally spoke. “We’re doing it. We’re really doing it.”

I glanced at him; he was staring out the window with a look of pure joy and wonder on his face. I gazed at the road ahead of me, the road that would take me anywhere I wanted. This was really it. The adventure that would change our lives was officially starting.

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