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7. Spencer

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School had finally finished and I was free, like the wind. Okay, that was a bit corny but you catch my drift. I started walking home when I realised that there was a spring in my step, which is quite weird for me. I held my head up high and smiled as I started listening to the music flooding my ears. It was 'Last Train Home' by Lostprophets. I started listening closely to the lyrics,

But there's still tomorrow
Forget the sorrow
And I can be on the last train home
Watch it pass the day
As it fades away
No more time to care
No more time, today

I started to think, 'Should I run away and never look back? You know, leave it all behind.'

Then I thought it wasn’t a bad idea. I’m old enough and if I run I’d never get to see my so-called “parents” again. No-one will care if I leave, no-one will miss me. Then I realised it wasn’t just an alright idea, but in fact a brilliant one. So I decided to take the scenic route home and cut through the woods, allowing myself to contemplate my plan to run away, and since my parents don’t get back until about 7pm, I had enough time.

After about an hour or two of planning, re-planning and making sure that everything was absolutely perfect, I checked the time on my iPod, its bright LED light said 4:15pm. That left me with the perfect amount of time to work my plan.

So I started running home, so fast that it felt like my legs were going to drop off, until I get to the gate and leaped over it. I jumped up the porch stairs and fumbled around to find my keys in my bag and opened the door with a bang, sprinting to my room.

I opened the door and looked under my bed to find an old duffel bag, which is the perfect size. I started ramming stuff into it; t-shirts, jeans (including my red jeans), underwear, socks and of course, my lucky drumsticks. I then headed into the bathroom and started packing the necessities; toothpaste and a toothbrush, my eyeliner and my concealer, some baby wipes (hey, you never know,I've got to keep moisturised) and ran to my safe. I turned the little dial for the combination, 23-09-16, and opened it to find $400. I put that in my wallet, which I’ve also thrown in my bag, and check underneath my pillow only to find an extra $60. In case you've been asking, I’ve saved up this money for a while for when I leave to go to college, which I realised that wasn’t going to happen so I saved instead, and shoved it into my jeans. Then I ran downstairs and into the kitchen to write a note, something short and sweet:

Dear “Mother” and“Father”,

I’m leaving you now and never coming back, I’ll never see you again and I’m glad.

Adios bitches.

Spencer :)

I drew a smiley face in just to piss them off more and stuck it on the fridge. I headed towards the door and opened it, closed and locked it, and then I threw my keys into the plant pot on the porch and started to walk down the stairs and towards the gate. I jumped over it and took one last look at my house and smiled.

I’ll never have to see this hell-hole again, I thought as I took a right and headed up the street.

I’m finally free.

So that is another installment of Torturous things, tune in next week and r+r
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