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13. Frank

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*okay, chapter 13. Oh well. I'm still trying to post 12

Edith's POV
It isn't till 8am when I wake up the next morning. 8am? Too early for a hangover. But the reason why I woke up that early was because my head was pounding like a ton of bricks. By far this has been the worst hangover. I look into my mirror and my eyes are really puffy and red. My hair is in a knot and I have bags under my eyes. Beautiful aren't I. 
I shower again. I still have the smell of liquor in my hair. I shower quickly and dress into my most comfortable cold weather cloths. It's raining this morning. The rain reflects how I feel; like a pile of shit. 
Now that doesn't make sense does it? Oh well... 
I leave a note for Annie on her night stand saying I'm going out and probably won't be back till later. I'm going to visit New Jersey again...
I take the subway over here. I want to enjoy some alone time. But in a train? Packed with people? It would make some sense if I brought Annie's car. But I don't want to get here fast. I want to take my time. 
From what I remember, the subway station is far away from my mother's house. And I regret not coming in car. It's pouring here in New Jersey and I have to walk? And I didn't bring enough money for a cab. Aren't I smart. 
So I walk. All the way to my mom's. Well, I'm not exactly going to my mother's house... I'm going to pay a visit to my little friend Frank Iero. 

I'm at the corner of the shopping center where the doughnut shop is located. I take a deep breath and walk towards the door...

Frank's POV 
I really didn't want to come to work. My baby is on her period.. And she's in pain. I really want to cuddle with her since its cuddling weather. Fucking job. I really can't leave unless it's a real emergency. I've been working in this damn doughnut shop forever and rules still haven't changed. At least I'm manager and get to eat all the doughnuts whenever the fuck I feel like it. 
But I'm all lonely. The super market closed down and Mikey and Gerard work in New York. Damn fuckers left me and Ray is in school. Fuck my life. 
And! Did I mention I get a lot more costumers now? They closed down the Winchell's down the block and now all the costumers come to me and make me rich! Well, my boss.. 
But unfortunately, since it's raining, it's a fucking slow day! 
Huh, will you look at that? A costumer! 
A young girl in her 20's walks into my shop. She has short black hair and has those big, light brown popping eyes. She's wearing a dark grey hoodie under a leather jacket with skinny jeans and converse. She looks around the place before coming closer to the cash register.
"welcome to NJ's Best doughnut shop! How can I help you this fine morning ma'am?" I say over excitedly like always. It's the one fun thing to say here. It's a cheesy phrase and the way I say it creeps people out. She gives me a weird look and giggles. I think I actually did creep her out. She looks hesitantly at the doughnut shelves.
"how much for this doughnut?" she asks pointing at a chocolate glazed one. 
"hmm, how about 2 dollars for the pretty girl?" she winks at me and leans on top of the glass counter, chin in palm. I give her a questioning look. This cannot be.. 
"oh c'mon Frank! It's me Edith!" she stands up straight and sticks her arms out with a grin. 
"no fucking way!" I jump over the counter and give her the biggest, bone crushing hug she'll never forget. 
"what the fuck!" I scream in her face. 
"I know! I've missed you so so so so so so much!" she hugs me again and returns the bone crushing hug. 
"when did you get here?" we sit at one of the tables. 
"you're going to kill me for this but like a few weeks ago, maybe a month."
"what the fuck?!? Why didn't you say anything?? I should slap you you know!"
"I know I'm sorry, but I have my reasons."
"hmm, does your mom know?"
"yeah. She's the only one that knew."
"and she didn't say anything??"
"I told her not to. I want to surprise everyone. I even surprised her."
"I'm going to fucking kill you." I grin and shed a tear. 
"Aww Frank?"
"I'm sorry, it's just been so long. I love you Edith." I get up as well as she and we hug again. And hug for a long time as we cry in each others shoulder. 
"you haven't grown one bit. I see you're still short like I am." I comment.
"I'm glad to be short like you. It's one thing we have in common best friend." I hug her tighter as her words fill my ears. 
"I can't believe you're here." I whisper and stroke her hair. 
"I can't believe it either." I pull away to look at her and sit back down.
"you've changed so much. I couldn't even recognize you."
"I guessed you didn't. I was surprised when I came in and you just looked at me like another costumer. I can't believe I had to tell you who I was!" she punches my arm. 
"I'm sorry! But there's just so much that's different! You're hair! You're figure! You look sophisticated!"
"look at you! Using big words I see."
"yeah, I'm in college so you know, I want to be good."
"that's good. Glad you've changed your ways." she giggles.
"so you still work here?"
"yeah. I'm manager now."
"that's awesome! You're place is packed! Must make a lot of cash huh?" we look around at the empty seats. 
"trying to punk on me huh? Well guess what?! I do get costumers! Mhmm!" I cross my arms and lean back on my chair.  
"really? Well I'll take your word for it. Tell me, how's Emma?"
"she's been great! She's studying to be a veterinarian."
"oh really? Good for her."
"yeah. I'm proud of her. So, where are you living? At your mom's place?"
"no, I'm living in New York with a friend."
"oh so you're permanently staying here?"
"yeah. I switched ballet companies. I no longer dance ballet but contemporary."
"what the fuck is contemporary?" we both giggle. I probably sound ignorant. 
"it's a style of dance that is made up of ballet and modern."
"oh I get it. Okay that's awesome!" 
"yeah. Hey my mom told me you were taking care of Arthus."
"oh I am! He's great! Just really old now."
"aww, I wish I spent more time with him."
"yeah. But he's still healthy."
"I'm glad. Poor dog, I'm such a bad owner."
"no you're not! You're just not a good pet owner."
"you're dumb. Anyway, how's everyone?"
"by everyone you mean.."
"like Ray, Christa, Mikey, and uhh... Gerard.."
"oh, well Ray is finishing school as well as Christa. Mikey is too and working in New York... Gerard.. Well, he's fine. Graduating art college and... Yeah."
"that's cool. Listen, have you heard of... My Chemical Romance?" she leans in and cocks an eyebrow. 
"ahh no way dude!! You know about us?!"
"yeah! I went to watch a show yesterday."
"what the fuck?! Why didn't you say hi?!"
"I couldn't." 
"why not?! 
"I couldn't get to you guys. The place was packed."
"oh okay. How'd you hear about us?"
"my friend. Um.. She's a huge fan."
"really? What's her name?"
"Annie Chester."
"Annie Chester... Hart? Brown hair, crazy bitch, Does photography?"
"yeah her!"
"oh! She did a shoot for us!"
"really? You've go to show me the pictures."
"a hell yeah. Wanna go to my house right now and I'll show you."
"but aren't you working?"
"yeah but fuck it. Emma's sick anyway and I want to be with her and you. I'll just leave a note. C'mon let's get out of here!" we get up and I go behind the register to write a note. 
"had to close down. It was very slow and my wife is very ill. -Frank."
Why couldn't I think of that earlier?!
"c'mon!" I grab my keys and we rush out. I turn off all the lights and lock the place. We run to my car under this raid and step inside. 
"so how were we last night?"
"you guys were great! I can't believe you guys have pulled it off! It was my first show and I was amazed!"
"I'm fucking proud to be in My Chem. We're a fucking cool band. Want to hear our demos?"
"sure!" I shove the CD in my CD player and blast on Our Lady of Sorrows I sing along to the lyrics as Edith moves along.
"so what do you think now?" I lower down the volume. 
"you guys are by far the best band in the world. I'm proud of all of you." 
"I'm proud of myself!" I make a stop and park outside my apartment. 
"you have your own place now?"
"yeah. With Emma."
"aww, you guys are so cute." we step out of the car and enter the building. 
"Emma I'm home!" I yell. Still not stepping in. Only my head is inside. She comes out of the room like a zombie. 
"hey babe. Why aren't you coming in?"
"I have a surprise for you."
"oh Frank you know I don't like surpr-" she immediately stops talking and stares blankly as Edith steps in. 
"hey Emma." Edith says gently. 
"is that really you?" 
"yes it is. Now give me a hug!" she extends her arms out and hugs Emma. Emma raises her arms slowly and hugs her back. Emma blinks and tears run down her cheeks. 
"Edith.. Oh my god."
"I know. I'm finally back." Edith's voice sounds groggy. 
"oh my god. I missed you."
"I did too." they pull away to face each other with their watery eyes. I stand next to them and hug them and we're in a group hug in tears. Kodak moment. 
We finally sit and I make coffee for all of us. 
"how was Canada?" Emma asks as I join them and give them a mug of coffee.
"thanks. It was great. I had lots of fun. Made awesome freinds. Met awesome people. Had good and bad moments. Missed everyone here. It was an incredible experience."
"I'm so glad you had fun, but the next time you try to leave, Frank and I are going to tie you down, just so you know." Emma laughs. 
"no need for that. I'm here to stay."
"well great. You can throw away the ropes honey. Anyway, where are you staying?"
"in New York with a friend."
"that's great! So in that case, you're our number one guest to our Thanksgiving party."
"oh yeah! My mom told me about that. I'm definately coming."
"you better! So what are you doing now?"
"I'm working for a company here in New York."
"oh that's so much better. Canada's lame anyway." Emma jokes. 
"so how are you two?" Edith asks taking a sip of her coffee.
"we're perfect. We never fight. We understand eachother and there's always love in the house." I agree with Emma, but... There's something always missing that we have never done..
"I'm so happy for you two. I knew you guys would last. Any marriage?"
"oh no, we're looking into that though." I cough and Emma looks at me. 
"oh hey Edith, want to look at Arthus?" 
"oh yes!" 
"c'mon." she follows me into another room in the house. Emma and I keep a room for only our pets. We have 4 dogs, Edith's dog, and two hamsters. 
"there he is." Arthus is laying in a corner in his bed Emma made for him. 
"oh my god..." she walks towards him and pets his head. He sniffs her and rolls over telling her to rub his belly. 
"aww. How are you Arthus?" he moans. 
"we've been taking good care of him. Don't worry." Emma says. I bring in the dog food and serve breakfast for everyone. 
"this is actually a good idea. Having a room for the pets. Why don't you guys have the door?"
"we took it down so the dogs could come in and out as they please." 
"oh that's such a good idea." 
"are you going to want Arthus back?" I ask her setting the dog food down. 
She sighs deeply, "I rather not. He's better off with you animal lovers than me. It hurts to say but it's true."
"oh thank god!" I say in relief. Emma smacks my arm. 
"Frank has grown a big love for the dog since it belonged to you." I smile widely. 
"aww, that's sweet Frank. Thank you."
"you're welcome. Let's go outside?"
"alright." we get out and settle back in the living room again. 
"ha! Hey Edith! Tell Emma how much you love My Chem!" Emma gasps and widens her eyes. She looks back and forth at Eddie and me.
"oh yeah! They are amazing! You would not believe how incredible I think they are!"
"wow! I didn't know you knew! How'd you find out?"
"a friend of mine. She took me the show yesterday."
"you were there?! Why didn't you say anything?!"
"that's what I'm saying!" I comment agreeing with Emma. 
"well, I just couldn't."
"yeah why?"
"well, I didn't want... You know, to see me." 
"oh, I get it. Well its okay. We understand." Emma and I nod. 
"and please, can you not say anything? Specially to him? And I want to surprise everyone one by one." 
"oh sure. We understand."
"yeah. When are you telling Ray and Mikey?"
"I'm not sure yet. I'd have to look into that."
"why don't we call them over right now?" 
"sure why not."
"oh fuck yeah!" I stand up and make the call to Ray first. 
"hey Ray, you busy?"
"is that Frank?" I can hear Gerard's voice in the background. 
"no, Gerard! Wait! Ugh.... T'sup Frank. I need to tell you something." Gerard speaks through the phone.
"uhh sure. Wait up." I step outside. 
"what is it Gerard?"
"ok um, how drunk was I last night?"
"very. You're always very drunk before a show."
"well I know that but, I remember something. But I don't know if I was hallucinating."
"well what do you remember?" 
"well, when we were singing  
Vampires, I saw this really cute chick. We made eye contact and so I winked and continued singing. Then afterwards, I went to look for Geoff and found him outside talking to someone in a taxi. Then I remember I was teasing Geoff 'cause he said he was trying to hit on that chick and when I looked at her... You're going to think I'm crazy but, She looked like Edith..."
"uhh, nah dude. You're crazy. Edith is in Canada remember?"
"I know but I swear I saw her! But I'm not sure if it was her. She had shorter hair but it looked exactly like her."
"it wasn't her dude. Don't you think if it was she would have said hello to us?"
"you guys. Not me."
"well same thing. She didn't say hello and she's in Canada. Sorry man, but you were hallucinating." 
"oh.. I thought so anyway. Well thanks. Here Ray."
"so what is it you wanted to tell me Frank?" Now it's Ray talking.
"oh um, nevermind... Wait! Fuck it, can you come to my house?"
"sure. Right now?"
"yeah, and bring Mikey. But whatever you do... Is Gerard listening?"
"no, he's trying to play my guitar."
"oh okay. Whatever you do... Don't bring Gerard. I'll explain later."
"uhh, okay. I'll see what I could do. See you."
"bye." I click and go back inside.
"are they coming?" Edith asks. 
"yeah. They are." 
"oh great! Ooh, I'm getting nervous." she claps her hands together and grins. 
I nod happily for Edith. But I'm not actually happy. I'm nervous. Gerard saw her. He's not going to listen to me. He's going to make sure he's right till something serious proves him wrong. But he's right. And he's going to find out sooner or later...

I hear a knock on the door. Everyone stays quiet. I walk to the door slowly and look through the peep hole and see Ray and Mikey. Thank God Gerard didn't follow them. 
"Edith, come." she comes to me silently and looks through the peep hole. She squeals lightly. 
"want to open the door and surprise them?" she nods. I go and sit next to Emma. I kiss her on the head and watch as Edith opens the door. 
"hey you guys." she says. Ray and Mikey's face turn pale and they look at Edith blankly. 
"why does everyone do that stare?" she says and looks over her shoulder at me.
"Pretty Girl!" they both scream and tackle her into a hug. They both kiss her cheeks and again, everyone is crying. 
"baby sister! How are you!" Ray picks Edith up spinning her. 
"I'm great and you?"
"and how's my brother in law?" she says and embraces Mikey. 
"I'm so glad to see you. I missed you."
"and I did too." she lets go and wipes her tears. Then they all join us in the living room. 
Ray and Mikey settle things down and ask her all these questions she's probably answered enough times already. When did she get here. Where she's living. What is she doing here. How was Canada. Is she leaving again. Then Ray comments about our band.
"oh you guys are great. I saw the show last night."
"you were there?!" Mikey yells. 
"yeah I was with a friend." 
"wait, were you wearing a white cropped tee?"
"yeah. Why?" 
Mikey turns his attention to Ray and Ray looks back at him questionably. Then they both look back at Edith. 
"just asking. I think I might have seen you..."
"really? Why didn't you tell me hi?"
"'cause I wasn't sure if it was you." Mikey is such a bad liar. 
"oh right."
"why didn't you come up to us huh?"
She inhales deeply, "I couldn't."
Mikey nods and looks at Ray again. 
"well... We're glad to see you anyway." Mikey says smiling. 
"who wants pizza!?" Ray yells and we all chant "pizza". Ray gets up and dials the pizza number while the rest of us laugh at the stupid things that Mikey says that happened to him yesterday.

Pizza arrives a half hour later and Edith and Emma are still not back from the store. So us the guys sit and talk in the living room. 
"hey Frank, Gerard told you right?" Ray says getting a beer from my fridge. 
"yeah he did."
"so what are we going to do? He's going to find out sooner or later you know that? He's sure he saw her. He pointed at her from backstage showing Matt and me." Mikey comments. 
"I know. But you two, can't say shit okay?"
"of course we're not but why not?"
"Edith doesn't want him to know."
"oh okay. Well If she says so then we'll keep our mouths shut but she won't be able to hide for long. She lives in New York and he works and studies in New York. It's like playing hide n' seek in the same room! That doesn't work." Ray answers. 
"I know.. Well for now, we can't say anything. Who knows what Edith has in mind." I sip my beer. Ray has a point. Either she does something or he'll find out on his own and probably make a fool out of himself. Edith doesn't like him anymore. 
The girls come back with a bunch of bags full of toxins like chips and candy, soda, more beer and wine. Emma's idea. Her motto is "beer for the guys, wine for the ladies." even though she drinks beer herself sometimes. 
We sit and watch a comedy film just like the old days. Just Gee isn't with us and isn't sitting in the corner making out with Edith. sigh I miss the old days when we were all just friends. 
If Edith doesn't do anything, it's going to create a big conflict. We all love Eddie and Gee. We can't choose between one or the other.

The day goes by and more than half of the food is gone. Thanks to Eddie and me. I see we both still have the same appetite. We watched two movies and afterwards, we smoked and drank outside in our balcony. Our balcony was pretty big for all of us. Including the dogs. I brought Kookie, my chihuahua with me and Emma has Roy, our husky with her.
"remember the time when we left you Ray?" I say out loud remembering the funny story. 
"oh man, you guys are bitches."
"what happened?" Eddie asks grinning.
"well we were driving right. Driving out of state for a gig in.. I forgot but we stopped at a gas station for a piss stop. So we all took a leak and stretched because we were cramped in our van. So then we all got in the van and continued on our way. We were all pretty stoned so we didn't know what was going on other than that we were driving. So then Gerard gets a call and he answers, 
'hello?' and the other person is like, 'hey what's up?' Gerard gives us a questioning look. Then the guy on the line is like, 'uhh, notice anything is missing?' and Gerard looks around. Then he smacks his head and tells our driver to turn around. Then Gerard is like, 'we forgot Ray' and then Mikey is like, 'ahh shit, I forgot he was taking a dump!'" I burst out laughing remembering the look on Ray's face when we picked him up. Ray shakes his head and spits on my shoe. Eddie laughs along with me as everyone else is. 
"oh good times, good times..." 
"when is your next show?" Eddie asks. 
"hmm, next week right?" I look at Ray. 
"yeah next week."
"cool, I'll try to make it." she gets a call on her phone.
"hello? Oh hey what's up? I'm at a friends house. Alright, I'll be there like at.. 7:30. Kay, bye." 
"you have to go?" I ask her. 
"yeah I have to get going.." 
"you want a ride home?"
"no, I don't want to cause any trouble."
"no its fine. I'll take you."
"uhh, fine. Just to the subway entrance."
"okay." I get off the ledge and go inside to get my keys as Eddie says goodbye to everybody. 
"I had so much fun. I love you all. Goodbye." and we head downstairs. 
"you could drop me off right here. I have to pick up some stuff anyway." I drop her off a couple blocks away. 
"thank you Frank. You're a great friend." 
"you're welcome. Goodbye." she steps out of the car and waves goodbye as she makes her way down the street. I watch her go then drive away. I park in front of a liquor store near by to buy some more cigarettes. Inside the store, I find Gerard. 
"oh hey Gerard." I say approaching him.
"what's up man?"
"What are you doing here?"
"well, I was about to go to your house since Ray told me he was going to be there with you and Mikey practicing for our next gig and I wanted to stop by."
"oh.. Well come with me. I'm just going to buy something."
"okay." he follows me into an isle. From the corner of my eye, I see Gerard grab a random bag of chips. 
"why are you in the women section?"
"Emma is on her days so I'm getting her some pain killers and pampers." I grab the "pampers" and go to the next aisle. 
" was practice?" I hesitate as I have two things to think about: what cigarettes are better and what's my excuse?!
"Marlboro please. Uhh, it was alright. We sound better."
"oh great. Oh, buy me these.." he puts the chips on the counter. "when are we practicing with vocals?"
"tomorrow if you want." 
"after 12 though. Tori is taking me to some activity thing at her school."
"what kind of thing?"
"I dont know, some dance workshop. She wants me to try it out with her. She thinks it'll do me some 'good' and it'll release my stress. It's like some yoga shit."
"oh, have fun." I say sarcastically. As soon as we exit the liquor store, I lid up a fag. Gerard picks up a flyer from the floor and starts reading it to me, but I'm too distracted to hear because as soon as we step out, I noticed Edith in the far distance carrying some bags. She stands at the corner and a car stops in front her. A guy with blonde hair steps out taking the bags from her hands and.. They kiss. He opens the door for her, puts the bags in the back seat and he steps back in his car and drives away.
"dude? Were you listening?"
"I said, Snakepit is playing tomorrow night. Wanna go?"
"uhh sure."
"alright!" we head back to my car once I was done smoking. Gerard stays silent for a minute then speaks again.
"so I talked with Geoff today."
"really? What did he say?"
"that we were great yesterday. He said that bar wants to book us again."
"ahh hell yeah." I slam the driving wheel.
"yeah. That's pretty fucking awesome... He also told me about the girl he was hitting on.."
"...and what happened..."
"he said her name was Edith." 
Fuck me
"dude, you're trippin' balls. So what? There are many other girls named Edith."
"but she looked like Edith! I remember Edith's face when she's surprised or in shock. She opens her eyes widely and stares at you like a scared puppy!"
"but c'mon Gerard, what would she be doing here anyway?"
"well if you haven't forgotten, her mother does live here."
"yeah but, she would have said something! And, what would she be doing in a bar like that?"
"I dont know, people change over time. And don't be dumb, you use to take her to even crazier gigs."
He's got me. 
"so?! Doesn't mean anything."
"whatever. I'm going to keep believing what I think because I want to okay?!"
"whatever." I park outside my house and we both step out of my car. 
We enter my house and find Emma arguing with Mikey and Ray is there with head phones on pretending to play guitar. 
"what's going on?!"
"Mikey thinks that Eagle Nation sucks!"
"well they do!"
"oh and Snakepit doesn't?"
"they're fucking awesome! You just don't know about music Emma."
"oh ok Mr. Know-it-all-about-music!"
"shut up! They both suck! David Bowie lives long and proud!" Gerard sings stepping into the circle. Everyone stays quiet. I giggle to myself.
"fuck you all." he plops down on the couch and eats his chips. 
"anyway, Mikey, get the fuck out." 
"fine." he throws a pillow and leaves the house. A few seconds later Emma runs out of the house as well. 
"kids." I say jokingly and sit in between Ray and Gee.
Emma and Mikey burst into the house singing along to one of My Chem's songs. Sunsets Over Monroeville to be exact. Soon, we all joined them. Including Ray, who heard our chants and put his headphones down. 

We all end up drunk that night. I even forgot to tell Emma I brought her her pampers. Mikey ends up being the most drunk this time and knocks out on Emma's lap. So I tell Gerard just to leave him here since he won't be getting up anytime soon. So Gee and Ray leave. We leave Mikey on the couch and Emma brings him a blanket. Emma and I move to our bedroom and rest. 
"what are we going to do about Gee and Edith?" Emma whispers as I hug her close to me. 
"I dont know. We can't do anything about them. We'll find out soon want fate has for them." I kiss her head. 
"goodnight Frankie."
"goodnight MJ." 
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