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14. Contemporary

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Edith's POV
So today is my first day in the studio. I'm thrilled to be there today. It's going to be amazing! I've changed into my dance cloths and set to go. I grab my dance bag and settle on the couch to make a call. 
"hey Harry." I say through the phone. 
"good morning beautiful."
"so I-"
"wait I'm sorry. I can't talk right now. And I'm sorry again, I can't pick you up. I had to arrive early at the studio and I'm busy. But you know how to get here right?"
"uhh yeah I do."
"I'm really sorry baby."
"it's okay, don't worry about it."
"alright. So I really have to go. I'll see you in a bit."
"kay bye." 
I throw my phone in my bag. I sigh deeply and place my forehead between my hands. 
"he better not be doing this again." 
I drink some water to calm down before I leave and I take a taxi over there. 
When I arrive, I find Lydia again at the front desk. 
"hey Lydia." I say stepping closer to her. 
"oh hello Edith, first day of initiation?"
"yeah. Um, have you seen Harry?"
"Harry? This early in the morning? I don't think so honey." she laughs. 
"do you know what time he arrives?"
"later in the day. I dont know about today though, since today there are new dancers. He should probably get here earlier but at this time? Never."
"oh okay, thanks." I make my way to one of the couches when Kate comes out of a door. 
"oh hey Eddie! Mind if I call you Eddie?"
"not at all."
"okay great. So anyway, want to go inside to the studio? All the dancers are there."
"okay cool. I'll go there right now."
"Kay, I'll be there in a sec." she hugs me and leaves leaving the door open. 
"bye Lydia. See you in a while."
"okay honey." 
I walk down the hall with no idea where to go. Harry took me through a lot of doors last time. 
"Edith Lynn? Oh my god!" a young women approaches me. 
"hi." I say as she extends her arm. 
"I'm Rosy, it's a pleasure to meet you."
"thank you. It's nice to meet you too."
"going to the studio?"
"yeah, but I'm a little lost." 
She giggles, "last door on the left."
"okay thanks. See you in a bit."
"you too." and she keeps walking down the hall. I walk up the hall and arrive to the last door on the left. I open it and everyone stares at me. 
"good morning." I salute and walk to the back to place my bag down. The place is full of different dancers. Some I recognize from last time and others I don't. 
"good morning." everyone says greeting me with a smile. A young guy approaches me. 
"hi Edith, I'm Shanelle."
"hi Shanelle, pleasure to meet you."
"oh honey the pleasure is mine. Can I sit with you?"
"sure. Make yourself comfortable."
"oh you're so cute." he squeezes my leg as we sit down criss cross on the floor. 
"so tell me, how'd you get in this company?" he looks straight at me with a sparkle in his eyes. 
"I was transferred here from AV ballet."
"ooh honey! You came from Canada? That's fancy. How do you like New York?"
"oh it's beautiful. Something quite different. Tell me, how did you enter this company?"
"I auditioned 3 years ago. I was in another company. A modern one to be exact and Kate, you know Kate right?"
"yeah well her, she told me to audition since she was impressed with me and I've been here since then."
"wow, that's really cool. How are things around here?"
"everyone is so sweet and nice and everyone cares for each other. We all love each other. We're a big family and we make everyone feel at home."
"that's good to hear. I'm a little nervous to be here today."
"why so?"
"I dont know, it's just really exciting to be here since I've been dancing ballet for almost all my life."
"girl c'mon, you'll be fine. If you can dance ballet like a master, you'll be just as great here. Let me tell you, you are beautiful when you dance; very graceful."
"thank you."
"mm girl, thank you for bringing such beauty to this world." he laughs and slaps my leg. I start to laugh too and in that moment, Kate and Harry come in. He told me he was going to be here early. Liar..
"oh look who's here, the hottie." Shanelle looks over at Kate and Harry. 
"who Kate?" 
he looks at me like, are you crazy?
"no girl, Harold. Mm, he's so cute. Just look at that ass." he licks his lips as he stares at Harry who's taking off his sweats and sweater. I burst out laughing.
"what, you don't think he's cute?"
"oh I think he's cute alright." I giggle then Harry starts speaking. 
"everyone! Gather around into a circle." Shanelle pulls me in with him to a large circle that's being formed by all the dancers. 
"so as you may know, today is first day of initiation of a new year here at AV contemporary. This year, we have added new dancers because we are working on something new. And now, this is our new family to stay." everyone claps--including me--and look around smiling at each other. 
"we have a special person joining us this new year. She comes from Canada and transferred from AV ballet. Everyone welcome Ms. Edith Lynn." everyone looks towards my direction and smiles while clapping and I look back at them with a smile. 
"thank you everyone. I'm so excited to be here with you all and I look forwards to a great year with you guys." I give my little speech and everyone claps again. 
"thank you Edith and we're excited to have you here too. Okay so moving on, I want everyone to stand up and start walking around all over the room." I stand and do what everyone else is doing. We walk around like crazy roaches with no direction. I walk around and bump into people and when I pass Shanelle, he gives me this cheesy grin that make me giggle. 
"stop!" Harry yells and we stop in place. I stop close to Kate and a guy with tattoo's and a septum peircing who smiles at me and and another guy who's quite tall and sturdy looking with dark brown hair. 
"roll your head to the right." everyone follows along at what Harry says. 
"roll your head to the left. Now greet the person next to you." the guy with the septum comes to me. 
"hi I'm Scott Marigna And you are?"
"Edith Lynn. Nice to meet you."
"nice meeting you too."
"ask a question to your partner." Harry calls. 
"um, how long have you danced contemporary?" Scott asks me. 
"like a couple of years. Not too long says I've focused on ballet more. How about you?"
"8 years. And I'm proud to be part of this company." I grin at how fascinated he says that.
"that's great."
"thank you."
"now move around again!" Harry yells again. So we do what he says. 
"now this time, walk faster." and we all walk faster bumping into each other more frequently. 
"stop!" he yells again, "now tap a person next to you on the shoulder." I stopped in front of people I don't recoginize. A short girl with blonde hair and red tips and a really thin guy with glasses. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around. A girl about my height with really long brown hair smiles at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and rosy pink cheeks. 
"hi I'm Hailey. Nice to meet you." 
"hi hailey, I'm Edith. Nice meeting you too."
"Tell them something interesting about you!" Harry says. 
"well, something interesting about myself is that my middle name is also Hailey." 
"oh that's so cool! Me... I... I haven't cut my hair in 3 years.."
"that's pretty interesting..and amazing.. Can I touch your hair?"
"sure." she turns around and I brush my fingers through her hair. 
"wow, it's so soft."
"move around again!"
"bye." I tell her as she waves goodbye and we walk away.
"walk slower and limply" I walk slower and lazily, like when I wake up in the morning. I close my eyes using my senses to know when I will bump into someone and then Harry calls out another stop. I open my eyes and I'm standing right in front of him. I smile widely. He smiles back grimly. I furrow my eyebrows quickly for a second and he starts again. 
"greet your partner!" he says and turns around to face someone else. I squint my eyes slightly staring at the back of his head. Others notice and have a questioning look on their faces. I turn around and find no one to pair up with. 
"you can join us." a girl who had noticed the scene, smiled at me welcoming me. It's the same short girl with blonde hair and red tips. She was paired up with an Asian guy who has a really small smile. 
"my name is Carly, what's yours?"
"I'm Edith."
"and I'm William." the Asian guy says.
"nice meeting you both and thank you for letting me join you two."
"no prob, I saw in what awkward position Harry left you in."
"oh... Yeah. That's a jerk." I say loudly hoping he'll hear me. Carly and William smile and giggle as they look behind me at Harry. 
"he heard you." Carly whispers leaning in closer to me. 
"Really? Oops." I say in a loud voice and look over my shoulder at him. He doesn't look at me but cocks his neck and rubs the back of his neck while talking to someone else. He says goodbye to them and walks to the front of the room. 
"now everyone spread out and reach towards the sky." we reach our hands to the sky and stretch our backs and abdomens. 
"bring them down and shake it out. Lay on the ground." 
He made us do some crazy strengthening work out that made the humid in the room really heavy. We were all sweaty. He then showed us a combination to the song Ziggie Stardust by David Bowie. I remember Ray told me this was his favorite song so it made me happy through out the whole combination. 
He taught us a part of the combination and then he would walk around and nod and smile. This time, he did come to me and nod. But no smile. Just a cold stare. 
"here look, it's like this." he did a pretty high fan kick showing me how to do one. Like if I don't know how to do one. 
"but you see, you're going too fast. Go slower and smoothly and try to hold it. Can you hold it?" Try?! he's treating me like if I don't know how to fucking hold my extension. He holds my leg from my thigh and moves it like a fan for me. I cock and eyebrow and return the same cold stare he gives me. And I prove him wrong. I hold my leg up high in a high extension and I bring it down slowly just like he said. He nods and pats my shoulder. 
"good job. Okay, moving on!" This jerk. Does he honestly think he can treat me wrongly?! I mean, I'm not asking for special attention just 'cause I'm his girlfriend but I do not deserve to be treated less than others for being his girl.
He puts us in groups of four and I am paired up with Scott, an Asian girl with black hair and blue highlights and a short thin guy. Everyone else sits down by the mirror and watches us perform what Mr. Jerk showed us. He stands at the corner, The corner where I'm at and while I dance. I can feel his death glare right to my soul. I give him a nasty glare when I do my fan kick. He looks back at me with a mischievous smile. I roll my eyes. I don't want any of his [cute-sy/] stuff. 
"very nice. Okay, next group." my group sits and the people around us congratulate us. 

Right before class ended, we made a circle and everyone was welcome to just step inside and improvise. It was so fun to see everyone's taste in dancing. Afterwards, we took a picture and he dismissed us. 
"Edith, can I talk to you for a sec." Carly looks back at me and smiles. I smile back and approach Harry. Once everyone is out of the room, he looks at me with a warm smile. He approaches me and wraps an arm around my waist pulling me closer to him and plants a lustful kiss on my lips. 
"I've been wanting to do that all day."
"really?" I push him away and wipe my lips with the back of my palm. 
"what's wrong?"
"what's wrong? What's.. WRONG?!" I glare at him and walk out furiously. 
I shower and fix myself before heading out of the lockers. I put on my red lipstick and ruffle my hair and go out. I enter the main lobby and there he is, speaking with Lydia. He looks at me and I walk right on by. He follows my movements and again I exit furiously. 

Harry's POV
I watch her walk out, sends me that shivering stare and walks on by, pissed off. 
"I'll talk to you later Lydia."
"bye bye Harry." I follow her out the door. 
"Edith!" I call. She keeps walking and doesn't turn around. Shit, what have I done? I think I might have taken it too far this time. All just 'cause I wanted to be careful this time... 
I go to the parking and enter my car. 
"dammit, what am I going to do?" I say out loud as I call Edith. It rings 4 times before it sends me to voicemail. I call again and it sends me straight to voicemail. I text message her. She is really pissed off. I can't believe it. Didn't know this side of Edith. 
I start my car and drive over to my good friend's house, Khali. I've known this guy since I was 15. I was a dancer and he was a musician. He plays the trumpet. God he is a great. He works for the New York Phil Harmonic. He knows everything about me. It's weird. 
I arrive at his home who he shares with his wife and 3 kids. It's a beautiful home near Manhattan and it's really big. This guy knows how to live. I park my car in the drive way and ring the door bell. 
"hi Suriá, is Khali home?"
"oh hello Harry, yes he's home. Come in." I love talking to her because I like how she says my name in a foreign accent. I step inside and their dog--who follows me around for some reason--and I sit down on their couch. She calls Khali in their Pakistan language and I can hear him come down the stairs. 
"oh hello Harry, how are you?"
"I'm great. In some minor trouble but I'm perfectly okay."
"oh pour your problems on me, I'll help you."
"thank you Khali, you're awesome." he tells his wife to bring us some drinks and she comes back with a tray of two small glasses and whiskey. 
"tell me, what's wrong."
"well, I just want to say that I am happy, to have a girl I really like as a girlfriend. Remember I told you about her?"
"yeah you did.. Uhh what was her name... Edith right?"
"yeah her. Well we've been together for basically a month already. Dated for 2 and have been a couple for the other 2 and let me just say that's it's been great. But... I just screwed up." I drink my whiskey to calm my nerves. 
"Harry, ugh what did you do?"
"remember my problem with Hailey? Well I don't want that to happen again so I guess I took it too far this time."
"too far?"
"yeah, I- I've been ignoring Edith. And more than once. 3 times. And I think she caught on and got really mad."
"hmm Harry, what do you plan on doing?"
"that's why I came to you! I dont know what to do!"
"okay do this, tried calling her already?"
"yeah! But she turned her phone off."
"hmm, okay. Leave her alone for a while. I'm pretty sure she'll tell one of her friends so you go look for that friend and see what she tells you. Then you go look for Edith and tell her you're sorry but.. You're also going to have to tell her why you did it."
"oh no... I can't do that."
"do you want Edith back, or not."
"I do!!"
"then suck it up and come out with the truth."
"fuck, fine I'll tell her. Is there anything else I could do other than that?" he shakes his head and drinks his whiskey. 
"no, in a relationship, there has to be trust and always the truth. That's why relationships don't last. Because there isn't trust, love, and there's lies. That never works."
"you're right. I have to say something. Thanks Khali." I get up to give him a hug. 
"you're welcome. Go get her." 
"thanks. Tell Your wife I said bye!" and I rush out of his house. I start the car and speed out to Edith's house. 

I'm parked outside her building. Too scared to go up to her house. If she surprised me today with a side of her I haven't met, then what if she takes her claws out up in her house? Women are scary. I call again. Her phone isn't turned off anymore but she doesn't answer. So I finally give in and go up to her condo.

I knock on the door and there's silence. The light through the peep whole is covered in black and then back to light. Again, silence. Then I hear footsteps fading and coming closer. 
"who is it?"
"Harry" Annie opens the door and I can only see half of her face. 
"is Edith home?"
"she is, but she doesn't want to see you. Ouch! That hurt! I mean, she isn't home." I hold back a laugh. That's so not obvious. 
"okay, can I speak to you?" she looks at me confusedly. Looks over her shoulder and steps outside closing the door behind her. 
"what is it?"
"well uhh, do you know why Edith is mad?" 
She snorts, "hey Edith! Did you hear?"
"Annie! Please!"
"Kay fine, sorry. She's mad 'cause you ignored her. Treated her bad and treated her less equal and I dont know what else. She was just surprised of how embarrassed you are of her. And this isn't your first time doing it she says. And you know what Harry? I'm surprised too! I can't believe you!" she slaps my arm. 
"you guys have it all wrong! Please believe me! I know I've done wrong as a boyfriend and you guys are probably wondering what in the world is wrong with me but I can explain! Please let me explain!" 
"I dont know Harry.."
"please, please Edith!" I yell. Suddenly, the door opens and a teary Edith comes out and stands by the door. She opens it wider and I step inside with Annie. 
"you guys can both hear." I say and enter the living room sitting across from them. They sit and I have 2 big pairs of eyes looking back at me like scared cats. 
"so first I want to say, I'm sorry Edith. I didn't think this would happen and that's pretty stupid of me to think. And I'm sorry. I just hope you can understand. My reason to this situation is because, I don't want the other dancers to know. Not because I'm embarrassed but because I don't want anyone to start any rumors. For instance, I don't want them to think you got a main role because of me or I give you special treatment just because you're my girlfriend. Worst of all, I don't want them to think you got in our company easily because you're my girlfriend. Get what I'm saying?" she nods and a tear roles down her cheek. 
"also.. I've had a similar problem like this one. I had a girlfriend in the company. People started rumors of us and got in our business. They thought I gave her special treatment, there were sides between my friends and hers and it was just a big mess. They have also created rumors of us having sex in the studio when no one was around. Can you believe that?!" Annie laughs loudly and Edith grips her lips together trying not to laugh. 
"It's ridiculous! But one that has really offended me is that they also created rumors of our brake up. No one knows why we broke up but still they assume and like I said, it was a big mess."
"is she still in the company?" Edith finally speaks. 
"Unfortunately yes. But we don't speak anymore." 
"oh wow, that's awkward. What's her name?"
"Hailey Rousse." 
"what?! Brown long hair, hazel eyes?!"
"yeah did you meet her today?"
"yeah. She was so sweet. Wow, I can't believe it. That's really awkward."
"yeah. Especially 'cause her name is Hailey like yours." Annie adds.
"yeah. But who cares now I guess. I hope things don't get messy. I'm sorry for getting mad. If only I would have known earlier." Edith says.
"don't tell me sorry. It's understandable. I would have gotten mad too. I should say sorry for not saying something earlier." 
"it's okay. Well, I guess we're going to have to keep a secret. Just don't be so rude! It seriously pissed me off when you were suppose to be MY partner. Even Carly noticed."
"I'm really sorry. That was pretty rude and I felt really bad afterwards."
"it's okay though. Just know that I will seriously smack you next time." she gets up and hugs me then sits on my lap and kisses my cheek. 
"can I make it up to you tonight?"
"by cooking a delicious meal at my house."
"sure! But.." she looks over at Annie. 
"oh don't worry about me. I will be video chatting with my Carlos." she flutters her eye lashes and hugs herself. 
"fine. Let's go?"
"sure." she gets off my lap and we hold hands as we walk out the door. 
"bye! Have fun!" Annie calls. 
I make her my delicious vegetarian pizza that is done in just less or exactly 45 minutes. I pour her a glass of rich red wine and we talk over dinner about how the session was today. 
She told me she really enjoyed the combination because the song that we danced to reminded her of a great old friend. It makes me happy that she's happy and we're back to our old self. 
After we're done, we lay in my bed watching TV cuddling. 
"hey Edith, I forgot to say, I have not seen that side of you."
"what side?"
"you're 'bad' side. You were so angry today it scared me."
She starts to laugh. 
"oh yeah. You do not want to get me mad. That's why all my friends try not to make me mad 'cause they know how I get."
"well now I know. And also, sorry for criticizing you're fan kick. It's beautiful by the way."
"yeah that pissed me off too. And if it's beautiful, why'd you tell me I was doing it wrong?"
"because I wanted to talk to you and hold your leg."
"you are so weird! And a pervert!" she hits me with a pillow.
"hey! You were mad and I didn't want to blow my cover and I really wanted to kiss you so, what else could I do?"
"nice going but now you know, don't make me mad." she kisses my neck and rests her head back on my chest again. 


We watched TV for a long time and I was getting sleepy. It was one in the morning and we were watching Goosebumps since it was the only best of the worst. I look down at her and notice she was sleeping. I look at her for a while and notice her breathing is relaxed and slow. I kiss her nose gently and turn off the TV. I embrace her in my arms and soon drift off into sleep with the girl of my dreams..
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