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Midna x Link had a baby

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Midna and Link have a baby called Adam, what happens when an old friend comes back? ;)

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"Link, stop letting Adam play with your Sword and Sheild, its dangerous he is only 1." I say with a worried tone in my voice.

"Okay, sorry he likes it though look at his little face."

This is my life now, once Link defeated Ganondorf and Zant, our world is at peace and that was when Link admitted he loved me, I loved him too what could I say?

He agreed to come back with me to the Twilight where we would live out our days as King and Queen of the Twili. The Mirror is not shattered, I could never break apart Link and his family, he loves them too much and I don't blame him. Family is really important, so now and again us three will go through the mirror and show Adam the world of light and he enjoys himself there, he loves seeing the colours and he adores Princess Zelda, he likes to call her Auntie Zelda.

Ordon Village is the same, everyone is happy and living their lives, Illia and Link are still best friends but Illia has found herself love which me and Link are thrilled about. Colin is practising sword skills with his farther and he loves it, he likes to show the rest of the children what he has learned, everything is amazing in life except for the fact that Link keeps letting Adam play with sharp objects, he still doesn't get the fact that Adam is only 1 and cannot weild anything yet.

I walk over to Link who is quietly sitting on the red chair next to the fire with Adam quietly asleep in his arms, this is my family and I am so happy that I have one.

I sit on the arm chair next to Link who woke up once I put my body weight onto the armchair.

"You look peaceful." I whisper to him.

"Yeah, little Adam here said he wanted to sleep with his daddy."

I kiss Links forehead "Aww, how cute. Do you want me to put him upstairs?"

"Yes please, my arm is numb."

I giggle a little and take my baby boy into my arms and slowly walk up the stairs.

I place him down into his cot gently and stroke the dirty blonde hair from his face, he is so peaceful when he sleeps, he looks just like Link but with more of a light blue face complexsion to mine.

I soon feel warm arms around my waist as I feel Links breath on my neck.

"Isn't he so peaceful?" I say.

"He sure is" he pauses before saying.. "Our little boy, our family."

my heart skips a beat at hearing that.

I turn my neck around and kiss Links cheak before resting my head onto his shoulder and looking at my little boy resting in his cot before us.

I move out of Links grasp and make my over to get changed into my night clothes as does Link.

"We have a big day ahead of us, we need to go and see Zelda, you still need to get your medal for that competition you won earlier for 'best hero' award." I nudge him gently as we hop into bed.

"And don't forget I couldn't have done it without your help, but yeah, we should get some sleep now."

"Goodnight my King, I love you." I turn over to sleep when Link grabs me and turns me around to face him. I look deep into his eyes.

"I love you too so much my Queen." he kisses my forehead before falling back into the pillow, I fall back to and place my head onto his chest whilst he wraps his arms around me, I feel safe.

We fall into a deep slumber.


We wake up to the sound of Adam crying. He never wakes up in the night.

I look at Link before hoping out of bed and putting my dressing gown on. I swifly make my way into Adams room and Link follows behind me.

I open the door and I can't believe my eyes.

"Hello Midna." Zant, Zant is holding my baby!

"How? You? Give me Adam!" was all I could say, I was dumbfounded by Zant, he is in my baby's room alive? I killed him using my ancestors magic how on earth can he be alive.

Adam hasn't stopped crying and Link is stood in front of me with anger spread on his face.

"I can't do that I am afraid Midna, you took my life, but now I am back and I am going to make your life a living hell. Your Kingdom, your husband, even your baby will bow down to me once I am finished here."

"Give me Adam right now! you have no right to touch our baby!" Link screams and Zant just chuckles.

"Oh, you really have grown more pathetic from when I last saw you."

"How did you get here Zant?" I ask.

"Oh, a few 'friends' from the other side brought me back to fufil my destiny, and lets just say I have that destiny in my hands."

"You dare do anything to Adam and I swear I will kill you!" Link spits.

"We will have to see what happens, but for now this is goodbye." Zant smiles that evil grin at us before a cloud of Twilight appears above him and Adam, the type of Twilight that the shadow beasts came through.

Link and I run up to Zant and try to stop him but we are too late, the echo of Zants laugh and Adams screams are filling the room.

"He, he took our baby." I look at Link before falling into his arms and crying, we go down onto our knees.

"Shhh its okay, we will get him back and I will kill him once and for all!" Link strokes my hair and trys to sooth me.

"We need to look for him!"

"We can't now, we don't know where Zant is. Lets sleep so we won't be cranky tomorrow and then we will find out where he has taken him."

"I guess your right, hopefully I will sleep."

Link kisses me. "Don't worry, Adam will be safe with us in no time."

I can only hope he is right.
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