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Old man.

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an old man appears..

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I couldn't sleep, I was too busy thinking about my baby boy in the clutches of that insane man. What would he want with my Adam? if he wanted to make my life hell he should have taken me instead. All of these thoughts stopped when I heard Link.

"Hunny are you awake?" he whispers, its 3am as I look at the clock and I am led with my head in the pillow looking at the ceiling.


"C'mere, it will be okay Zant wouldn't dare hurt him because he would have to deal with me." he pulls me into a tight embrace before I cry into his chest, I might be strong but I am not strong enough to hold back tears.

"Don't cry, hey, shh, it will all be okay you might make me cry, shhh its fine everything will be fine." he strokes my hair and coos me with soft words which makes me calm a little and I start crying quietly when I hear Link sobbing and I lift my head up to see Link crying as much as I am. I have never seen Link cry before it makes me feel sad even more.

"Please don't cry." I hold him in my arms whilst he crys into my neck and I wipe away my remaining tears.

"M-idna he he is o-our only ch-child." was all he could say before I shh him even more.

"We will get him back, I can assure you."

I look into his bright blue eyes as I wipe away the tears that are attached to his beautiful face and then I kiss him, I kiss him hoping everything will be alright, that we will get back our son and kill Zant forever.

We part our kiss and I give him a strong faint smile before saying..

"I love you."

"I love you too, so much."

I lay beside him holding his hand, we are too exauhsted now so we fall asleep hand in hand.


"Midna, hunny wake up please."

"ughh. ADAM." I sit up in my bed panting heavily.

"You were kicking and screaming and you scared me!" He looks as if he was about to cry.

"I am so sorry, I had a dream that Zant done terrible things to Adam, I want the pictures to go away."

"Midna, I woke you up because I have found out where Zant is!"

"You have!! Where is he?!"

"I woke up at around 8 and I went searching around the village and this nice man came up to me and said I looked as if I was in a hurry and he told me that a man came out of the building late at night running with a baby, he looked rushed aswell and he asked if me running around was anything to do with the other man."


"I told him yes that he stole our baby, the man was terrified and told me that he saw Zant running through the village so he followed him around, he was curious as to why he was running. When he found out where Zant is hiding."

"Well, what are we waiting for!? lets go now!"

"We need to get dressed Midna." he stops me and I nod before running into the bathroom and getting changed.

I walk out and see Link is ready too so we leave the castle hoping to find that man.
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