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They get trapped.

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Link and Midna get trapped.

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We walk out of the castle and into the village, where our villagers are selling and buying in the market.

"I told him to wait over by the Twili mushroom shop so he should be right about- AHH there he is!" Link pulls my arm and we run over to the nice old man.

"Oh, hello again your wife is very pretty you know." He gives me an evil smirk and I blush.

"Can you show us where Zants place is please?" Link says rushing.

"Sure, right this way young man." The old man starts to walk slowly with his walking stick and it is making us impatient but we don't say anything, instead we hold hands and stroll slowly next to the man.

We are now deffinatly out of town, I don't see any houses or shops we are around a huge forest where the Twilight butterflies live, I look around at the beautiful sight of the butterflies before I see grey clouds up ahead.. I don't like the look of this.

We end up seeing a big castle in the distance right under the mucky Twilight fog.

"This is the place, I last saw him go down that door there." Then the old man points to a trap door on the floor with his shaky hands by the castle side.

"Lets go and search." Link sounds egar.

The old man opens the trap door slowly before stepping inside and climbing down the ladder, then its Link and then its me. Link grabs my waist and pulls me down the rest of the way gently before putting me down.
I turn around and all I can see is dungeons to each side of me and a door right up on the other side of the room to us.

I take a moment to admire the sight of one of the dungeon walls as they are nothing I have ever seen before, they have a different pattern style to the others, its unique and kind of suspicious.

All of a sudden I feel warm hands on my waist as I stare at the beautiful wall in the dungeon and I assume it was Link, I was wrong.

I felt being pushed when I realise that I am on the floor in the nice dungeon.

"Ow." I rub my bum as I landed on it.

"Midna! are you okay?" Link comes to aid my side when the dungeon cell locks.

We hear a light chuckle and then I see the old man, not so old anymore. Link and I turn to see..

Its Zim! Zants servent!

"Hello there Midna, how are you?"

"How dare you push me!" I snort.

"I had to Midna, I couldn't let you roam around my masters layer without his permission, its a shame really."

"You used to be nice, just because Zant turned evil doesn't mean you should too, you are better than this!" I shout.

"I always obey my master, even if it means I have to turn evil. Don't you shout at me Princess."

"I will do whatever I want!"

"I feel sorry for the old man, he had to put up with you two."

"Oh don't give me that crap, we know you are the old man."

"I done a good job indeed didn't I? 'your wife is very pretty you know' hehe, I am an amazing actor." he says proudly.

"You are nothing but a backstabbing.." Link couldn't understand the rest of what I was saying because I was speaking Twilian. He might of heard some as he is learning.

"Midna, midna please, save your rants and rude words for later. For now I have a master to attend to, and a baby boy. Goodbye Link and Midna."

I hear a giggle before he exits the room through the other door.

I pace back and forth as to find a way out.

"Maybe we could- no, that wouldn't work.. Oh! we could- naa that is too dangerous... Oh!-"

"Midna, just wait, we will get out soon, I am the hero of time you know and I have been in a dungeon before I- THAT'S IT!!"


"Midna, remember when we were in the dungeon in Hyrule castle?"


"You teleported out didn't you? Maybe you could teleport yourself out and find a key!"

"I am sorry Link, but that was when I was an imp, I am a princess and the only powers I have are shooting them magic lazer balls. And even if I tried that, it wouldn't open the cell door. Sorry."

"No, its fine it was just a thought."

we both go silent for a few moments trying to think of a way out when the door opens.

"Hello again Midna and Link."

It was Zant holding our baby, I hate him so much, My beautiful Adam is asleep in his arms.

"What do you want!" I snarl.

"Oh, well after my servent told me that he had captured you two which I didn't really want him to do!.. I just thought I would say Hello."

"Can I see him?"

"Who now? Oh yes, your precious little boy. I am afraid he is asleep at the moment but when he wakes up I have big plans for him, oh yes." The biggest grin pops up on his face

"GIVE ME MY BABY YOU MONSTER!" I start to bang against the rusty bars keeping me away from my little boy which wakes him up, he looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes, just like Links.

"No can do, you see I need him to reserect my god. And no stupid mother and 'hero' father will stand in my way."

"Wait a second, you mean to say that you are using our baby to reserect Ganondorf?"

"That is correct, I need your son so I can use part of the Triforce within him and revive my God."

"Why not me?" Link says. "After all, I have the full Trifoce on my hand which can revive anyone, but Adam only has half of the Triforce within him so that wouldn't do much help. Take me instead and let Midna and Adam go!"

Zant does a evil laugh

"I am afraid I can't Link, you would find a way to escape I know you that well, your son here will just sleep and not fidget when I do the ritual, he has just enough to keep him alive and revive my God, and who knows.. he might grow up to make a good side kick for me. hehe!"

My heart drops at the thought of my son using the Triforce for evil.

I look at link who has anger spread across his face.

"I must dash now, have fun in your cell, I hope you have fun whilst your living here for the rest of your life. Bye hehe!"

Zant rushes out of the door with my awoken boy in his arms and all I could is make a shocked face, I couldn't cry, I couldn't moan I couldn't even talk, all I could do was make a face.

I move over to the end of the wall and lean on it which leads to sliding down and sitting on the floor with my hands into my face. Link comes over and rubs my shoulder whilst placing his head onto my other shoulder.

I finally find the courage to speak. "He- He is going to use him Link, he is going to bring back Ganondorf and ruin the world again."

"We will get him back, we will, and I will kill them both!" He kisses my cheak and I turn my head to look around when I spot a barrel that was there earlier, but on the back of the barrel is ingraved words in the wood.

"Link what's this?"
he looks over to where I am looking at and his eyes widen.

he runs his fingers over the smooth carved writing. "Someone has been writing to himself during his time here I guess."

"I read the words on ingraved on the wooden barrel..

Whoever is here next, I have escaped and left behind a passage, 4 blocks up and 5 to the side of the cell door, if anyone reads this, goodluck.

"Whoever was here last must be really sweet, I hate Zant and Ganondorf so much! I swear if it kills me, I shall stab him through the heart and get my son back!" I clench my fists as I say this.

"No, it will be too dangerous for you! I love you too much I can't loose you aswell."

"But I must kill Zant, I need to, I have rage inside of me that is just begging to be released and the only way it can be released is if I stab Zant through the heart, that is the only thing, and getting my son back, that will make me happy."

Link looks at me for a second "are you sure?" he gives me a worried expression.

"Positive, anyway lets get out of here!"

"So you say there is an escape route? 4 blocks up and 5 to the side of the cell door that must be.." Link starts walking around pushing the walls.

"Here it is!" He says as he pushes a brick wall big enough for us to go through aside to lead to a tunnel.

"Lets go!" We make our way through the tunnel and Link pulls the wall back behind us, eventually we make our way outside somewhere into the forest, I can just see the tip of Zants castle behind us and ahead is where the Twilight butterflies roam.

"We'd better go back to the castle and get equiped!" I nod agreement and we run back into the Twili village hand in hand, we now know what Zant is doing.
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