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Stella the servant has more to talk about.

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We get to the castle from running past people, pushing through crowds whilst everyone gave us looks and whispered things behind our backs, heh some nice villagers.

We burst through the door, running past my servent Stella who looked worried to why we were running, we needed to get our things before Zant ressurects Ganondorf with our baby! We end up in our room and we quickly grab any armour we have, Link grabs his Master Sword and Hylian Shield, of course he kept it he could never let it go. He takes his Twilian cloak off and slips into his green tunic. I on the other hand got dressed into the finest Twilian armour that I had and started to power up my magic. I got my old sword that I used for practising sword skills for defending myself for when I became queen. Both of us didn't say a word, we just got ready.

I sat down on the bed and sighed.

"Are you okay?" Link comes over and conforts me.

"Its just.. well.. what if we don't survive? what if Zant and Ganondorf become more powerful?" just the image of them both taking everything away from me is more than I can take.

"He won't, we are stronger than last time Midna, and besides Adam doesn't have enough power in him to give Ganondorf and Zant their powers back, they will be mortal like me, and with you by my side I know we can do it."

I lean my head against his shoulder and we fall into silence before we hear a knock on the door.

"Come in" I turn over to look at the door when Stella quietly pops her head through the door.

"May I come in?" she is very quiet but a really nice friend to have, I am honered to have her as my servent.

"Stella come in and sit down."

"Yes ma'am."

She does as she is told by sitting next to me and Link and I look at her.

"May I ask what is wrong? maybe I can help." Stella says.

"I shouldn't be telling my servent but you are my closest friend."

She smiles "Thank you for that compliment, you are my only friend aswell."

"its Z- zant." I took a deep breath before looking at Stellas reaction, she used to be friends with me and Zant before the whole Zant-taking-over-the-light-world-stuff.

The look on her face is filled with horror and disgust.

"Is he the one that took Adam!?"

"Well, yes how did you know?"

"I haven't seen Adam since yesterday so I knew something was wrong when I saw you and Link run up the stairs with horror in your eyes, I quickly assumed something has happened to Adam!"

"Yes, he has taken Adam and he is trying to ressurect Ganondorf."

"The man from the stories you have told us? from your adventure with Link!?"

"Yes. Because Adam has part of the Triforce inside him it is just enough to give Ganondorf his life back."

"So me and Midna are going to kill them once and for all." Link cuts in.

"I see. So where were you last night? You both were not in the castle."

"Zim, Zants servent captured us."

"Oh, Zim. I hate him so much but he has the biggest crush on me.." Stella looks away.

"He does?!" Midna gives a look of disgust on her face.

"Yeah, but I hate him, he used to be my best friend before I met you and Zant but when he turned evil and started doing evil things to people I knew that our friendship wouldn't last. Now he does evil things to people except for me and I hate him for it."

"Stella, I never knew! you could use this to your advantage you know."

"I know but I have tried to get him to turn good again, its just he always listens to his master, I am second in line so if Zant told him to kill me he would but he would be heart broken afterwards"

We sit in silence before..

"We should go now Link!"

before we head out of the door I had one last thing to say to Stella..

"Stella, if you could help us I would be extremaly grateful, you don't have to fight but you could try and get Zim to do something for you to help us out."

"I don't know Midna, he might suspect something.."

"Just.. think about it yeah? see you later and oh, if we don't come back by dawn I am intrusting you to run the kingdom, I trust you Stella!"

"Oh thank you ma'am and goodluck!"

"Goodbye!" I wave to Stella before running down the stairs, I trust Stella she would never do anything bad for people she tries with all her might to be good for people and help them in their time of need, I know she would make an excellent queen if we didn't come back.

Me and Link run out of the door fully equiped and ready to take on Zant in battle, Life and Death can only choose now.
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