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We start running not saying a word, jumping and ducking through tree branches, running over bushes and not stopping for anyone or anything.

If Zant has already revived Ganondorf with my poor little Adam I wouldn't be sane. I would go crazy and never look back, he is my baby boy and Zant shouldn't be using him for his own use.

What if something bad happens and it leaves Adam with bad damage? I can't let that happen.

We see the tip of Zants horrid castle and we stop to catch our breath.

"M-midna." Link says through panting breaths..


"Whatever happens today, just remember I love you and I always will, you and Adam are my life and I really don't want to loose you. Just.. be careful."

"I can say the same with you, I know you are the hero of time but I love you too and I don't want to loose you either."

We share a passionate kiss before we break apart and hold eachother close.

"I love you."

"I love you too and whatever happens, I will always love you." We go into one more tight embrace whilst I rest my head onto his shoulder, I smell the sent of hay that never leaves him which I love.

We let go and I let out my hand and smile.

"Together." I say

Link nods in agreement and take my hand..


We run off to Zants castle.

We reach his ragged old castle and open the door quietly. The vision in front of me is eerie as we walk forward. Still holding hands I see a door up ahead, its a big door, like the ones Link would go through when he would fight the monsters roaming in the dungeons containing the Twilight fused shadows and parts of the Mirror.

I pull his hand gently and he looks at me before I point up and he nods. We make our way through the door, it is very noisy it makes a huge creek letting any person or creature know of us being here.

We walk in and look around taking in every detail that this place has to offer. I have never seen this place before, I never knew Zant had this.

We hear a devilish laugh echoing around the room and we suddenly turn our attention to the noise.

Zant is sitting on what seems to be a Twili throne but its nothing like mine, and look! He is holding my Adam, he is sleeping in his arms again, that bastard.

Just the sight of him makes me and Link angry.

"Oh, what a pleasant suprise.. shh now he is sleeping he has had a long day." Zant gives me a smirk.

"You horrible creature! using a baby for your own goods is stooping way to low!" I snear.

"Oh please Midna, I am not using him.. I am helping him, with my master back he can become my little sidekick and we could do god knows what together hehe."

"G-G-Ganondorf is back?"

I stare at him shocked for a moment before I hear footsteps coming from behind the throne.

"Ganondorf." Link says under his shallow angry breath.

Link gives him the death glare whilst Ganondorf just laughs.

"Oh how I have missed this, its such I shame me and Zant have to kill you Link."

"Wait? what about me?! I am in this just as much as anyone else here."

"Oh Midna, silly silly Midna, you are staying with me." Zant laughs.

"What do you mean? I am not staying with you!"

"-sigh-" Zant lays Adam on the chair sleeping and he teleports somewhere in the room.

I realise where he is when he is right behind me and he takes off his mask so you can only see his mouth..

"Midna, I need you."

De ja vou or am I imagining? because I swear he told me the same thing at the Light Spirit Lanayru's cove..

His words sting inside of me like a wasp with its stinger but then he says something I would never thought of him saying.

"Marry me."

These words wanted me to kill him inside. I was frozen for a second when Link cut in.

"She will never marry you!" Link was about to slice Zant with his sword when Ganondorf interviened and held him onto the ground by his throat.

"tut tut, don't get involved fairy boy!" Ganondorf spits, and I can see Link trying to wriggle free but there is not much luck.

"Why do you want me to marry you?" I say calmly, I need to know.

"Well my sweet.." he strokes the side of my face and walks around me whilst I stand there. "You have the prettiest smile" Zant starts to chuckle insanely. "I also want you as a pet for me, no exceptions I want you to do whatever I say whenever I want."

"And why do you think that I will do that?"

"Because Midna darling.." he teleports behind me again. "I will let Adam and Link go." he whispers into my ear and my eyes turn wide.

I can hear Link screaming at the top of his lungs with all the air he can get out of his crushed throat 'Midna don't do it!' I have to, Zant will let Adam and Link go, but its Zant, he might not play fair..

"I will, IF I see Link with Adam walk out of the door, I don't want any coy games with you."

"Oh no, not a single game is requiered hehe!" Zant jumps around the room with excitement as Link stares into my eyes with sadness and betrayal. I needed to let them both go, I must, I love them too much to put them through all of this.

"Okay, its a deal." I shake Zants hand before Ganondorf gets off of Link and lets him run over to me whilst I break down into tears.

"Midna, please don't do this we can still fight and win!"

"L-Link, I love you and I am only doing this so you and Adam can not be hurt and live out the rest of your days, remember I will always love you, goodbye, my hero." I give Link a passionate kiss and before he could say another word him and Adam were out of the castle, thanks to Ganondorf.

Zant looks at me with hungry eyes and he claps his hands together."Now then, lets get this wedding sorted..."
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