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I Hear You've Been Bleeding

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Isabelle runs away for home, and with no one to go to, who can help her?

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It all started when I was in my room, innocently listening to My Chemical Romance and reading Alice in Wonderland. My mum barged in, stormed over to my bed and slapped me across the face.
I immediately held my book over my face to protect my face, making her even angrier. She snatched it from me, spat on it and ripped it up right in front of my face.
She kicked me in the stomach for good measure.
"What is this?" she shrieked, holding up a brand new copy of Dallas. (Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy comics)
"A comic book..." I muttered.
"A comic book? A fucking comic book? Your a girl, Isabelle, you don't read comic books. And your fifteen, you certainly don't read that shitty book, Alice in Wonderland. And cutting yourself, get the fuck over it! And what is that mess on your head? I told you to get that dyed a more normal colour! Disobeying me again, I see. You're an ungrateful bitch, you know that, right? I carried you in my womb for nine fucking months, and this is what you give me? Can't you respect your mother?" she ranted.
"It's pretty hard to respect a woman who chooses alcohol and drugs over her daughter!" I spat.
She ignored me, as usual, and carried on ranting. "You never do anything to help me! You're a waste of space, Isabelle! When I got pregnant with you, I was just sixteen, and I considered abortion, but no, I kept you, and everybody looked down on me for it! You should be happy your alive! I was an inch away from abortion!I should have done it!"
She threw Dallas across the room, and stormed out slamming the door behind her.
That was when I decided to leave.
I grabbed my Misfits schoolbag from the bottom of my wardrobe. I emptied out the contents onto the floor. My pencil case, my books, glasses, scrap bits of paper and my purse fell out. I cleaned out the pencil sharpenings and started to pack.
I packed three pairs of jeans, black, blue and red. Three MCR T Shirts, One Green Day, one Iron Maiden. Also two hoodies, one was MCR, one Iron Fist. One I would wear that day, as I needed as much room in my bag as possible. I checked my purse, and there was $12.56 in it. I would take some of my mum's cocaine money. I packed a small amount of clean underwear and socks, and deodorant. I grabbed two books, Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone, and an Agatha Christie one. Thankfully they were small, so didn't take up too much room. I lifted my iPod charger, and stuffed it in there too. My bag was really bulging now. I packed my smallest sketch pad and three pencils. In the side pocket, I put my foundation, and black eyeliner. My eye lashes were pretty thick and long, so I didn't really need mascara, although sometimes I wore it anyway. I packed my Umbrella Academy, and scanned my room for anything else I might need.
My eyes fell on my grandmother's Estée Lauder perfume, and tears started to well up in my eyes. God, I missed her. I snatched it up and squeezed it into my bag too. I also packed my guitar into it's case, adorned with stickers and graffiti.
I looked at the time. 10:03 pm. I decided to go to sleep, as I had school the next day. Well, I wasn't actually going to school. I was going to Jersey. I locked my door, and changed into my pyjamas, plugged in my iPod and switched on Helena by My Chemical Romance. Gerard sang me to sleep. He squeezed my hand, and pushed my hair back from my face, and told me it was all going to be okay.

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