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I Wanna Run Away, and Never Say Goodbye.

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Isabelle finds the train station, and gets a ticket to Jersey.

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OMG Thank you so much for the review, I started squealing, and nearly fell off the bed! OMG I'm so happy now! Thank you!
The title of this chapter is lyrics from Runaway by Linkin Park :D
Once again thank you for reading!

I woke up to Headfirst for Halos and automatically looked at the time. 02:16 am. I felt strangely refreshed, so I got up and got dressed. I went into the living room to find my mum passed out of the floor, white powder around her nose, several empty bottles of vodka littering the floor. I turned up my nose in disgust.
In her room, she had a safe, where she kept her drug money, or savings, as she called it. I knew the code, so I opened it, and took $300, and closed it. I went back to my room and put it carefully in my purse, which I then put in my pocket. I didn't put it in my bag, I was going to New Jersey, at this time in the morning. I shuddered at the thought of what could happen. Getting your bag stolen certainly wasn't the worst thing that could happen in Jersey. I pulled on my nackered black converse, and crept into the kitchen. I grabbed a can of Monster, that my mum drank with her vodka, and necked it. I devoured a strawberry pop tart, thinking of Nyan Cat and smiling to myself. I brushed my teeth, and squeezed my toothbrush and toothpaste into my bag. It would barely zip up now. I looked at my watch. It had cost £1 in Primark, yet it worked just as good as my mums £600 one she had "found". The time was 02:45, on the dot.
Time to leave. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, taking it in. Pale, thin face, surrounded by jet black hair, and a spiky red side fringe. Sad, grey blue eyes. I quickly put some eyeliner on, smoothed down my hair, and left the house. I shut the door behind me, leaving the key under the mat and began to walk. I didn't know how to get to Jersey, but I would find it. Somehow, I would find it.
It was still dark, and I'm a fifteen year old girl. An easy victim. And it didn't help that I was already exhausted. I kept on switching my guitar from left to right, and my back ached from carrying my bag. I still knew where I was, thankfully. I knew New York like the back of my hand. The only problem was that I didn't really know how to get on a train. Major problem. I arrive at the train station, and walk inside. It was kind of similar to the waiting areas in an airport, just smaller. I noticed a kiosk, so I went over, my guitar and Misfits bag in tow, to get a ticket. The woman on duty had brown hair, and red glasses resting on a slightly crooked nose. She looked around 50, and the type of woman who would invite you over to her house for milk and cookies.
"Excuse me, could you please tell me when the next train to New Jersey is?" I asked, smiling. I was always polite to people, unless they didn't deserve it. You have no idea how beneficial
it can be.
"Okay, honey, I'll just check," she said, smiling.
"Thank you,"
"Sweetie, the next train is at 4:00 am, but I wouldn't recommend that one. Too many drunken partygoers going home. I'd recommend waiting until 8:30 am. You can get some sleep, and we can look after your guitar and your bag for you," she offered.
See what I mean? If I had been rude, I wouldn't have gotten that advice!
"That would be wonderful, thank you so much!" I said. I paid for my ticket, and handed over my stuff, which she promised she would look after.
"You go and rest your eyes now, Hun," she said.
I smiled and thanked her, and then went over to a chair in the most secluded part of the waiting area. I closed my eyes, and despite my discomfort, I fell asleep instantly.
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