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Train Ride Home

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Fiona calls her parents and tells them that she's going to visit them.

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Fiona's POV

It was still dark when I woke up for the third time this night. My dreams were extremely vivid and basically scarring the shit out of me. I was half debating about staying up for the rest of the night when I turned over and saw it was only 3 in the morning. I groaned and flipped my pillow, tried to succumb back to sleep.

I was running and it was dark, I was running as fast as I could, flashing lights were behind me, constantly flashing! I couldn’t see where I was going but I kept running, someone called my name and I ran towards them, I grabbed their hand and felt safe until the flashing lights came back.

I was surrounded by them, the person let go of my hand and left me, I screamed for them to come back but they wouldn't listen, I needed them! They left me, surrounded by the flashing lights. The flashing lights began to spin, still flashing and now making a horrible buzzing noise. I couldn’t cope, I fell to the floor, sick with motion sickness, the flashing lights hovered above me, engulfing me in light.

I woke and sat bolt up, panting, hot, and sticky with sweat. My hair was plastered to my forehead and the back of my neck, I felt awful. I remembered I had that nightmare before. It was sometime when Mikey was in the hospital. I had never really had a reoccurring dream before, weren’t they meant to mean something? What did this one mean? I thought.

I flipped the bed sheets over and got out the bed, heading for the toilet, thankful that this room had an en suite bathroom. The clock said it was 6 am. I would call my parents at 10.


I sat in my room and was surrounded by silence except the ominous sound of the phone ringing. I was trying to call my parents, I didn’t know if I wanted them to pick up or not, I was nervous my hands were clammy and my breath was heavier than usual.

“Hello?” My father said from the other side of the phone. I squeaked internally ‘Holy shit they answered, what the fuck am I meant to say?’ I screamed at myself. Maybe I should just hang up.

“Hello?” My father said a bit for sternly, almost demanding an answer out of his mysterious caller.

“Hi.” I finally squeaked out. Can’t turn back now.

“Who is this?”

“What can’t you recognise your own daughter’s voice? Parenting points to you” I said sarcastically. “Anyway I’m back in the UK and I decided that I’m going to come up your way.” I blurted out before he could say anything else.

“Well darling that’s wonderful. Where are you now?” He asked curiously.

“In London, I’m going to get a train up.” I stated in a matter of fact tone.

“Okay then, well call the house when you need picking up from the train station then.”

“Okay then. Thanks Dad.” I said trying to re-accustom myself to this whole family situation, for 4 years I had lived a life that didn’t include them and now it was all rushing back.

I wandered down stairs and was greeted with the smell of eggs. “Hey Rosie.” I said as I sat on the bar stool while she handed me a plate, delicately slipping the eggs onto it.

“Good morning Fiona.” She said joyfully there’s orange juice in the fridge which you can help yourself to or if you want I could make you a come of tea.

I frowned, not wanting to be an even more inconvenience than I already was. “It’s okay. I can make myself one.” I stood.

“I was just about to make one so it won’t be any trouble.” She smiled and she waved her hand for me to sit back down, putting the kettle on the boil.

“So where’s Caspar?” I questioned as I scooped a fork full of eggs into my mouth which were,unsurprisingly, amazing.

“He’s still not up yet.”

“Oh? Why not? Does he not have work today?” Desperately trying to remember if it really was Wednesday.

“No, he has Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday off. They don’t need him there all the time, he’s pretty high up.”

I nodded mindlessly; my brother’s work didn’t interest me enough to find out what he actually did for a job, instead I smoothly changed subject. “Rosie, where did you and Caspar meet?”

“We met while we were in University, we had a lot in common so we decide that we may as well try, turns out we were perfect for each other.” She said smiling slightly.

Rosie and I chatted for a while, mostly about stupid memories of my brother until he came down and found us laughing at him, we were in hysterics, practically crying. At one point it got hard to breathe because I was laughing so much. Memories of when my brother used to run around the playground singing Arabian Knights and pretended he was a dinosaur and the older memories of when he slipped over in a foam party or pretended to be Spanish to chat up a girl to which when the girl asked if he was Spanish he simply replied “Sorry, I’m not Spanish.” and then just walked off without an excuse.

It was good to be back home, somewhere that felt familiar. I could even start to hear hints of my British accent coming back over the America twang but at the same time I just wanted to go home and go back to Mikey.


It was one in the afternoon and my train was just about to arrive, Rosie had helped me to book an online ticket. I had my bags slung over my shoulder and I was surprisingly nervous. Public transport had never been my forte, I felt as if I were a cow being pushed into holding.

I hugged each of them and made my way to the platform, waiting awkwardly for the train to finally stop. The rush of people got off and the door swung open. I quickly got on before the door could shut on me and grabbed the nearest seat, trying to get myself comfortable. I was going to be a long journey before I got anywhere near to my parents.

My phone suddenly burst into song from underneath all the crap in my handbag. I grabbed it and answered quickly before the disgusted looks of annoyance could coming my way from the other passengers.

“Hello?” I said as more of a question than an answer.

“Hey Fiona!”

“Mikey!” I squealed with joy when I heard his soft voice instantly beaming. “What time is it there?”

“Really that’s the first thing you’ve got to say to me?”

“Yes.” I replied simply as the train started to depart the station.

“Well thanks for that then. It’s seven in the morning here and your boyfriend woke up nice and early just to say hi to you and that he loves you and misses you but obviously you don’t care. Where are you anyway, you’ve got a lot of background noise.”

“Aww Mikey. I do love you, you know that and you won’t believe how much I’ve missed you! I personally think my sleeping habits have gone whack because you’re not here sleeping next to me.” I cooed down the phone. “I’m on the train heading up for my parents’ house. Just think Mikey I could be back in LA in only three days!”

“Three days? I thought you said you were only going to spend a day with your parents, if not less.” He said moodily, I could picture him frowning down at the phone.

“No you’re right; I’m only going to spend a day there. My brother’s girlfriend helped me get tickets to Chicago and to LA, so I’ll be leaving Britain at two in the morning for America.”

“Wait, you’re going back to Chicago first? I thought you were coming straight back here.” He whined as if he were a child not getting his way. I was almost sure he’d burst into a tantrum any minute from now.

“Mikey, I can’t just abandon my life back there. I need to quit my job before anyone sends out a search party for me, even though I highly doubt they would, and I need to get all my things before I can even begin to think about moving into whatever apartment you’ll get me.” I explained.

“Yeah I suppose but...I just want you to come home.” He understood.

“And where’s that then? Last time I checked I didn’t have a home.” My voice rose slightly, suddenly getting edgy; I hated to think about home. It seemed everyone had one except me and the last good one I had I ran away from.

“Home is where your heart is...” He stated calmly. “...And last time I checked your heart belonged to me.” I could defiantly hear the smirk in his voice as his tone turned from comforting to seductive before anyone could say the word ‘mangos’

“Okay, stop it now. I’m on train! I’m not having...this...happen on a train!” I giggled as I tried to find a word to explain without tainting children’s minds.

“Why not? It just makes it that more fun!”

“Mikey! What has gotten into you! I’m going to hang up now purely for the benefit of children’s minds.” I exclaimed, shocked at his new approach to everything, he seemed much less shy than when I had first met him.

“Okay! Okay! Just be safe okay? I love you.” He said, turning off the seduction as if it were a switch in his mind, his tone coming back to comforting.

“Yeah you too, Mikey. Forever and Always.” I stated before I ended the call and turned my attention to the scenery whooshing past me.

I put my head on the window and could feel the vibrations of the wheels on the track running through my head, making me teeth chatter slightly. I hoped that once I had finished hear I could live a normal life, one without complications.

Scott: This is...this is.....this is...
Wallace: WHAT?!
Oh my God. Holy fucking shit this chapter was boring! Boring to write and boring to read! Uuuugh complete and utter filler. Just an overall bad chapter. I said to myself that I haven't updated in a while...I'll update on Mikey's Birthday, now I feel like this chapter isn't worthy of being put up on Mikey's birthday. I felt like putting "this chapter is boring and nothing happens" in the summary. Is there a warning for Severe boredom that I can put with this?
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