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Things will come up Rosie.

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Fiona goes to her brother's house after she can't get a hotel. She meets her brother's girlfriend who has an interesting view on reason things.

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Fiona's POV

It was pouring down with rain when I arrived at my brother, Caspar’s, house. Apparently even the cheapest hotel still cost a bomb and half so I had only one alternative left. I had to either ask my brother for money...or a place to stay.

The house had two floors and was cream with ivory climbing up the walls and almost covering the windows. It was everything anyone could want in a house it looked perfect even on a rainy day like this.

I jumped out the cab, just having enough to pay him and ran to the door, knocking on it loudly, desperate to get out of this rain. I didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse that instead of my brother answering it was his girlfriend.

She had short wild curly brown hair and was wearing a mid-length red dress that hugged her curves with white polka dots on it. She was thin as a stick but neither was she what some would say large. I could defiantly see what my brother saw in her.

She certainly didn’t seem like the gold digging money pinching heartbreaker my brother usually encounter so that was plus but I kept my eye on her not wanting to judge on first impressions.

“Oh god! Come in come in quickly. You look like a drowned cat!” She cried out. Flattening herself so I could get passed.

“” I hesitated realising I didn’t even know her name.

“Rosie.” She replied understanding my dilemma. “Caspar’s not here at the moment, he’s gone out.”

“Oh. Well that kind of sucks.” I said glumly wishing the rain would let off a bit so I could go.

“I’m sure whatever you need him for I could help with instead.” She replied happily, quick to assist. She might be trying to get me to like her I thought quietly observing her. “Why don’t we go into the kitchen and I’ll make us some tea.” I nodded. “So what was it that you needed your brother’s help with?”

“It’s...complicated. I don’t think he would help me. It was just on a whim a guess; just to check. I’m kind of desperate right now.” I explained at I followed her down the hall pass the dining room and into the kitchen, scouring the house as I went through. It had certainly changed since the last time I was here.

“Desperate for what, sweetheart?” She asked bringing me out of my trance as she put the kettle on to boil.

“I need a place to stay. I really hate to impose but I don’t have any money to get myself a room in a hotel and I’m kind of stuck here for a while. At least until I can call my parents.” I said as I watched her place the teabags in the cups.

“Honey, you can stay here. It would be no problem at all. We have a spare room upstairs so it’s not like we couldn’t fit you in. I insist you stay here. Milk? Sugar?”

“Err...yes please, milk two sugars. I...thank you. I really hate this, I’m not this but I hate to be a burden. Please know I wouldn’t ask unless I really needed it.”

“Oh of course I know that. Anyway I’m kind of happy you’re staying here for a while. I’d like to get to know you.” She said handing me my tea.

“Yeah, I'd like to get to know you too. I really stayed here to try and smooth things over. Things between me and my brother haven’t gone to plan...well you know, you were there.” I took a sip of my tea, blowing on it first.

I had to hand it to her she made a good cup of tea. It had been ages since I had one like this. Only British know how to make really good British tea I though with a satisfied smile. I really have missed Britain, no freak weather good tea and red phone boxes galore.

“Yes. Which raises the question why aren’t those boys here with you now? Don't you usually stay on their bus?” She asked, taking a sip of her own tea.

“They left.” I said simply.

“They left!” She repeated my words in shock, putting her tea down and soon fluttering her hands about over me, pulling me into a hug. “Oh heavens, you poor darling! It’ll be okay you know. It’s not the end of the world…”

“No, they’ve gone back to America and I decided to stay here to smooth things over before I go. I don’t know when I’ll come back here again and I really don’t want to leave without having things been settled, you know? I’m still with them, they’re still my friends but the bus had to go back.” I said tried to unlock myself from her vice like grip. She should really meet Frank.

“What about that other guy though...Michael or Mike or something his name’re still with him?” She asked pulling back looking at me closely.

“Mikey.” I said correcting her. “Yeah we’re still together.” I stated awkwardly; her gaze made me uncomfortable. I hardly knew this woman and she was treating me like I was her best friend.

“And he left you here all on your own?” She exclaimed.

“Well yeah...I don’t expect him to stay with me, I told him to go.” I said confused at why she was making a big deal out of this.

“He did have concerts to attend so I guess he couldn’t stay...right?”

“What?...No they’ve finished now until the new album comes out. No more touring for a while.”

“So he had nothing important to do in America and he still left you?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Oh honey, if Caspar did the same to me I’d be off out this relationship on a rocket. Never mind though. I’ll show you to the room.” She said leading me out the kitchen and upstairs.


In my room I sat on the cream and brown queen sized bed. I could only be grateful for what Rosie was doing for me but her words lingered in my memory burning a hole in my brain with doubt and distrust. I crawled through my bag looking for my phone and immediately called Mikey.

Something inside me just needed to hear Mikey’s voice. The phone didn’t ring which wasn’t a good sign and I was confronted with silence. I pulled the phone away from my ear looking at it in confusion. “Shit…” I mumbled as I realised his phone was off.

‘Mikey please call me when you get this.’ I said in a text before I put my phone on the bedside table. I decided to have a nap, I was incredibly tired after having to get up for the boys flight.


I got woken up by something going on down stairs. I grabbed my cardigan from my bag and wrapped it around me before I went down to check what was going on.

“Fiona…so Rosie wasn’t lying.” Caspar said as he saw me enter the Kitchen.

“Err yeah. I wanted to talk to you before I left.” I said smiling shyly.

“Talk about what? How you’re making a complete fool of yourself?” He spat in a snide tone. Obviously he disapproved my life decisions.

“Something like that…yeah” I said quietly, shrinking into myself; scared at his aggression and how he would take this.

“Right, so when are you leaving?”

“When we’ve talked and I’ve got mum and dad’s number.” I announced.

“You’re going to see them?” He asked curiously.

“Yep. I don’t that guilty feeling when I think about this place.”

“Guilty feeling?”

“I need to smooth things over. I just left them when I went to America. I didn’t really give them an explanation; I really think I need to.” I tried to explain to him.

“Right then. Do you want to go into the living room and we’ll talk then?” He said walking past me towards the hall that lead to the living room.

“Yeah okay. I’ll talk to you later Rosie.” I said looking back at Rosie who was currently chopping spring onions. She nodded and smiled. I went back to following my brother to the living room.

We had had our talk and it went surprisingly well. I told him nearly everything about America except for the escort part, not needing another argument. Then I told him about Mikey and how we had already done an interview that could be out any day. He took this in his stride not liking the idea but accepting it anyway because I was happy.

“Right so what are you going to do now?” he asked as we emerged from the living room.

“Well I’m gonna call mum and Dad, tell them I’m coming up to see them and just go from there.”

“How you gonna get there?”

“I’m not too sure, I haven’t really thought about, maybe by train?”

“Yeah okay then, just take this as well.” He said as he pulled out his wallet and handed me about five hundred pound in fifty pound notes. “My job pays well so it’s not like I need it or anything.”

“Cas...I...I can’t. I can’t take your money.” I said in shock as I gingerly held the money, staring at it in shock. I had never had so much money in my hands before.

“You really need to stop being stubborn, Fion. That’s what got you stuck here without any money. You sure have just taken Mikey’s and then paid him back later.

“Fion…” I repeated, memories swarming back of my child hood. “…No one’s called me that in ages.” Pulling out of my trance I said. “Mikey would never let me pay him back. He even wants to pay for my apartment.”

“Wow really? So you and him are quite serious then? Are you sure you know what you’re doing? All the fame and stuff that will come with it? The all those days that he’ll be away on tour? The jealousy.” He concluded.

“Yeah, I’m preparing myself for all of it. It’ll be hard but I think I can handle it.” I said naively. “Anyway I’ll talk to you both in the morning. I’m going to go to my room and see if Mikey has called. Get an early night and stuff.”

“Yeah sure, see you in the morning then sis.” He said walking down towards the kitchen.

“See you bro.” I kidded as I lumbered up the stairs, tiredness finally hitting me in a wave.

I debated giving Mikey another call but the pillows were too tantalising. I got ready for bed, slipping on my pyjamas and washing my make up off, completely ready for bed. I slipped into the ivory sheets and just as I hit the pillow my phone erupted in the gleeful and now annoying noise that was my ringtone. ‘Typical’ I murmured as I sat up and grabbed the phone from the bedside table. “Hello.” I said sleepily.

“Hey, Fiona. It’s Mikey.” He said in a chirpy tone.

“Hey Mikey. Did you have a nice flight?” I said, comforted by his calming, smooth voice.

“Yeah, it was alright as flights go. Would have been better if you were there.”

“Don’t start with that, you know that if I could have been there I would have.” I giggled. “Anyway I’m half way done hear. I’ve spoken to my brother and we’re good now. He feels better about know. I’m going to call my parents after this and try and get there down tomorrow. I’ll give you the price of an apartment I’m looking for when I’m there and then I’ll be back in America and with you.” I said a smile spreading across my lips. All doubts and fears from before melting away.

“Yeah but then I won’t have much time to look for one and my mission with just be in vain. Why don’t you just take it easy up there? Stay a bit longer.”

“Why do you want me to stay up here? Don’t you miss me?” I had been too quick to say anything. My fears came rushing back.

“No, no I do. Fuck. God knows how much I miss you. It’s just I don’t want you stressing out over getting this done. They’re your family; I know it could take some time.”

“Yeah alright then.” The pain dulling down. “Who’s that I hear?” I said picking up girlish shrieks and whispers, jealously stabbing my heart.

“Fans, they never leave us alone.” He merely stated, not elaborating.

“Oh.” I said simply, still a tad jealous.

“I’ve got to go now but I’ll call you some time tomorrow. Okay? Bye.”

“Yeah okay. Bye.” I hesitated for a moment. “I love you.” I uttered quickly but it was too late, he had already disconnected.

I sighed and tried not to dwell too much on what had just happened. I knew Mikey loved me. I thought more as reassurance than fact. I lay down and snuggled up to my pillow, drifting into an uneven sleep.

Well fuck me, I'm guessing this is the longest chapter I've ever written (correction* the second longest) Aren't you guys lucky? Or unfortunate? I'm guessing it's shit ass long because absolutely nothing happens.
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