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The guys and Fiona say their goodbyes.

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Fiona's POV

It was clearly too early in the morning for anyone to be awake but that didn’t stop Mikey. I groaned, pulling my pillow over my head, annoyed at him for making so much noise at stupid O’ Clock. “Mikey, how are you even awake?” I mumbled lifting the pillow up slightly so he could hear me.

“You kind of just get used to it, life on the road and all that. Speaking of being awake you need to get up and tell the guys that you’re not going.” He whispered while hopping on one foot trying to get his shoe on.

“Can’t you tell them? I’m too tired for this silly business.” I grumbled, slowly slipping back to sleep.

“Oh no, I’m not telling them especially Frank. This is you’re consequence, you leave us you have to face the Frank!” He shouted, dramatically.

“The Frank? You make it sound like he’s some sort of demon.”

“Why are you two talking about me?! You guys are so weird! Plus open the door, I’ve been sent by Commander Ray to check if you’re almost ready.” Frank shouted from behind the door.

“Give us a minute.” Mikey said hopping towards the door trying to get his other shoe on.

“Seriously Mikey just undo the God damn laces” I chuckled while finding some clothes.

“Oh good you are ready! What about Fiona though? She’s not going to take her sweet ass time prepping herself is she? Because if she is tell her that I don’t mind, she’s always beautiful to me. Even when she’s got shit in her hair and mud on her face!” Frank shouted to Mikey, obviously so I could hear through bathroom doors.

“Kiss ass.” I muttered under my breath.

“Tell her yourself, she actually needs to talk to you and the guys” He said walking back inside the room, Frank closing the door behind him.

“What do you mean?” Frank questioned, as he followed Mikey down the narrow mini hall. “Fiona we have to get going in like ten minutes. You’re not going like that are you?”

“I thought you said I was beautiful even when I had mud on my face, how’s this any different?”

“Fiona, you’re getting off topic here.” Mikey reminded me sternly.

“Oh yeah, thing is Frank I’m not going back with you.” I said trying to look and sound as innocent as possible to ease the blow to him.

“What?! Why not?! Is it something Mikey did because if it was then that’s no reason to punish me Fiona!”

“Hey, dude why do you immediately thing it’s my fault?!” He shouted defensively.
“Frank, me and Mikey are completely perfect. It’s just that I feel the need to stay here for a while. Smooth things over you know?”

“Can’t you just leave things un-smoothed and come with us?” Frank begged.

“No I can’t, Frankie. Now can you please tell the guys for me while I get myself ready? I may not be coming with you but I still need to check out.”

“Yeah. Sure.” He said gloomily and he sulked off out the room.

“Right…now where the fuck is my bra?”


Everyone poured out the van and stood outside the airport, trying not to make too much of a fuss. The last thing I needed was some arrogant interviewer trying to get an exclusive.

“Bye ,Fiona, it’s been great having you on tour with us by the way. I’ll miss you until you get back.” Ray said, enveloping me in his arms as a last goodbye hug and then wandered off to the side to make way for everyone else.

“Fiona, you’re going to have to call, Mikey, everyday damn day. I don’t want him bugging me because your call is late by about 5 seconds. You know how he’ll get.” Gerard chuckled, elbowing me in the ribs. We all laughed along with him except for Mikey who was telling everyone to ‘shut up’.

I braced myself for Frank who was almost already in tears. “Fiona, why can’t you just come with us?! I can’t leave my female best friend here all alone in the UK, It’s just not right!” He whined.

“Frank, don’t you cry on me! If you cry I’ll cry and then I’ll just look a mess! Do you want me to look a mess Frank!?” but it was too late, my tears were already beginning to collect.
“And I’m not going to be on my own, I have my family and some friends dotted around in the area so I’m all good.” I said as we squeezed each other as tightly as we could, almost as if it was a competition. "I give up! I give up! Squeeze me any tighter and I'll burst into dust." I giggled as I tried to wriggle out of his vice like grip.

“Okay, Frank, enough hugging my girlfriend, you’ve had her long enough.” Mikey said from behind Frank.

“I’ll miss you, Fiona! Don’t do anything stupid while we’re gone!” Frank shouted to be as he was being pried away by Gerard and Ray.

Mikey stepped closer to me; we stared at each other for a moment assessing each other in all our glory. I smiled shyly and felt my cheeks get hotter.

“Okay don’t say anything because if you do I’m just going to turn into a sobbing mess and I know you won’t leave me when I’m like that and then you’ll miss your flight and we’ll have to go through this whole ordeal again and I just couldn’t take that. So please just don’t say anything because I already know. I already know you love and I already know that you...we’re gonna miss each other like hell.” I scrambled, turning into a teary mess.

Mikey closed the gap between us and pulled me into his arms. I felt safe there, it was almost suicidal of me to let go of the one thing that was safe in my life but it had to be done. I breathed in his cologne one last time and buried my head into his neck. He kissed me softly on the head and then slid his finger under my chin to lift my face to his, kissing me on the lips one last time.

“Maybe I should just come with you.” I said mostly to myself becoming incoherent from this mass of sadness washing over me.

The boys chuckled while I remained silent, getting more upset because they were laughing at me. “Fiona, even though I’d love for you to come back with us you said it yourself; this is something you have to do. All I can ask is be safe okay? And Call me every damn night.” I nodded not trusting my voice and not wanting to let go but I had to.
I pulled away from Mikey and ran my thumb under my eye trying not to smudge any makeup I had on. I grabbed them each into one last hug before I heartbreakingly watched them walk through to the gates. I immediately went to get a taxi.

“Where you off to, love?” The husky taxi driver asked, glancing into his mirror back at me.

“The cheapest hotel in London, if you know one…” I said barely above a whisper.

I knew it was going to be a rough couple of day while I was here. I was finally facing battles and this time I was completely on my own.

Sorry that this is a complete and utter shit chapter. Just to clarify that Fiona was not topless into of Frank. She had a top on but not a bra...a bit like the girls in friends.
"You fell asleep?!"
"Don't worry about me getting to sleep. I STILL HAVE YOUR LETTER!"
some of my favourite friends quotes.
In other unimportant news...I have a red cardigan like Frank wore in the NME acceptance video.
Also Happy Birthday to a Mr. Kier Kemp.
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