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Silent Irken

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ZaDr! Aliens live on Earth along side humans and have jobs just like humans. Dib and his teacher Tharius Leaf; who is an alien himself stumble upon a young beaten alien in the street who like Thari...

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Silent Irken chapter 1
by *ZadZap

Summery: AR (Alternate Reality), ZaDr! Aliens live on Earth along side humans and have jobs just like humans. Dib and his teacher Tharius Leaf; who is an alien himself stumble upon a young beaten alien in the street who like Tharius, is an Irken.

The tall Irken stood amongst the high school students as they got into their various transports. He put his hands on his hips as his green eyes scanned the crowed for any misbehaving teens. Without warning he grabbed a running Dib by the collar of his shirt and Torque in the other hand. "Why is it always you Torque, must you beat up every living thing you see?" He said. His voice sounded dull, as if he was board with all that was going on but it was always hard to tell. "Sorry sir…" Dib replied but received a glare from Tharius. "Speak when spoken to smeet." Tharius said.

He took a glance at Torque and gave a snarl before asking the question once again for Torque. "Because Dib is so easy to pick on it almost makes me laugh." Torque said with a loud laugh. Tharius shook his head and shooed the bully away before letting go of the raven haired boy. "I thought we talked about this Membrane; come, let's take a walk." Tharius said as Dib followed. Dib sighed, when his teacher asked him to take a walk it usually meant he needed to talk. He followed his Teacher as they walked around the school yard in complete silence almost.

"You really need to start defending yourself Membrane, stop running away." Tharius said. He put his hands in the pockets of his dress pants as they took a walk toward the empty running track. "Believe me, I try Mr. Leaf…it's just that…" Dib tried to think of a reason, hell he didn't know of one. He could fight against anything except the people of his own race it seemed. Tharius chuckled; he used to be exactly like Dib when he was younger and on his home planet of Irk. Course, being too afraid to protect him self caused him to leave his home planet and find another.

"Don't let the whole world pick on you Dib…do you smell…" Tharius trailed off and looked around. He had the scent of Irken blood in the air but it was hard to tell until they got closer to it. His antenna moved toward the source of the smell; he had Dib follow just incase the boy was needed. "I have the faint smell of blood but I can't tell if it's an injured animal or not." Dib replied. Before he could ask what his teacher was picking up the Irken hushed him as they got closer. Dib covered his nose and gasped when they got to the edge of the woods where he saw it.

It was barely visible with the skin color but he could definitely make it out from the green grass. "It's an Irken, badly injured…I want you to stay back just incase it tries anything." Tharius said. With that Dib stopped a few feet away from the science teacher and watched as he got closer. Tharius kneeled down next to the unconscious Irken to see that it was still breathing and weak. He brought the Irken into his arms and motioned for Dib to come over and take him. "Stay here till I get my car, we're going to my base so we can fix him up…I'll need your help." He said

Dib didn't protest and took the injured Irken without a fight; he had cuts everywhere on his body. It looked like he had fresh stitches on his neck where his vocal cords might have been. Dib couldn't keep himself from examining the alien's naked body and his eyes wondered to the crotch. He blushed and looked away; this wasn't the time to think about such things like that. His thoughts were interrupted when a black car drove up beside Dib and Tharius set him in the back. Dib took the passengers seat and buckled his seat belt before Tharius made his way home.

"I want you go gather all the medical supplies and meet me down at the lab to fix him up. I'm hoping to be rid of him after he is fully healed." Tharius said and then parked the car in the drive. Dib got out of the car and went to open the brown door that led into the house for his teacher. Once the older Irken was inside with the injured one Dib made his way to the bathroom. He looked in the bottom drawer the medicine that had Irken symbols on it along with some bandages. The raven haired boy was thankful that Mr. Leaf had decided to make the class learn Irken.

Once everything was gathered in Dib's arms he ran to the kitchen and opened the fridge up. He stepped inside and it instantly turned into an elevator that instantly brought him down to the lab. The door opened and he walked out and over to the table the young Irken was lying still. Tharius was using a pair of tweezers on the younger Irken's arm and pulled something out of it. "Good, your here…this Irken doesn't have any ID, he's an illegal alien." Tharius said taking the supplies. Dib sighed; he guessed that meant that he was supposed to hack and get the Irken one then.

"Is that a chip?" Dib asked taking a seat on the computer chair.

"So it appears, and not from his PAK…dispose of it would you?" Tharius said.

Dib took the chip and smashed it before throwing it in the trash and getting on the computer. The older Irkin gave him a wire from the beaten Irken's PAK and then he connected it to the computer. Tharius busied himself with fixing up the injured Irken as Dib hacked the main computer. "Poor boy's vocal cords are damaged…it may take weeks for them to heal." Tharius said. Dib stood up once he was done and went over to his teacher who was busy with bandaging up the injured. "All that's left to do is waiting till he wakes up I guess…I want you to go home." Tharius said.

"Yeah, he'll probably freak out, see you at school tomorrow." Dib said.

"We'll see." Tharius said as Dib left to go home.
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